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Can Anyone Have An OnlyFans? A Look At OnlyFans Niches, Inclusivity, And How To Celebrate Your Individuality

Pretty much anyone can start an OnlyFans - you don't need to be traditionally sexy...

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OnlyFans – and websites like it that offer a space for creators to share their content – can be pretty intimidating spaces if you’re only just starting out. That applies to anyone.

But if you don’t consider yourself to be ‘conventionally attractive’ then you might be even more put off from starting a page. There’s this idea that to be an adult content creator, you have to have the best body, or a cute face, or be someone that is thought of as being traditionally sexy in other ways.

But that’s garbage. Almost anyone can have an OnlyFans, and not just that, but they can be successful with it too.

In this guide, we’re going to explore:

  • How different niches can succeed on OnlyFans
  • Specific risks and challenges
  • Support that’s available

Can Anyone Have an OnlyFans Page?

Anyone can have an OnlyFans page, provided they are of legal age. There are restrictions on the kind of content you can post to an OnlyFans page, but the only people who are excluded from owning a page are minors or who can’t verify their identity.

There is, of course, a difference between having an OnlyFans page and being successful with an OnlyFans page.

However, the answer does remain the same – anyone can have a successful OnlyFans page and make money from it, provided they understand their own niche, and they are prepared to put the work in.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that we can give you – and that you’ll hear from any creator who has made it big – is that you can’t expect success to be spoon-fed to you. You need to work for it.

Our guides provide a lot of the information, but you still need to read them. And then you need to complete the necessary actions and make your plans based on that advice, to turn your knowledge into dollars.

Disclaimer: This next section is going to look at some of the things you might feel are holding you back from starting an OnlyFans page as a creator and challenging some of those ideas.

However, the intention is not to minimize any difficulties you might have (physical or mental), downplay any serious concerns, or tell you how you should feel about yourself.

The purpose is to address some misconceptions about limitations you may feel you have, but we understand that we don’t know your full personal circumstances.

No ill intent is meant in this guide – our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to feel comfortable starting an OnlyFans if they want to, but we understand you may have more impactful personal issues related to some of the subjects we cover.

However, we hope our advice can help you, and if it can’t, we appreciate your understanding that this guide is aimed as widely as possible.

With that clarified, let’s dive in.

Body Shape and Size

One of the most common reasons for people to feel uncomfortable with their looks is the size or shape of their bodies. While weight is the most common concern people have, this can relate to height or curviness too.

Thanks to a fairly toxic popular culture and its impact on the concept of beauty standards, a lot of people are still trying to understand that they don’t need to be a specific waist size in order to be beautiful or, in the case of being an OnlyFans content creator, sexy.

Indeed, sexiness comes in all body shapes, and there are many niches in adult content catering to bodies that are either larger or thinner than the ‘average’.

The idea that only slim models can be successful, or that tones bodies are better than regular bodies, is a myth. Just head to any porn website if you don’t believe us, and look at how many categories you can filter down by that are related to body shape.

OnlyFans Girls Of All Shapes

The key to remember is that OnlyFans is not about seeing ‘supermodels’ performing sexual acts. That’s actually what the porn sites are for.

Instead, OnlyFans is all about connecting people – users aren’t looking to gawp at someone they don’t have any kind of relationship with.

They want to talk to you, get to know you, and have some form of digital sexual relations, whether that be watching you live stream, talking to you via messages, or even just tipping you to make themselves feel like they are closer to you.

And there are people who are attracted to all kinds of bodies, so you don’t need to worry about whether you can make that connection with people. You absolutely can.


To talk of ‘disabilities’ is to paint with a very, very broad brush. If you try to put everyone with a physical or mental disability into one pigeon-hole, then you risk being very dismissive of the nuances of various conditions or divergences that make up the wider population.

So, for us to say that anyone with a physical disability is capable of starting an OnlyFans would be irresponsible, just as it would be to talk about anyone neurodivergent having the same options. It is all very much about your individual circumstances.

What we can say, though, is that you shouldn’t assume a physical or mental disability instantly makes you less attractive or that it prohibits you from starting a successful OnlyFans career.

We may be preaching to the converted here – many people who have a disability already advocate for themselves very well and often show an incredible determination to prove that they are in no way ‘lesser’ because of their disability.

But for anyone who hasn’t quite got there, and who thinks their attractiveness is in any way stifled by their disability, we encourage you to question that thought.

Visible Disabilities

If your disability is visible, then don’t assume it will be off-putting to users. There will be plenty of people who see past it, and there will be audiences who are actually attracted to your uniqueness because of your disability.

You do need to be careful here and set your own boundaries because there is a difference between someone who is attracted to you because you are an individual and someone who is explicitly turned on by your disability.

That can sometimes become a perverse obsession, and you must decide whether you’re comfortable with that. Because all transactions are digital, you should be safe if you’re sensible, and fueling this kind of kink that someone has can be quite profitable.

If you don’t mind it, then consider how you’re allowing someone to embrace their turn-on in a safe environment, instead of creeping on others with similar conditions who may not want the attention.

Still, if it’s an ick for you, having someone who finds your disability sexy, then you can instead just look to the more accepting audiences that see past it.


The world is – slowly – becoming more cognizant of neurodivergence, and finding ways to adapt to allow people to live their lives in more comfortable ways.

And this is actually where a career like OnlyFans could be beneficial to some people in the right settings. If you’re someone who may struggle with a regular 9-5 job for whatever reason, then you may want to consider options for working from home, and if you’re comfortable with your body then OnlyFans (or other similar platforms) could be ideal.

Of course, certain neurodivergences are not typically suited to one-on-one communication, and you have to remember that OnlyFans is so much more than just shooting photos and videos. People make their money through the connections they build with fans via messaging, tips, live calls etc.

That doesn’t mean that, if you struggle with that kind of content, you can just ignore those difficulties. But you can tackle them instead – there are ways around it. For example, if it’s messaging you’d struggle with, you can hire agencies or use AI tools to do that work for you. If you aren’t super comfortable doing live chats, you can find alternatives.

Honest with Only Fans & Disabilities

Should you be upfront about your neurodivergence? That’s up to you. While it might be good to set boundaries, you have to remember that not all subscribers are going to understand why being autistic or having ADHD is going to limit some of the content options that you offer.

You might get challenged on it, instead of supported. Putting the right self-care tools in place is, therefore critical if you want to make sure you aren’t affected negatively by that. More on that later.

Skin Conditions

On OnlyFans, beauty isn't about covering up imperfections—it's about celebrating what makes us all unique, including different skin conditions. Whether it's dealing with acne, vitiligo, or psoriasis, creators proudly embrace their individual skin stories on this platform.

Creators with skin conditions are making a bold statement. They're redefining the traditional idea of beauty, or that idea of “OnlyFans pretty', showing that confidence and authenticity can outshine flawless skin any day. It's not about hiding; it's about owning and rocking what makes each person unique.

These creators bring a refreshing dose of reality to the platform. Instead of picture-perfect images, they're sharing genuine, relatable stories. By being open about their skin conditions, they're connecting with audiences who appreciate authenticity and understand that beauty is more than skin deep.

Again, there’s also the intrigue of the unknown. Because skin conditions are the exception rather than the rule, most people's exposure to them will have been at a work-safe level, seeing people in everyday life and likely only seeing faces, arms and maybe legs.

There’ll be a curiosity to see how people with those kinds of conditions look when naked too, and while you don’t want to be treated as a novelty, you may be able to distance yourself from the emotions of that and think of it transactionally, as a way of making money from the inquisitive.

But you can absolutely make a successful OnlyFans, either making the most of your condition or by ignoring it and marketing yourself to an audience that is more accepting, and that cares more about a personal connection.


On OnlyFans, age isn't a barrier—it's a badge of experience, a story etched in the lines and laughter that grace the faces of creators. The platform is a testament that success isn't confined to a specific age bracket. Whether you're in your twenties or your golden years, the potential for connection and success knows no bounds.

Creators of any legal age find their place on OnlyFans because what truly matters here is companionship – building connections, sharing experiences, and offering unique perspectives. The allure isn't defined by the number of candles on a birthday cake but by the stories, wisdom, and authenticity shared by each individual.

True, OnlyFans might be more buzzing with the vibrant energy of younger adults at the moment. But as awareness grows and the platform continues to evolve, there's definitely an opportunity for it to be a haven for individuals of all ages.

The potential for expansion into the senior community is an emerging possibility. With a growing shift towards inclusivity, there's a rising opportunity for individuals of more mature years to find a place on sites like OnlyFans, and to connect with users of a similar age or across generational gaps.

There is, of course, plenty of interest in more mature men and women from younger audiences. The same is also true in reverse – there will be plenty of older men and women who want to use OnlyFans to talk to younger adults. If you’re comfortable providing a service for them, then you could have a fantastic niche to exploit.

For creators of all ages, an OnlyFans account is an avenue to embrace their journey, share their passions, and connect with like-minded individuals. The platform isn't just about catering to a certain age group; it's about fostering a community where diverse stories and experiences are not just welcomed but celebrated.

Young OnlyFans Girls – Warning

Don't be tempted to start OnlyFans accounts if you're underage. While we're happy to talk about how age shouldn't prevent you from being on the platform, we're talking about being older than the average OnlyFans models. Age absolutely should be a barrier if you're too young. Any OnlyFans girls found to be underage risk serious criminal prosecution if discovered. It's illegal, so don't.


Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where everyone can live as the gender they know they are, without scorn or prejudice?

Apologies if the sarcasm there is a little too flippant, as there are many people who don’t conform to ‘traditional gender roles’ who have undergone very severe trauma at the hands of others.

There is at least a little good news – weirdly, the world of adult content is actually one place where gender perspectives are much more progressive.

Trans pornography and related explicit content have been widespread for a very long time, well before the current discourse around trans identities became so prominent across social media. And there are many subcategories of porn that lend themselves to different gender roles too.

Indeed, some of the Best OnlyFans accounts are trans models. It's a popular niche!

Again, similar to the disabilities guidance we gave, you have to be careful here and keep yourself safe online.

It’s all good providing content and digital companionship to someone who is turned on by your gender, provided it doesn’t allow them to define you purely in that role – unless that’s something that doesn’t bother you.

If you can separate your emotions from your work, then there are plenty of customers out there who would be happy to pay big sums to see diverse gendered people in various sexual situations.

If you’re equally happy to meet those needs and don’t feel like you would be exploiting your core identity, then have at it. Why shouldn’t you?


Sexuality is an odd one, because you might not assume that it has any negative impact on someone’s ability to be an adult content creator, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual – as long as you’re comfortable showing off your body, you can find people out there who are interested in you.

However, there are some other niche sexualities that are worth mentioning.

Because if you’re demisexual (someone who only feels sexual thoughts when they have an existing, deep emotional bond with someone) or asexual (someone with limited or no sexual desires), you might just assume that this rules you out of this sort of career.

Actually, you may (depending on your personality and confidence) be the perfect person for this sort of career – because you don’t have any emotional investment in it.

You can treat it as purely transactional and conduct yourself almost in a business-like manner.

The opposite may be true, and you may find shooting photos and videos, or exchanging texts, to be really uncomfortable for you. Making explicit content can be hard for any creator, never mind someone not interested in it personally. And that’s fine too.

But if you’re able to use the tools that are available to support you, and copy the work of other creators, you can almost create an acting persona and become very successful, even though it’s all very much pretend for you.

Food for thought – but you have to do what’s right for you, and becoming an OnlyFans girl or indeed any adult content creator is not the right move for you if you’re not comfortable. Being outside that comfort zone a little can be good, but an entire job that makes you feel uncomfortable could be mentally draining.

Physical Features

Sometimes, the idea that we aren’t ‘attractive’ just comes down to some of our physical features – those we were born with or those we’ve accrued over our lives.

You might be someone who loves the idea of working a flexible career on a site like OnlyFans, but some kids used to bully you about the size of your nose and you’re now convinced it’s something that people won’t find attractive.

Or maybe you’ve acquired a few stretch marks and some cellulite, and you think those would be off-putting to people and cause them to avoid spending money on the content you could be producing.

Here’s the honest truth – you’re half-right. There will absolutely be some people who don’t want to see explicit content featuring saggy boobs, bigger-than-average ears, slightly crooked teeth or anything else that could be considered an ‘imperfection’ when they’re connecting with an adult content creator and investing in their time, digital companionship, and the content they make.

But here’s where you’re then half-wrong – there are literally millions of people using OnlyFans. Hundreds of millions, even. And you don’t need to be attractive to all of them. Indeed with so many OnlyFans accounts already existing, do you really think they're all models?

So, those physical features you think are off-putting? There will be hundreds, thousands or even millions of people out there who either don’t care or who actually think those features are cute and/or sexy.

This isn’t some Hallmark, “there’s someone out there for everyone” speech. This is rooted in fact – the reason people are using sites like OnlyFans to pay for sexual content when free porn is everywhere is because they want to feel a ‘real’ connection with a real person.

And these so-called ‘physical imperfections’ make you so much more real and authentic. It’s a turn-on because you’re the kind of person that the users could meet in real life. You’re a tangible person, not some idolized porn star.

So, when you do show an ‘interest’ in them, and you want to send them photos and videos, it’s a real experience for them, and so much more exciting.

The Importance of Personality

In case it isn’t clear yet, you don’t need to be a ‘perfect’ human specimen if you want to be successful with adult content.

What you need is a little bit of confidence and a bucket-load of personality.

This is not some cliché, but a genuine fact. Put yourself in the shoes of the user.

Do you think they would rather be messaging ‘typical’ hottie OnlyFans accounts but getting generic messages back, or would they rather get to know someone more real and get messages that show they pay attention, compliment them on how they look too, and that show they care?

Sure, there will be some who do just want the stereotypical porn actresses, and that’s fine.

But there’s a huge audience out there who would rather have a genuine connection with someone, and who will pay for that privilege.

Now, what if you actually have a personality that struggles with this kind of thing? Well, that’s something you can work on.

It’s not ‘easier’ to improve your messaging style or your tone than it is to edit your photos and videos to make them look better. Editing photos and videos to improve your look is actually quite easy, especially with pro help, which is widely available.

But bettering yourself, learning how to be sexier with your messages, or warmer and more friendly… There's plenty of related reading out there, across social media etc, telling you how to make sexy content and it's all completely free to read. It’s trickier to get better, but it will improve your worth so much more.

With that in mind, consider your own weaknesses and how you might be able to work on those. Trust us, this is where you can unlock some serious value.

If you can nail that skill of connecting with people on an authentic level and building relationships with them, that’s when you unlock the big tips, the long-term subscribers and the customers who want to do everything they can to spoil you.


As you embark on this journey, it's crucial to prioritize self-care—nurturing both your mental well-being and your online presence. This is true of anyone who starts up an OnlyFans, but if you believe yourself to have some ‘flaws’ or some more diverse characteristics, it’s especially true.

Here's a guide to help you navigate potential challenges while maintaining a healthy and positive experience.

Acceptance and Self-Love

You can’t even begin to be successful on a site like OnlyFans without accepting who you are, and loving yourself for everything about you.

If this is something you struggle with, then we’d suggest looking for resources on how to overcome this. It may be something you can improve alone, through online research and understanding the stories of others. Or perhaps you have deeper feelings that require professional therapy.

Only you know what barriers you have to accept who you are, but practice self-love and you won’t just set yourself up for a successful OnlyFans career – you’ll also improve your overall happiness in life.

Setting Boundaries

In a digital landscape where authenticity is valued, it's vital to establish clear boundaries. Only you know what you’re comfortable doing on camera, and how much you’re happy to ‘exploit’ what makes you different.

If you encounter individuals with inappropriate interests, it's essential to recognize your comfort levels and define your limits with them. Don’t let them get carried away – be clear upfront about what’s cool and what isn’t, and you can avoid many awkward situations.

You also mustn’t hesitate to employ tools like blocking or reporting to maintain a safe and secure space for yourself. Don’t feel bad for users if they’re pushing their luck – you don’t need their money, there are plenty of others out there who will pay for your content and respect you at the same time.

Dealing with Negativity

We would love to be able to tell you that sites like OnlyFans are all 100% positive, with fans and users who care only about the well-being of creators.

But we’d be lying. Look, it’s the internet. There are going to be some people who suck and who are potentially real scumbags. Unfortunately, when people sign up to sites like OnlyFans, there’s no question asking if they’re a dick to filter them out.

The best thing you can do is to brace yourself for potential backlash when you post content. Develop a thicker skin and a resilient mindset, so that when someone does leave a nasty comment, you don’t even care. Block, and move on.

Remember, your reactions are within your control, and prioritizing your mental well-being is paramount.

Building a Support System

Connecting with like-minded individuals is a crucial aspect of self-care. Join online communities, forums, or subreddits where creators share experiences and advice. There are plenty out there, and it’ll help keep you sane in the face of the trolls.

Engaging with a supportive community can provide a sense of belonging, making your journey on OnlyFans more enjoyable and empowering.

How To Be Successful

So, we’ve covered all the important info about why you should feel comfortable setting up an OnlyFans, and how to look after your mental health doing so, regardless of what makes you special and unique.

Now, how do you then make the big bucks?

Here are some tips.

Learn From Others

Whenever you’re starting an OnlyFans account or similar, you can’t just assume you know everything yourself. You need to seek out the support of others and look at what has been successful previously from the best OnlyFans accounts.

Our guides are written to help any creator, no matter what niche you want to target. And then you should be looking to see what other creators do – what kind of content they post, how they promote themselves on social media etc.

Seek out creators in your niche, if you can, or others that are similar. It’s worth checking out a wide variety of accounts too, though, as that gives you even more scope to learn about tactics that could help you unlock larger subscriber numbers.

Celebrate Uniqueness

While you don’t want to define yourself by your ‘imperfections’, you can certainly look to make the most of them by using them as your unique selling point.

It depends on what category you fall into. If you’re someone with a feature that could be sexually intriguing, talk about it on your social profiles and in your bio on your fan page.

If you have a feature that would be typically seen as ‘unattractive’ then consider whether drawing attention to it could be more harmful, and instead focus on your positives – what kind of relationship will you offer subscribers, how attentive and genuine will you be, and market yourself in that way.

You need to find what it is that makes you different and that can be seen as a positive – and then push that angle hard, so that you stand out from the crowd.

It's also a good idea to try a free OnlyFans account to show off why your niche is worth being into. Post only mildly explicit content here, save the really good exclusive content for your paid subscribers. Look at what the best free OnlyFans models offer free, so you know a good limit.

Offering free subscriptions is a sign of an OnlyFans girl who knows how to tease. She'll happily produce more explicit content where she'll perform specific acts on camera, but she knows she needs to spread awareness of the type of kinks and fetishes she'll fulfill first.

Free OnlyFans accounts are a pain since you're posting twice, but they're worth it. Remember that becoming an OnlyFans creator is only one option, too – some alternatives let you setup an account that offers free and paid content from one page. Indeed, some of the top OnlyFans content creators are migrating to other sites to avoid having a separate free page.

Seek Unusual Marketing Opportunities

Part of your promotion is going to be done away from your OnlyFans accounts – typically on social media.

You do need to be very careful about how you use social, and the platforms you work with, since adult content will typically get you banned. The best OnlyFans girls know what limits to break and which ones to stick to.

Reddit’s a fantastic place to start since there are all kinds of subreddits out there being used by OnlyFans girls (and boys) already. Think you have a unique feature or a particular niche in mind? We bet there’s a subreddit for it already. Don’t be disheartened by this – sure, it means you’re not actually ‘unique’, but you’re still part of a smaller niche, and you have a ready-made audience waiting for you.

Just get chatting with them, and then tease them with the kind of exclusive content or custom content you can offer if they sign up for your page. Show off some boob and booty shots, perhaps, but keep the hardcore content behind a paywall.

Think about how you could use hashtags to target different interests, too. Basically – don’t just set up an Instagram account and post anything, hoping for the best. The best OnlyFans models know that they need to promote themselves carefully.

Think about what you’re posting, where, and to whom – and you’ll soon find an audience that is ready to pay a lot to see what kind of content you offer and to get to know you better.

Final Word

The world of OnlyFans is a diverse and inclusive space where individuals of all backgrounds, body types, and identities can thrive. The notion that only a specific set of physical characteristics leads to success is debunked by the myriad of niches and preferences within the platform's user base.

Whether you're navigating issues related to body shape, disabilities, age, gender, sexuality, or other unique features, there is room for everyone on OnlyFans.

It's crucial to recognize that success on OnlyFans goes beyond appearance. Authenticity, personality, and the ability to connect with an audience play pivotal roles. While societal standards may perpetuate certain ideals, OnlyFans emphasizes the celebration of individuality and genuine connections.

The journey with an OnlyFans account is not without its challenges, and setting clear boundaries, practicing self-love, and building a supportive community are essential components of a positive experience. The platform provides opportunities for financial success, but it requires effort, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to personal well-being.

In the end, embracing your uniqueness and finding ways to celebrate it can be the key to standing out and attracting a dedicated fan base. Whether you're challenging misconceptions about beauty standards, redefining traditional notions of attractiveness, or simply being true to yourself, OnlyFans offers a platform where diverse stories and experiences are not just welcomed but celebrated.

Remember, success on your OnlyFans account is not about conforming to preconceived notions but about confidently embracing who you are and connecting with an audience that values authenticity.