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Which Of The Big OnlyFans Agency Tools Is Right For You? OnlyFans Tools For Productivity & Maximizing Revenue

Are these tools essential, or is there a better option?

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If you’re a savvy content creator who’s looking to make as much money as possible, you might spend a lot of time looking for ways to get ahead and make as much cash as possible.

One avenue you might explore is the use of digital tools to boost your account, taking your subscriber numbers to new heights and helping you to unlock your full potential.

However, there are lots of different tools out there, some of which are not even aimed at creators but instead at agencies, and it can all get a little confusing or overwhelming.

So, let’s take a look at some of the big tools you might’ve found in your research, what they do, who they’re for, and the best plan of action for your success as a content creator.

Key takeawayThere are loads of tools available for OnlyFans, but most are aimed at agencies rather than creators – and the ones for creators might not be the best value.
But also…Hiring an agency can be much more effective than paying for tools and learning to use them yourself.
Read on for…A review of the bigger tools you can use, advice on which ones might actually be useful, and tips on the best way to boost your earnings and balance your time.

Tools For Creators

There are several tools out there that are aimed at people who own their own OnlyFans account. These are creator tools, to help a single person grow their online fans and hand off some of the time-consuming tasks that can fill their hours.

There are lots of smaller tools available, so we’re focusing on the bigger suites here, packages that can offer a wide range of services to help you improve your account.

There aren’t as many of these as there used to be, but one of the biggest was Fanwire. And that’s had a rebrand:


A tool originally built by an OnlyFans agency for its own use, FansFuel is available for all OnlyFans creators who want to make use of powerful analytics. It’s not just for OnlyFans either – it can be used by all kinds of similar platforms.

It allows creators to monitor traffic across their profile and see who is spending money with them, and on what.

It does it by giving you customizable links – you can then use those links on different promotional platforms and track which of your social media feeds or other traffic sources is performing best.

You can then opt-in to receive more traffic from the affiliates that are partnered with FansFuel.

It’s free to sign up and try it, but it’s not the most powerful suite of tools – it’s more aimed at giving you some insights into which promotional platform is working best, and potentially piggy-backing off FansFuel’s own affiliates.


BuddyX is another tool that creators can use, but this one is a little more streamlined – it works as a Chrome extension.

This means it’s always there keeping an eye on your page, and it can help you be more productive with your time, and potentially boost your earnings.

Some of the features it offers include automatically following your expired fans, triggering notifications that will hopefully get them to follow you back, and scripted chats that you can use to sell your content.

Rather than offering you any kind of free trial today, as so many do, BuddyX just has a basic free version so you can get a limited understanding of what the tool can do. And then there are pricing tiers depending on how many creator accounts you want to manage – so while it is aimed at creators, it could be used by small agencies too.

Tools For Agencies

Many of the bigger tools for sites like OnlyFans aren’t really designed for you to use – instead, they’re for agencies who want to manage multiple accounts.

The best agencies will build their own tools, or at least customize a software package in collaboration with someone, but if you want to get started as an OnlyFans agent, you could pay for access to one of these tools and give it a go.

Here’s a quick look at some of the bigger names:

Creator Hero

Of the tools aimed at agencies, Creator Hero is one of the best known. It acts like sort of bridge between an OnlyFans agency and a software package, doing some of the work for you but ultimately helping you to retain control and manage your accounts as you see fit.

It has a wide range of advanced features for automated messaging, detailed analytics, content organization and more and can help make it much easier to manage a range of content creators on multiple OnlyFans accounts.

This includes advanced tracking of where users are coming from support on mass messaging, trackers for revenue generated and identifying the big spenders so that they can be capitalised on.


Supercreator is a little more narrow in its focus, in that it is aimed at agencies who want help automating mass messages, or that employ ‘chatters' to do all the message work and hopefully bring in sales from new fans and existing subscribers through PPV content.

The app makes it easy to see which content has already been sent to different customers (no worries about if you forget who has already bought something), along with data on what helps each fan to convert so that you can extract as much money as possible from the top spenders.


Infloww works in a similar way to Supercreator. It's an out-of-the-box CRM tool offering easy access to mass messages, perfect for a business that wants to sell videos and other content to a subscriber list.

This isn't a tool for those who create the content, but for an agency that is looking to sell the content from multiple accounts using a mix of personalised messages and scripts that do all the work for you.

It also offers a suite of tools to help you manage your employees, so if you have several chatters working for your agency, you can see who is logging the most hours and how much they're earning.

Do You Need These Tools?

As you can see, most of these tools aren't really aimed at a content creator who is looking to build their fanbase, but instead, they're aimed at agencies who are trying to recruit multiple creators and make their money through them.

As a content creator, there are some tools that might be useful, including FansFuel, the successor to Fanwire.

But do you need it?

Probably not, because using a tool means either sacrificing part of your earnings or signing up for something that isn't that powerful anyway.

And if you're going to give up part of your earnings, it should be something which genuinely helps you to earn more money, grow your personal brand and business, and reduce the amount of time you have to do the boring stuff so that you can focus on time to create videos, message your best fans and more.

If you feel like you want to spend the time investing in tools, and then learning how to use them, then an app could help to boost your success.

But we think there's a better idea. 

Why Getting Agency Help May Be Better

 Content creators who don't want to go it alone, and who want to make the most money possible from their online fans, shouldn't look to using tools like this but should instead probably look to work with an agency.

The whole point of this is to maximize your productivity and ensure you're using your time as best as you can, and hiring an agency is therefore the best way to do that – you don't have to spend your own time getting to grips with a tool, you're paying someone to do the hard graft for you.

Not only that, but instead of just accessing a suite of tools, you're actually paying for expertise – an agency (or at least, a reputable one) knows just what to do to take your OnlyFans account to the next level, whether you're someone with mild success or you're already doing well and ready to break that glass ceiling to become a top earner.

Agencies are absolutely a more efficient choice for creators who want to focus on what they're best at – content creation, shooting video, performance and more. The best thing to do is to let an agency do all the stuff you don't want to do, grow your business at scale, and build you up to a much brighter future.

It's vital to find a good agency. Take the time to decide on one that you know you can trust so that you aren't throwing money away for no reason.

We'd recommend Strike as a strong option because they can offer different off-the-shelf management plans for creators enjoying mild success, or more tailored support if you're looking for a boost from a successful start.

Strike can handle more than just messaging too – they have their own creatives in-house who can be helpful with photo and video editing, turning something you've created into the best content possible.

It's worth getting in touch with Strike to see just how they could help you, and how they'll be much more effective than you paying for access to a tool that just ends up taking up as much of your time anyway.

Final Word

We understand that you might be a driven content creator who is desperate to be the best version of yourself and make a huge success out of your career.

But we also think that content creators should be looking to either focus on the basics as they're starting out and then once they're ready for support, it makes more sense to go down the agency road than it does to use tools that actually take up a lot of your time.

You might not think that, and that's OK – if you really want to retain all control over your own dashboards and analytics then some of these tools could be useful.

But you'll save a lot of time if you work with an agency instead.