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OnlyFans Pricing Guide – How Much Should I Charge On OnlyFans?

Exploring the best pricing strategy for your fan page

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Working out a pricing structure for your OnlyFans page is not easy. You need to make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of the market, but at the same time you want to earn as much as possible – especially with OnlyFans taking its cut of everything.

So in this guide, we’ll take you through all the different options for how you charge your fans, and give you guidelines on a good pricing model to use. But be aware that everyone is different, and so these are guidelines only – not hard rules.

Free Vs. Paid

The first big decision is which pricing model you want to use as an OnlyFans creator, as you’ve got two options. You can either go free, or you can opt for a subscription. And between these different pricing strategies, it can be tough to pick the best one for you.

Traditionally, people have always thought that a subscription-based model was the way to go if you wanted to earn money. This is where you keep all your best content locked behind a paywall and only paying subscribers – those who are paying a regular monthly fee – can access it.

And that’s still a perfectly valid way to go and one that a lot of people use as a way of making money.

But there’s also the option of a free account. People often misunderstand free accounts and think it’s where you’re giving everything away for free, but that’s not the case.

A free account is just one where you let people subscribe for free – but you can still lock individual posts behind a paywall. Essentially it’s the PPV model – you charge people per item of content, instead of giving them unlimited access for a set fee.

Some people use a mix of both – the best free accounts act as a sort of promotional tool for the paid ones. This is another good idea since it means you can give away some of the less risqué stuff and showcase what makes you interesting, and then once people are hooked they’ll pay for access to your naughtiest stuff.

Which is the best way to go? Each has its pros and cons.

Benefits of the Free Model

The benefits of choosing a free profile are:

  • It’s easier for new creators to build up an audience when fans don’t need to pay to access your profile
  • You have more flexibility in how you charge – you can make longer pay-per-view content pieces more expensive, and give away shorter videos for a nominal fee to generate interest
  • You aren’t pressured to post extremely regularly. Free profiles work best if you’re just starting out or if you have other reasons that might stop you from adding new content regularly

Benefits of the OnlyFans Subscription Model

  • Guaranteed money – once someone has subscribed to your account, you’re getting that money. You don’t need to convince them to pay for individual content pieces since you're getting that monthly subscription fee.
  • It’s easier to convince people to pay for an unlimited subscription than it is for a one-off piece of content. People enjoy variety and like having unlimited access to your content on your OnlyFans account.
  • You can make good money even with a cheap subscription price if you get enough followers.

Free Account – Use a Tip Menu

One option that is becoming more popular is to use a free pricing strategy, but then pair it with a tips menu, instead of just offering PPV content.

You can still offer paid-for content, but you can also set up a menu that offers fans rewards in exchange for certain tip amounts.

And this is rapidly becoming one of the more preferred ways of making money on OnlyFans. You get the benefits of having a free platform – with all the perks of building up an audience faster – but you don’t have to rely solely on (potentially expensive) video sales to make money.

A tip menu lets you set out a huge range of different content ideas/services, and price them at different levels, including some cheaper options for those who don’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on you.

Pricing Guide For Different Content On A Tip Menu

If you’re considering the tip menu option, you’ll need a rough idea of what to charge for every different type of content. Let’s break that down now, but we’d recommend checking out your competition to steer things too, since different niches can charge different amounts.

You can also use this guide for PPV content as well – whether you incorporate that into a tip menu, or just rely solely on that.


How much you charge for images will depend on how explicit they are. Anything with no nudity whatsoever should be free – you won’t make money from clothed pics, and they can be used as a teaser or to help build a fanbase.

Topless pics average between $3 and $5, while a full nude tends to average at around $5 as well, though if you’re doing anything sexual in the pic you can add at least a couple of dollars to that.

Albums with at least 5 photos can be charged at around $10 to $20 depending on the content.

For niches like feet, you can add a premium – around $5 to $10 per photo depending on how good it is.

And if you want to shoot custom images for a fan, you can typically double your prices, but you’ll need to justify it as custom – either specific outfits or with their name on a sign or even written on your body.


For a video, the best guidelines are to charge around $1 per minute for longer videos, but if it’s a short and explicit video, somewhere around $10 will usually work well. Some people charge a lot more, and that’s possible, but you really need to have a loyal fanbase by that stage, otherwise nobody will pay it.

You can charge higher prices if you’ve built up that audience and you’re maybe revealing something new for the first time, or trying a new sex act. People will pay if they are invested in you.

Otherwise, keep videos relatively cheap, especially as you can sell them to potentially hundreds or thousands of users.

Custom Videos

Custom video requests are where you can really start to make your money, with an average price of around $10 per minute, though you’ll need to set a minimum length of 5 minutes or so.

You could also customize the video in different ways to add on extra fees, such as letting them pick the outfit, or maybe specific niches such as jerk-off instruction. It’s fine to add a premium to these.

Consider also charging more for quick turnaround. You shouldn’t be leaving fans waiting too long anyway, but setting up guidelines – 5-7 days for a regular order and 2-3 days for a fast-track custom video is a good way to go.

Voice Notes

Voice notes are something you can sell quite cheaply – even for a custom note, you should charge no more than $5 unless it’s a longer, JOI one. If it’s just a custom message lasting a minute or so, consider selling these as cheaply as you feel comfortable with – around $3 would be good.

That might sound very cheap, but think – if it takes you literally one minute to record it, and then another minute to send it, that’s still an average of $60 per hour. And it’s the kind of thing you could even do while multitasking.


With sexting, you have the option of charging by the minute, or for a set number of messages.

If it’s just regular messaging, aim for $2-3 per minute. You can increase that if you’re adding pictures or video clips.

You’ll need to make sure you’re attentive though. If someone pays for 10 minutes but you only send 5 messages in that time, there’s a good chance they’ll be disappointed and could leave negative comments on your profile.

If you’re going to sell them as a set number of messages, 10 messages for $15 would be a good starting rate.

Dick Ratings

Dick ratings are something else that you can either do with just messages or with a voice or video clip. For written messages, charging $5 is reasonable. Don’t make it too cheap or they’ll assume you haven’t even bothered to look at the pictures they sent you.

If it’s a voice note you should charge around $10, and for a video, we’d suggest around $15 as a standalone fee for a 1-2 minute review.

Video Calls

Video calls are where you can really start to make good money. Because you’re live and it’s a 1-on-1 situation, there’s an expectation that you can charge a premium. You aren’t going to upset people by asking for a decent amount of money here.

$5 per minute for a clothed video call would be fair, though maybe knock a dollar off while you’re starting out. Around $8 per minute for a nude video call is about right.

Virtual Dates

A virtual date would be one where you set aside a fixed amount of time for a video call. If you’d normally charge $8 per minute for a live video, consider setting a half-hour date at $150 or so. That works out at $5 per minute, but you’re guaranteed $150, which isn’t bad.

And with it being a virtual date, you might spend the first half of it clothed, only stripping and getting sexual towards the end of the call. As long as you set clear expectations so people know what they’re paying for, that would be reasonable.

Worn Clothing

Selling worn underwear or other clothing items should be set at the cost of the clothing, plus the cost of shipping, and then a profit margin of $5-10.

You don’t have to go to a huge amount of effort with clothing. Just wear it for a little while, then ship it off. You do want to make a profit though, because you have to go to the effort of buying it.

Work Safe Content

It can be a good idea to offer some work-safe options for a budget. These might be short clothed videos that are for a special occasion (maybe a birthday shoutout) or a voice note that isn’t sexual in nature – maybe it’s just a quick hello and good morning message.

Set these to just a couple of dollars each, and you can build stronger relationships with your fans who will then be more willing to pay for better, sexier content later down the line.

Gifts & Treats

Don’t be afraid to list some things in your tips menu that are just for you – maybe $3 for a coffee, or a wishlist of items. Link in bio sites like Ohh.me offer you a way to easily add your Amazon wishlist. People will be happy to spend money on you if you’re good to them, even if they don’t get anything in return except for the knowledge they’ve brightened your day (but make sure you thank them in some way).

Subscription Account – How To Price Yourself

If you decide to go down the subscription route, your prices will depend on what type of content you’re making and how big a following you have on social media.

If you’re just starting out, and you’re making straightforward vanilla content, we’d recommend an OnlyFans subscription price of $5 per month. It might sound low, but you only need 100 subscribers to get to a decent income.

Newbies who are offering a specific niche interest – feet content, findom or bondage, for example – might be able to get away with charging $10 per month. But you’ll need to rely on social channels and some free teasers to get people hooked, so they know it’s worth the investment.

If you have an established fanbase already, you can probably look at prices of $10 per month for vanilla content, and $15 per month for niche.

Some people do charge up to $20 per month, but they tend to be well-known names. You need to strike a balance because it’s better to have 1,000 subscribers paying $5 than it is to have 200 subscribers paying $10 because you’re deemed too expensive for the other 800.

You need to strike a balance because it’s better to have 1,000 subscribers paying $5 than it is to have 200 subscribers paying $10…

How To Raise Prices On OnlyFans

At some stage in your OnlyFans career, you might decide that it’s time to raise your prices. This is a delicate issue since you don’t want to upset your existing paid subscribers, so here’s what you should do if that’s the case:

  • Communicate the price change to your existing customers in advance. Don’t drop it on them all of a sudden, or they’ll resent you for it.
  • Explain the reasons why you’re raising prices – it’s OK to be honest if it’s due to personal circumstances, as long as you also show understanding that they might wish to discontinue their subscription
  • Try to offer additional value – can you post more, or send them all a special video as a thank-you for being loyal?
  • Offer extended subscriptions at your old price before the price change. Let your fans lock in their subscription for a few months/a year at the old rate, and promote this special offer in the lead-up to your price increase. Promotional discounts like this are a great way of tying people in for longer.

Final Word

OnlyFans pricing is one of the hardest things to manage. Working our pricing strategies, comparing the subscription prices of your competitors to decide on your own subscription fee, working out what to charge for exclusive content – there's so much to think about.

Hopefully, this pricing guide is useful for any OnlyFans creators who aren't using the best pricing options. Always check out what other creators are doing, see what their minimum subscription price is and what they're charging to sell content individually.