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OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas – Setting The Best OnlyFans Menu For Your Fans

The best tip menu ideas for your OnlyFans page

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If you’re an OnlyFans creator, it’s essential to always be looking at ways to maximize your income. It’s not just about subscriptions – there are so many other ways you can earn, and if you want to break into the top tier of creators you need to make use of all of them.

One of the biggest things you need to get right is tipping. Getting your subscribers to tip you extra is often the ticket to the highest income, and the best way to encourage it is with your own tip menu.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tip menu options for OnlyFans creators.

What is an OnlyFans Tip Menu?

An OnlyFans tip menu is exactly how it sounds – a menu of services you provide to fans in exchange for their tips.

You come up with a list of services/gifts/ideas that you want to be tipped for, and then your subscribers tip you the right amount of money and drop a comment or message explaining what it is they’re ‘purchasing’. Think of it like a store, but without the formal transaction element that would require OnlyFans to set up the tech involved to allow fans to make purchases.

Tip menus help you earn a lot more because you can massively expand the range of services you offer your fans. The downside to them is that you need to stay organized to actually provide those services.

Since you don’t have a store where orders can be tracked, you need to just make sure you’re on top of comments and messages so that people don’t leave tips and then end up missing out on what they’re trying to purchase from the menu.

It’s usually fairly easy to manage when you’re a small or mid-sized creator, provided you’re good at being organized. But if you become very successful, it can become trickier since you might have tip orders flying in, and you may need the help of an agency to help you cope with demand.

Good OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas

Here’s a look at some of the most common options for tip menus that you might want to use. You’re welcome to include any of your own ideas too – these are just to get the ball rolling.

D*ck Ratings

Guys love having their dick rated by creators. It’s an ego thing that just turns them on, essentially knowing that they’re flashing a woman and she’s enjoying it. You’ll probably be getting sent all kinds of dick pics anyway if you’re a creator, so why not turn it into profit by simply replying with your rating, provided they tip you?

Just make sure you’re always giving a higher score – nobody wants to pay $10 just to be told their dick is a 3/10!

Sexy Voice Clips

Custom content is one of the best money earners for a tip menu, and the easiest to produce is audio content. It’s something you can put together in literally seconds, and yet you could charge a solid amount of money for a clip, whether it’s just a sexy message or it’s for a special occasion – birthday shoutouts are a great option.

Custom Videos

One of the bigger money-making tip menu options is custom video content. If you’re able to shoot custom videos for your fans, then you can set high prices and they’ll often pay them. Remember that videos take time and effort, so you want to make sure you’re charging the right amount to compensate you.

You might have a sub-menu here for the different options. A standard custom video might be $50, but then it could be $60 if they want you wearing a specific outfit, or performing a specific act on camera for you.


Charging tips for sexting is another solid option for making money. It’s best not to charge for individual messages though, even if you set a low fee. Don’t offer a time period either, because people won’t trust it – if you say it’s $10 for 10 minutes of sexting, they’ll be suspicious of exactly how many times you’ll message in that window.

Instead, offer a set number of messages. That way you’re offering value, and being clear on exactly what fans will get if they pay.

Virtual Dates

Virtual dates take up a lot of your time but man, can you charge for that privilege! A virtual date would be a live video call which you can play out however you want to, but the best way is to definitely treat it like a date – just one that goes very well and ends in some sexy time.

Start with conversation, and get to know the person who has paid for the date. Remember that this is what people really want from sites like OnlyFans – a connection with a creator. Building up that rapport and making them feel special is key.

You can then lead into all kinds of sexy live chat shenanigans, and if you play this well then trust me – they’ll be back to pay for more dates with you soon.

Worn Clothing

It can feel a little dirty, selling used clothing for tips, but people love to buy it so if you do feel the ick, try to get past it. It’ll be worth it in the long run. It’s a good idea to offer a range of different clothing options because people have different tastes.

Used underwear is the obvious one, but also sell gym wear if you can. Something about sweaty gym gear gets some people off. Socks too are popular for those with a foot fetish.

Set the prices at a level where you can buy the clothing and sell it on for a profit. Otherwise, you’ll end up without anything in your wardrobe!

You can also enhance these options by allowing fans to pay extra to carry out certain sexual activities while wearing the clothes before you send them on.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience

Offering the boyfriend or girlfriend experience should be a premium option, and you’ll need to be very clear on what exactly people get if they pay for this. It might be a set package of virtual dates, or it could just be a single custom video where you act as if they are your partner, and make them feel special.

Toy Control

You can buy vibrators and other sex toys that can be remotely controlled for quite cheap these days, but they’re really valuable for making money as a creator. While you can use them for live streams, you can also incorporate them into video chats on your tip menu, and gift control of the sex toy to the person paying.

Or why not get clever – instead of doing it in a one-to-one session, you could host a live chat and get fans to pay for the right to control it during that session. They will LOVE the feeling of power as they have complete control over your orgasms while others are watching.


Jerk off instructions content is another option for making good money. These can be pre-recorded videos, or they could fall under custom content again. If you’re not comfortable with these types of videos, spend some time watching them online and you’ll realize they aren’t too difficult to make.

Work Safe Content

Even if the content that you normally make is very explicit, consider adding some work-safe options to your service catalog. It can make your tip menu a little more diverse, but it’s also great for giving fans a cheaper option if they can’t afford the sexier content on your tip menu.

It might be just clothed birthday wishes or some fitness advice. Obviously, fitness tips work better if you’re naturally fit, but try to offer services that you’re comfortable with and that fit your fanbase.

Niche Content

You don’t have to have a fan page dedicated to a niche just to serve it. By that, we mean you might not want to focus exclusively on feet content on your main page, but you might be happy to offer feet pics and videos as part of your tip menu.

Servicing different niches in this way is a viable option for reaching the biggest fanbase possible. It allows you to offer content to suit as many people as you can with all their diverse interests.

The feet thing is just one example – you’ll be able to come up with more ideas too, depending on what your fans ask for.


There are two types of gifts you might ask for in a tip menu. The first of these would be ones that the payer also gets some benefit from – for example, maybe a new lingerie set or a sex toy.

They buy it for you, and then they get a custom video of you using it in return, ideally as an exclusive for at least a little while before you post it to the rest of your fanbase. This makes them feel special. Make sure you do then use it in your wider videos because again subscribers like to know that they’ve empowered you.

Pamper Treats

Pamper treats are the second type of gift, and these are the ones that don’t really benefit the person paying – they’re just for you. A common cheap one is just buying you a coffee, but you might have more extravagant options such as funding a massage for you.

These do work. People who feel like they have a bond with you will want to treat you because on their end they feel like they’re becoming one of your favorite fans. Make sure you treat them that way too, so that they want to keep coming back and paying for more gifts for you.

Designing a Compelling Tip Menu

One of the biggest mistakes OnlyFans creators can make is just setting up a boring list of ideas for a tip menu with the minimum effort required. That’s not going to work anywhere near as effectively as one that looks appealing.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn to professional graphic designers to get a sweet-looking menu. You don’t need something overly produced either.

The best thing to do is to look at menu ideas online, via Google and by browsing other OnlyFans models to see what they’re offering. This will let you draw inspiration from their own menus, both in terms of the design and the services that they offer.

One top tip – don’t list as many services as you can in one menu. If it’s a long list, it’ll become cluttered. If you need to, use separate menus for different categories.

Where to Find Free OnlyFans Menu Templates

If you want a helping hand, there are sites like Canva which offer menu templates that you can use. You won’t typically find specific OnlyFans tip menu examples on these, but a regular menu (like you’d use for services or food) will work fine, and be super-easy to customize.

Free OnlyFans menu templates are a good starting point, but if you have your own branding for your fan page, try to make sure that’s incorporated too.

Pricing Your OnlyFans Tip Menu

It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly what price you should be putting on your top menus. Each OnlyFans profile is different, and the OnlyFans subscribers that follow you will have different expectations of what your content is worth.

The best advice we can give you is to spend time looking at the menus that other creators offer, ideally those in a similar niche and similar popularity to you, and then use averages of their pricing.

You want to make sure your tip menu ideas are affordable to your fans, but also that you’re making money from them for the time that each service takes to enact.

Making Use of Bundle Offers

Bundle offers are a great way to earn more from your tips. You can bundle together different options from your tip menu for a discount.

If you want to do this, we’d advise that you start with the bundle pricing, and work back from there. Say you want to earn $20 for a voice message and some feet pics combined – that’s what you’d price the bundle at, and then you’d maybe charge $10 for the voice message and $15 for the feet pic.

That way, if people order them separately, it’s a bonus for you. But if they pay for the ‘discounted’ bundle, you’re actually getting the money you wanted.

Important Things to Remember

There are a couple of key rules to remember when setting an OnlyFans tip menu.

Keep it Simple

It’s really important to make sure your tip menu is simple and doesn’t become some huge convoluted list of ideas and options.

You want your fans to be interested in buying from you, but you don’t want to offer choice paralysis, where there are too many different options and they can’t pick between them.

And you need to make sure it’s easy for fans to browse your menu. Group things together under subheadings to help with that.

Set Clear Boundaries

This is the golden rule for tip menus – set clear boundaries for each service that you offer. You have to make sure fans know what they’re paying for and, more importantly, what they AREN’T paying for.

If you leave things vague, fans can become difficult very easily. Set time limits, or explain what you will and won’t do in a video, so that they don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Final Word

An interactive OnlyFans tip menu, where fans can pick and choose the services they want from you, is a great way to make extra money as an adult content creator.

Just make sure you use those free templates or some simple graphic design work to list out your OnlyFans services in an attractive way, and that you establish clear boundaries before you get started. Research other OnlyFans menu ideas as a starting point – and good luck!