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Moral Promotion of OnlyFans – Where To Draw The Line

There's a wrong and right way to promote your fan page

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In early May 2024, an art project was installed in Dublin and New York City, called the Portal. It was a live webcam that allowed people on both sides of the Atlantic to see each other.

It took just a couple of weeks for an OnlyFans model to flash her breasts on the live webcam, getting the entire portal shut down.

The incident raises some interesting questions around the promotion of your OnlyFans page, and what kind of moral responsibility you have to make sure your content and your ‘assets’ are only seen by the right people.

Let’s explore that a little.

What Happened With The Portal

Ava Louise is the OnlyFans model who got the portal shut down by flashing her bare chest. And she is no stranger to controversy.

Ava is a creator from New Jersey who has a huge Instagram following, and who has made headlines for her comments in the past. She first became well known in 2019 when she appeared on Dr. Phil, where she said that she was desperate to be a “skinny legend” – someone who is hot and skinny. She claimed she would rather die young and hot than grow old.

She then continued in her quest to be “famous for being famous” by filming herself licking a toilet seat during the global shutdown in 2020. She claimed it was part of a TikTok challenge, but later admitted that the challenge wasn’t real.

She appeared on Dr. Phil again (via Zoom) and said that she was annoyed that the pandemic was getting more attention than she was. Dr. Phil slammed her behavior, saying that someone imitating her could get infected and die, asking if it was worth it for Ava to get the attention – to which she replied “yes”.

And then we fast forward to 2024, with the portal installed, and Ava travelled to New York and was filmed lifting her shirt to “share her homegrown potatoes” (in her words) with the Irish viewers.

While Ava is far from the only person to have abused the portal – people have mooned it, and someone in Ireland held up a picture of the 9/11 attacks – she did get it shut down due to her behavior being the tipping point.

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

Ava Louise's stunt with the Portal certainly grabbed attention, but it also raises a crucial question: is all publicity good publicity?

The idea that any attention is good attention might seem appealing, especially when you're trying to build a brand or grow a following. However, the reality is more complicated.

When you pull off a controversial stunt, you might gain a surge of followers who thrive on shock value and controversy.

This audience enjoys the drama and may support you because you’re bold and unapologetic. For some creators, this kind of attention can be addictive and feel like a quick way to fame.

But there's a downside. Controversial actions can alienate a large part of your audience. Many people prefer creators who respect boundaries and behave responsibly, especially in public spaces.

They might unfollow or avoid supporting someone who they feel crosses the line too often.

Moreover, sponsors and potential business partners often steer clear of individuals associated with negative or controversial behavior. They don't want their brand linked with actions that could harm their reputation. And that could be a huge slice of income you’re sacrificing.

Stunts like flashing on a public webcam can have longer-term consequences. They can lead to bans from platforms, legal issues, and public backlash.

Controversial actions can alienate a large part of your audience. Many people prefer creators who respect boundaries and behave responsibly, especially in public spaces.

In Ava’s case, her behavior led to the shutdown of the Portal project, affecting many people who were enjoying the installation. This kind of fallout can damage your credibility and make it harder to be taken seriously in the future.

It's also important to consider the ethical implications. As a content creator, you have a responsibility to ensure that your actions don't harm others or disrupt public spaces.

Balancing the desire for attention with a sense of responsibility is crucial. It's possible to build a successful OnlyFans career without resorting to shock tactics that might later cause regret or backlash.

In short, while controversy can bring a burst of attention, it’s a double-edged sword. The challenge is finding ways to promote yourself that are exciting and engaging, but also respectful and sustainable in the long run.

Balancing these elements can help build a solid and respectable career, without the risk of alienating a significant part of your audience or facing serious consequences.

The Role of OnlyFans

OnlyFans, as a platform, has a significant role in shaping how its creators promote their content. The site should consider implementing stronger guidelines and setting clearer boundaries to help prevent irresponsible behavior.

But do you really see that happening?

Unlike traditional employers, OnlyFans does not employ its models directly. Instead, it offers a platform for creators to share their content, provided it doesn't cross into illegal territory.

This hands-off approach allows creators a high degree of freedom. They can express themselves in various ways, experiment with their content, and promote their profiles as they see fit.

This freedom is part of what attracts many to OnlyFans in the first place. However, it also means that some creators may push the boundaries too far, engaging in controversial stunts to gain attention.

OnlyFans might even find this controversy beneficial in some ways. High-profile incidents draw attention to the platform, potentially attracting new users curious about the buzz.

By maintaining a degree of separation from its creators' actions, OnlyFans can enjoy the increased profile without directly taking responsibility for the controversy. This strategy might seem advantageous from a marketing perspective, but it raises some pretty serious ethical questions.

Should OnlyFans court controversy, even indirectly? There are strong arguments against it. Controversial actions by creators can lead to negative public perception, not just of the individuals involved but of the platform as a whole.

It can deter potential subscribers who prefer a more respectful and responsible community. Additionally, allowing such behavior unchecked could eventually lead to stricter regulations or legal challenges, which could harm the platform’s long-term viability.

Therefore, it’s in OnlyFans' best interest to implement more robust guidelines. Clear boundaries can help maintain a healthier environment, encouraging creators to promote themselves responsibly.

These guidelines could include specific rules against using public or inappropriate spaces for promotion, along with penalties for violations.

While OnlyFans benefits from giving creators freedom, it also bears some responsibility for the community it fosters. Balancing freedom with accountability can help ensure that the platform remains a space where creators can thrive without resorting to harmful or controversial tactics.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything like this happens. We’re not counting on it yet.

Public Indecency And Sex Work Reputation

The world is changing, and attitudes toward sex work are evolving.

More people are starting to recognize sex work as a legitimate profession, deserving of respect and rights like any other line of work. This shift is gradually eroding the automatic viewpoint that sex work is inherently seedy and sleazy.

Increased visibility, advocacy for sex workers' rights, and a broader understanding of consensual adult work are helping reshape public perception and this is a great thing for all kinds of sex workers, including OnlyFans creators.

However, incidents of public indecency pose a serious risk to this progress. When creators engage in stunts that involve inappropriate behavior in public spaces, it reinforces negative stereotypes and undermines all the strides that have been made toward acceptance.

These actions can lead to public backlash, helping to reinforce the idea that sex work is linked with irresponsibility and a lack of respect for societal norms.

Public indecency not only risks legal repercussions for the individuals involved but also casts a shadow over the entire community of sex workers. It provides fuel for critics who argue that sex work is disruptive or morally problematic.

This can lead to increased stigmatization and potentially stricter regulations that make it harder for sex workers to operate safely and openly.

And so again, to continue the positive trend of acceptance, it's crucial for sex workers and platforms like OnlyFans to promote responsible behavior.

Otherwise, all that good work is going to be undone, and that’d be a real shame – because we honestly think the normalization of OnlyFans will lead to a real sense of security and increased earning potential in this career in the future.

The Importance of Consent

Let’s end with a pretty heavy topic – the issue of consent.

We understand that a publicity stunt like this could be personally very rewarding. If you did get an income boost, that might be all you cared about.

But it flies in the face of all the good work done around consent in recent years, and how we’re trying to work towards a safer world for everyone. Do you really want that hanging on your conscience?

Flashing in public is inherently non-consensual for the viewer. You don't know who will see it, and it's not just about potentially offending someone.

You could be exposing yourself to minors, or causing distress to people who simply do not want to see your exposed flesh. Not everyone is comfortable with public displays of nudity, and they shouldn’t have to be.

Consent is about ensuring that everyone involved is on board with what’s happening. When you flash in public, you’re taking away the ability of others to choose whether they want to see your nudity or not.

Flashing in public is inherently non-consensual for the viewer. You don't know who will see it…

This lack of consent can be deeply troubling and upsetting for many people, and it can reinforce negative feelings about sex work and adult content. Think about your own family members too – how would you feel if a child of yours, or a niece or nephew, saw someone flashing?

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards understanding and respecting consent in all aspects of life. This includes sexual interactions, workplace behavior, and public spaces.

Public indecency stunts undermine these efforts and can set back the progress made in creating a more respectful and consensual society.

It's essential to consider the broader implications of your actions. Promoting your OnlyFans account should not come at the expense of others' comfort and consent.

Moral Promotion

On a positive note, it's entirely possible to get creative and effective with promoting your OnlyFans content while respecting ethical boundaries.

Moral promotion means being mindful of where and how you share your content, making sure it reaches the right audience without crossing into inappropriate or non-consensual spaces.

First, focus on promoting your content within platforms designed for adult audiences. OnlyFans itself is a prime example, as it provides a controlled environment where your subscribers actively choose to view your material.

Other platforms, such as adult forums, dedicated subreddits, and niche social media groups, can also be excellent spaces where your content is welcome and expected.

Second, utilize your social media profiles in a way that adheres to community guidelines.

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can be valuable for building your brand and teasing your content, as long as you do so within the rules. Share suggestive but not explicit content and always direct your followers to your OnlyFans for more.

Collaborations with other creators can also be a fantastic way to broaden your audience while staying within appropriate boundaries.

By working with other OnlyFans models or influencers in the adult industry, you can cross-promote to each other's followers, creating mutually beneficial exposure without the need for shock tactics.

Final Word

If you want our advice, you shouldn’t be taking your OnlyFans promotion to the extremes of someone like Ava Louise. It’s not responsible, it could seriously backfire, and it just doesn’t do the world of OnlyFans creators any good at all.

You might get a boost in popularity from publicity stunts like that, it is true. But if you want to make OnlyFans a place where you and other creators can thrive for the long term, it’s best to stick to more responsible methods of promotion.