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Running An OnlyFans Promo – Everything You Need To Know

Special offers and discounts can be EXTREMELY effective!

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One of the most valuable tools any OnlyFans creator has in their arsenal is the option to run a discount that they can promote through exclusive OnlyFans links either through direct messages or across social media.

These can be a really helpful tool in encouraging people to sign up for an initial period, and then hopefully you can hook them and convert them into long-time customers.

But how do OnlyFans promo codes even work? Can you get discount codes for OnlyFans or is there another way you run special offers? And what's the best strategy?

Let's take a look.

How An OnlyFans Promo Works

There are two different ways that you can set up an OnlyFans promo.

Wider OnlyFans Discount

The first is one that you set up for your wider fan base. To do this, you just need to go to your profile and find the option for setting up promotions or promotional campaigns.

Once you click on this, you'll be able to select a discount percentage to knock off your regular subscription fee. It's up to you what kind of offer you want to run. You can then set a duration or a maximum number of subscribers – useful if you're offering a free trial of your account but don't want thousands of people taking advantage.

Once you've set up the parameters for the discount then just hit save and it'll instantly switch on, and then once the parameters have been met, the discount will automatically switch off.

Individual OnlyFans Promo Code

You can also offer promotions to fans on an individual basis. To do this, you need to click on the fan from your fan or subscriber list and then in the menus, there'll be an option for a discount.

You can use this to give them a discount on a new or an existing subscription, so it's useful in a number of different ways.

They'll then get a notification (and an email, if they have emails set up for their OnlyFans) letting them know about the OnlyFans promo you've set up for them so they can take advantage.

Discounted PPV Content

You can't actually set up discounted rates or promo codes on PPV content, such as any video clips or galleries that you're trying to sell for a one-off fee.

There's a workaround, which is as simple as setting a post to go live for a limited amount of time at a cheaper price, and then having it removed and replaced with a new post that contains the PPV content, but priced at a higher rate.

So No OnlyFans Coupon Codes?

Those are the only two real ways to set up any kind of special offer on OnlyFans, so unfortunately you can't set up an OnlyFans coupon code or discount code to send out to your fans or to advertise on social media.

The idea is that, instead of using OnlyFans coupons, you can just advertise a direct link to your profile instead, and run the promo on there. There won't be an actual promo code you can use, but you can have the discounted subscription rate set up.

To be clear – OnlyFans coupons don't exist, so you should be wary of any websites claiming to offer coupon codes for you to use. They're not real, and they're just trying to get you to click through to generate ad revenue for them or, even worse, steal your data.

Some might even claim to have expired OnlyFans promo codes as a way of making them appear more genuine, but it's fake – don't be taken in by it.

Anyone looking to find OnlyFans coupons and discount codes is just going to be disappointed. You can save money on OnlyFans subscriptions but only via discount links, not with any codes.

Best Tactics For An OnlyFans Promo

There are lots of different ways you can use an OnlyFans promo – here are just some of the best suggestions:

Kickstart Your Fanbase

Offering discounts for new subscribers when you first sign up to OnlyFans is a great way to boost your fanbase and subscriber numbers when you need it most.

It's when you first join the website that you'll have the hardest time making money, so why not offer deals to new fans as a way of getting them interested? Then, once you've started posting content, they'll be interested in staying on and continuing a subscription at the full price.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Why not offer discounts during special occasions? That way, you can add a little bit of fun to your promotion, by making it relevant to a special time. Maybe it's a birthday deal, or you want your page to celebrate Pride Month (regardless of your own sexual orientation).

Just be careful not to give out too many personal details – a birthday month promo is fine as long as you don't give out your actual birthday, as that's a step closer to your full date of birth which is valuable personal information.

Reward Loyal Subscribers

If you have long-time subscribers who are happy to pay the full price, it's still a good idea to give them special discounts every now and then.

Sure, they might not need it, but it shows that you care about them, and it's more likely to keep them paying for access to your page for longer.

Re-engage Cancelled Subscribers

You should regularly check to see which of your most loyal subscribers has lapsed and is no longer paying for access to your page. Also, look back over the past year to see who has spent a bit of money with you, but then gone elsewhere. You can then use OnlyFans offers to get them back on the hook, encouraging them to sign up once again and hopefully continue their subscription long-term.

Offering discounts for new subscribers when you first sign up to OnlyFans is a great way to boost your fanbase and subscriber numbers when you need it most.

Tie-In With Existing Sales

You don't need to run your OnlyFans sales at the same time as other, well-known sales, but it can be a fun way to tie everything together. Running your own Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers for your OnlyFans, with exclusive deals for subscriptions, is a bit of fun but can get people interested.

Run Competitions

A good way to encourage fan engagement across your socials and your OnlyFans is to run a competition. Challenge your fans to achieve something – maybe it's a set number of comments, or you're working on email campaigns and you want everyone to sign up to your mailing list – and then once you hit your goal, you'll offer special discounts for fans to enjoy discounted rates.

You'll get the win of the competition kickback, and hopefully some new long-term subscribers too.

Final Word

There are loads of different clever options for running an OnlyFans promo. While it might seem counter-intuitive to be lowering prices for fans, it's actually a very potent marketing tool.

Think about the ways you might want to run an OnlyFans promo and then try one out, even if it's on a really small scale at first. Soon you'll be making scheduled plans on different campaigns, and building up a huge subscriber base.