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Follower Creator & Fan Page Awards 2023

The official Follower Awards for Fan Page Platforms

It’s that time again – when we recognize the best of the best when it comes to fan platforms and dish out our annual awards for those websites that just do an amazing job for content creators.

We’ve taken onboard the votes of our email subscribers and added our expert opinions too, to determine who deserves these top awards this year.

There are a few sites that have retained their awards from our 2022 winners, and a few that have made waves this year for the first time.

It certainly wasn’t an easy choice to come to our final decision alongside your votes, because many sites have grown and shown creators a lot of support.

There’s never been a better time to get into a content creation career, as these amazing platforms demonstrate!

So, here we go – meet your winners of the Follower Awards 2023!

Best for Adult Content Creators

In a realm filled with fan platforms, this award crowns the champion of them all. We're talking about the platform that truly has your back as an adult content creator, ensuring your content stays put and won't vanish unexpectedly.

Winner: Fanvue

Fanvue retains the award that it won in 2022, continuing as the best overall site for adult content creators as it continues to offer some of the best support alongside innovative new features, including pioneering the use of AI.

Runner-Up: BestFans

Best for Low Fees

Not all fan platforms are created equal when it comes to fees. This award goes to the platform that offers top-notch service while keeping those fees as low as possible on every subscription or tip you earn.

Winner: BestFans

BestFans is a new winner in our awards this year, and it put up a stern challenge in several categories due to its ease of use. But it’s the excellent fee structure, allowing creators to keep up to 90% of the money they earn (more than any other site), which means it’s the clear winner of this award.

Runner-Up: Unfiltrd

Best for Newbies

Just starting out as a content creator? This award shines a light on platforms that hold your hand every step of the way, providing tutorials and more to help you navigate the road to becoming a successful creator.

Winner: LoyalFans

LoyalFans is simple to use and has effective support teams on hand to answer questions quickly and thoroughly. If you’re just starting out as a content creator and you want a profile where you can carve out a niche for yourself, LoyalFans is a great choice.

Runner-Up: Fansly

Best for British Adult Creators

While many fan platforms cater to a global audience, this award recognizes the one that knows what British creators need. From features to payments, this platform gets the British vibe just right.

Winner: ManyVids

While ManyVids is not directly aimed at the British market, it does have excellent filter options to make it easier than ever for Brits to find their audience or find their creators. It’s home to a huge number of British content creators, so it’s a worthy winner.

Runner-Up: AdmireMe

Best for European Adult Creators

If you're creating content from Europe, this award directs you to the platform that speaks your language—literally. With Euro payments and multilingual support, it's the perfect fit for European creators.

Winner: MYM

MYM is another site to retain its award from 2022, which isn’t a surprise – the site is built by Europeans, for a European audience, and it really is the best choice for anyone who wants to earn Euros rather than worry about conversion fees.

Runner-Up: AdmireMe

Best for Mainstream (Non-Adult) Content

Not all platforms that claim to support all creators really do. This award goes to the platform that truly has your back as a safe-for-work creator, offering the best tools and support.

Winner: Fanvue

While Fanvue is definitely a haven for adult content creators, it retains this award we gave it in 2022 as the many features it provides and the excellent filters make it easier for fans and creators to enjoy work-safe content without battling through too much adult material.

Runner-Up: OnlyFans

Best for Adult Content for Gay Men

Some platforms cater to specific niches, and this award celebrates the one that's got everything tailored for creators looking to reach the gay male audience effortlessly.

Winner: JustForFans

JustForFans is still one of the top websites for gay men who want to enjoy the content of male creators. OnlyFans is another good option, but JustForFans really is the go-to site for this niche.

Runner-Up: OnlyFans

Best for Selling Individual Videos

While many platforms focus on subscriptions and tips, some let you sell individual videos. This award goes to the platform that makes it easy, ensuring your videos are easy to find and buy.

Winner: ManyVids

While there are some great sites for creators who want to sell individual videos and bundled packages, ManyVids essentially specialises in this, putting it in a class above its rivals.

Runner-Up: LoyalFans

Best for Creating Your Own Website

This award recognizes the platform that lets you build your brand your way, with your own personalized website. If you want to market yourself in style, this is the platform for you.

Winner: Scrile Connect

Another repeat winner, nobody has been able to replicate what Scrile Connect has been able to offer in terms of allowing creators to really build a brand.