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Follower Creator & Fan Page Awards 2022

The official Follower Awards for Fan Page Platforms

When you’re trying to decide which platform you want to use as a content creator, it’s not a decision to rush into. Some platforms have more features, while others are better for certain audiences, or for a particular type of content…you need to weigh up your options carefully.

And of course, some platforms are just plain better than others – whether it’s a better experience, better support or a bigger brand.

With that in mind, we’ve created a set of awards. We work with all the fan platforms and don’t have any particular favorite, so when you see that we’ve given an award to a platform, you know it’s justified.

Here’s a breakdown of the awards and this year’s winners.

Best for Adult Content Creators

With most fan platforms being home to adult content, you can consider this our ‘Best Overall’ award. The winner of this is the platform that offers the most support to adult creators and guarantees them that adult content won’t be removed in future.

WINNER: Fanvue

Fanvue is packed with great features to support adult content creators and has offered clear assurances that adult content will remain on the site forever.

Runner-up: Fansly

Best for Low Fees

Not all fan platforms charge the same fees, so the winner of this award is the one that we feel offers the best service whilst also charging the lowest fees for every subscription or tip that you receive.

WINNER: Unfiltrd

An emerging platform, Unfiltrd has impressed quickly with its excellent feature set. With commission at 15%, it’s lower than almost every other platform out there.

Runner-up: Unlockd

Best for Newbies

Making your first steps as a content creator? This award recognizes platforms that offer outstanding support, including tutorials and more to help you get set up and understand everything that you need to do in order to become a successful creator.

WINNER: Fansly

Fansly doesn’t overcomplicate anything – it’s easy to set up, and it has some good resources for new creators looking to learn the ropes.

Runner-up: Flirtback

Best for British Adult Creators

Many fan platforms are global, but if you’re a British creator, then choosing this platform might be a good fit. The winner of this award offers features and payments that work well for a British audience.

WINNER: AdmireMe

AdmireMe is based in Britain and defaults to GBP as its currency – so creators know that support is on hand when needed, and payments are simple.

Runner-up: MYM

Best for European Adult Creators

If you’re a content creator based in Europe, then consider signing up with the platform that wins this award. With Euro payments and support in multiple languages, we’ll select the winner that best helps you.


MYM is a European platform and offers support in English and French. European creators should find it easier to use.

Runner-up: AdmireMe

Best for Mainstream (Non-Adult) Content

Some platforms out there claim to be accepting of all creators but are still heavily skewed toward adult content. That’s why we’re careful to give this award to a platform that truly does offer the best support and options for safe-for-work creators.

WINNER: Fanvue

While known for its adult content, Fanvue does have plenty of support and resources for creators of safe-for-work content too, making it much easier to earn bigger bucks than Patreon alone.

Runner-up: Patreon

Best for Adult Content for Gay Men

Certain platforms specialize in a particular niche, and the winner of this award is one that offers features designed to help creators reach the gay male audience easier.

WINNER: JustForFans

JustForFans allows all creators, but it remains popular with the gay male community, so creators tend to be more successful here.

Runner-up: Fansly

Best for Selling Individual Videos

While many platforms are aimed at generating revenue for creators through subscriptions and tips, there are some that have additional features, including the option to sell individual videos. The winner of this award makes this easy, and ensures that videos are simple to find for buyers.

WINNER: LoyalFans

As well as selling full-length videos, LoyalFans lets you sell shout-out clips too (along with many other features). It's one of the best sites for maximising the ways you can earn.

Runner-up: ManyVids

Best for Creating Your Own Website

The winner of this award is a platform that lets you create your own brand, rather than signing up for a page as part of a wider service. If you want to market yourself in a more holistic way, including your own personalized website, then this award-winner is the site to go for.

WINNER: Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is the standalone in this field, helping creators build their personal brand with their own website.