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Our site offers reviews of all kinds of fan platforms and information on additional services too. But as we’ve grown, we wanted to create one handy place where you could get everything summarized easily, with all the links you need.

So, check out the list below for every service we’ve either reviewed or looked at.

The most famous fan platform of them all. It doesn’t have the best features and customer service isn’t amazing but it’s very easy to promote an OnlyFans page – everyone knows what to expect.
Fan PlatformSign up
This platform is very similar to OnlyFans in terms of look and feel and the features available. They claim to respond to any customer service request within 24 hours – something OnlyFans definitely can’t offer.
Fan PlatformSign up
Another platform that, at first glance, looks like a copy and paste of OnlyFans. There are a few extra features that make it worth considering, including free followers for paid accounts (no need to create a duplicate) and the option to add emojis to content that can be removed for a fee.
Fan PlatformSign up here
Fanvue is a platform targeting all content creators – not just adult creators. It is aiming to provide the most extensive feature list, including deeper insights, the option to sell NFTs and better discoverability, so you can grow your fanbase easier.
Fan PlatformSign up here
Where iFans sets itself apart from similar platforms – beyond its pretty robust live streaming options – is in the deep referral system. You can earn huge commissions if you refer other creators to the site, massively expanding your potential revenue.
Fan PlatformSign up here
FanCentro’s main focus is on providing a simple experience for creators. Useful features include the video tutorial system to help teach you key creator tips, and the option to set different subscription tiers for various content types.
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While MYM does allow adult content, it is definitely pitched at a more mainstream audience. It charges higher fees than OnlyFans, but could be a good option if you’re thinking about a non-adult platform.
Fan PlatformSign up here
AdmireMe’s key difference as a fan platform is in its discoverability features. All creators can get exposure quite easily on the home page, and the ability to search by keywords means you can attract a specific audience to your content.
Fan PlatformSign up here
AdultNode does work a little different from other fan platforms. It looks more like a standard social media platform, and instead of flat subscription fees it uses tokens, similar to some cam sites, with content being free to view otherwise.
Fan PlatformSign up here
JFF welcomes content creators from all genders and sexual orientations, but as it was created by Dominic Ford (a prominent gay porn star) it does tend to be one of the more popular choices for the LGBT+ community.
Fan PlatformSign up here
If you’d rather have your own adult website, AdultMemberSite is the place to go. You can create your own branded location, and still charge users a subscription, with the option to really stand out on your own.
Fan PlatformSign up here
Another option if you want the OnlyFans style of website, LoyalFans sticks pretty close to the established formula. What you lose in brand recognition, you gain with mildly improved site usability.
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Not interested in promoting adult content? Fangage doesn’t permit anything sexual but instead is aimed at musicians, chefs and other influencers. Fees are low too.
Fan PlatformSign up here
Patreon is one of the biggest subscription platforms in the world but it’s not known for adult content. Nudity is allowed, if properly flagged, but not sexually explicit content. A lot of YouTubers and other influencers have a Patreon to create an exclusive fan community.
Fan PlatformSign up here
AVN Stars
This site used to be another fan platform, but as of 2022 they’ve switched focus and now generate income from adverts alone, with all adult content free to view for users. You can still earn tips, or use it to promote other fan platforms you’re on.
Adult SiteLearn more
Follower Promote
Promote One of the best ways to promote your fan platform to a willing audience. Very few websites specifically promote fan platforms, so you know our users are actively searching for people to subscribe to.
Fan Promotion ServiceSign up here
LinkTree is an established tool that lets you write a short bio and link to your other platforms. It’s useful for promoting adult content on websites that don’t allow a direct mention.
Linking PlatformSign up here
Similar to LinkTree, Ohh.me lets you link to your fan platforms in a way that won’t get you banned from social media. It has extra features too, including the option to receive virtual gifts.
Linking PlatformSign up here
An extremely popular cam site, this is a good way of finding new fans. Link to your fan platform and you can help to generate a lot of new subscriptions.
Strip Cam SiteSign up here
Another cam site, this one offers higher earnings for your live streams than Chaturbate although the user base is lower. You get an initial 2-week boost to earnings, and again can use it to promote your fan platform.
Strip Cam SiteSign up here
Considered a sort of evolution to a cam site, JerkMate ‘pairs’ users with live models. In reality, it’s just a good way of finding fans interested in a particular niche.
Strip Cam SiteLearn more
This VPN is a great way to keep yourself safe online. It'll hide your presence, meaning you don't need to worry about hackers who can track your location, and it's useful for getting around any restrictions in your country for access to the best adult content platforms.
Virtual Private NetworkSign up here
While you can use any social media platform to promote your fan platform (providing you use a linking platform like Ohh.me and don’t get banned), TikTok is one of the best. The short video duration is perfect for teasing new fans.
Social MediaSign up here
Sofia Gray
An option for boosting your revenue, Sofia Gray is a platform where you can sell used underwear. As long as you’re careful and follow the site rules, you could easily add another revenue stream (and sell items you’ve worn in videos on your fan platform – cross-promotion!)
Underwear Selling PlatformSign up here
Internet Removals
You need to protect your content – if someone has stolen it and uploaded it elsewhere, you need to get it taken down. Internet Removals are a company that can help, so that your content stays where it belongs – behind a paywall earning you money.
IP Removal ServiceLearn more