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Staying Anonymous On OnlyFans: Can You Still Make Money Without Showing Your Face?

Can you make money and also stay anonymous on OnlyFans?

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There has been plenty of chatter about OnlyFans as of late. Some of it contains what might be considered a misunderstanding. It pertains to OnlyFans allowing adult content on the platform.

Let’s get one thing clear: OnlyFans is not a porn site. Despite a lot of adult cam girls and even film stars having a page on the site, it’s anything but that. There are plenty of content creators that can be models without showing one instance of nudity.

If you are planning on starting out with OnlyFans and worry about being “outed” for being on a “porn site”, read on. Because there’s a lot of people who will easily misunderstand the entire concept of OnlyFans. Plus, there are those out there with nothing better to do than “ruin” someone for having a page.

If you ask yourself “will OnlyFans ruin my career”, you’d be surprised by the answer. It actually would boost careers more than ruin them (depending on what they are). Enough chatter, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this guide on how you can stay anonymous and whether or not you can still make a good deal of money on OnlyFans.

Staying anonymous on OnlyFans

Can OnlyFans be anonymous? Absolutely.

If you want to stay anonymous, it’s important to cover as many bases as possible. We’ll be taking a look at some “do’s” and “don’ts” that you really need to take seriously if you want to keep a low profile on OnlyFans. Let’s get started with the first tip:

1. DON’T feel obligated to show your face

One of the key aspects of being anonymous is not showing your face. This might be the obvious choice if you are creating adult content on your OnlyFans page. If anything, a lot of OnlyFans users might not care about your face (you probably see where we’re going here).

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If you want to show your face and use a stage name (Spoiler alert: that’s our next tip), but all means please do. However, you may risk being found out if someone had too much time on their hands. But you might not be too worried about that.

2. DO use a stage name

Period. End of story. Think about it…being anonymous means not using your real name at all. If you need to choose a stage name, you’d be smart to steer clear of any names that may sound close to your real identity. For example, if your name is Jennifer, don’t use it as part of your stage name (or any of the short names like Jen, Jenny, etc.).

Generate a name

When it comes to choosing a stage name, don’t overthink it. Come up with something simple. Bonus points if you come up with something that may have a bit of a ring to it.

3. DO use your real name when providing documents to OF

Even if you do plan on going anonymous, you’ll still need to use your real name. But that’s when you need to provide the necessary documents to the OnlyFans admins to verify your identity. Also, you’ll need your real name while you are linking your bank account to your OnlyFans page.

The reason why is obvious. Your real name is linked to the bank account. And if you make enough money, there’s the potential of reporting your OnlyFans income when tax season rolls around. In the US, OnlyFans content creators will receive a 1099 form if they were to make $600 or more in a single tax year.

4. DO maintain your anonymous ID on social media

There’s going to come a time when you’ll want to promote your OnlyFans on social media. However, you can run into potential issues if you are not careful. This is a tip that you really need to pay attention to as you read on.

First and foremost, which social media platforms you plan on using for promotional purposes. If anonymity is essential, Reddit should be one of those platforms. Another can be Instagram.

When creating your social media platform, you absolutely do not want to link any social media that uses your real name. For example, if you have an IG account under your real name it should not be linked to your anonymous IG. Keep it separate and far away as possible.

If you are on social media platforms that require that you sign in with Facebook, Google, or the like, do not link those accounts.

5. DON’T reveal your actual location

OnlyFans creators may have the option to reveal their location. You do not have to do this if you want to maintain an anonymous identity. On top of that, revealing your location may also generate some buzz (especially if you don’t live in a large city).

Do not give away your location. If you need to, play around and have fun. Come up with a fictional location or something like “Only in your dreams”. You get the idea.

6. DO enjoy yourself

Whether you stay anonymous or not, OnlyFans is meant to be fun for a lot of people. Regardless if you are creating valuable content for your cosplay fans or if you are giving your fans a bit more extra than what you do on cam shows, have fun and enjoy yourself. It’s also important to focus on monetizing your content so you have a bit more of a side income.

Can you still make money without showing your face?

While maintaining anonymity is a good plan for most, there is always the concern about making money. Especially when you may not want to show your face. So is it really possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

The short answer: yes. You can be able to make money without showing your face. However, there are some caveats that you need to pay attention to.

It may depend on the parts of your body that may appear aesthetically pleasing. If you think you have a great body, then you can stand a chance of making more money on OnlyFans.

Especially if you are creating adult content. Most people will pay more attention to the rest of your body and care less about your face.

There are people who use OnlyFans that might be into a certain body type. And yes, there are those on OnlyFans who might like certain things (i.e. Feet pics). The key here is to know your ideal fan and what they look for.

It’s basic marketing 101 to know your audience. Let’s take a look at Reddit in this example. You cannot promote your feet pics to a subreddit to those who hold an affinity for larger breasts.

But, there are subreddits that are dedicated to those who have an affinity for feet. You post a sample of your content there, promote your OnlyFans (and even add your link to your profile), and the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

As for how much money you make, it depends on certain factors. The subscription price is obviously one of those factors. Also, you’d be crazy not to suggest tips each time you post content on your page.


Is it possible to do some kind of Geo Blocking where a specific area of the world can’t see your OnlyFans page? The answer is yes. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the settings page
  2. Click security
  3. Scroll down until you see the IP and Geoblocking section
  4. Choose the countries you want to exclude and click save changes

While you can block viewers from specific countries from seeing your profile, you can also block out specific users by way of their IP address. Just enter the IP information and save changes.

However, keep in mind that your OnlyFans page could be viewed by someone who may be using a VPN. But regardless, you will remain anonymous for the most part.

One more thing

If you are starting out on OnlyFans without having to show your face or be fully anonymous, there might come a point where you might feel like you won’t care if you show your face from here on out. That is entirely up to you. Before making a final decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

One common pro would be that your fans might have missed out on another part of your body that might be good looking. So they’ll likely be blown away.

That could up the tips and subscriptions a bit. If you want to be a bit daring and show your face now and in future content, go for it.

One risk would be that someone may know who you really are in terms of identity. But usually this those with a lot of time on their hands and nothing better to do with their lives that will go beyond lengths to “out”. However, there are people out there that just don’t seem to care what you do in your spare time (or private life).

However, if you are comfortable with staying anonymous or keeping your face out of the picture, then by all means keep it that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about OnlyFans and anonymity. Use this as a guide to ensure you have a good understanding of how it all works, even when you want to lay low on the site. Here are the questions:

Can you sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

Yes. In fact, there are plenty of those who may have an affinity for them. And it might be a good idea to create content around them if you are comfortable with doing so.

Can OnlyFans ruin my career?

If you decide to reveal yourself, OnlyFans won’t ruin your career. Typically, there will be people who hold a negative review of the site that may attempt it. If you are someone who is a model or the like, OnlyFans may actually help your modeling (or a relevant) career since your content might just be a portfolio. Plus, you could use it to score some gigs outside of OnlyFans if it comes down to it.

How much do OnlyFans creators make?

This will depend on how much a creator will charge for subscriptions and standalone content. And it also depends on how much they receive in tips. Either way, the average content creator on OnlyFans can make $3,000 a month.

However, the earnings vary from one content creator to the next. If you want to earn money on OnlyFans, consider your financial goals. How much do you want to make per month?

Also, keep in mind that you have the power to set the prices of your content. Be sure that it’s fair and reasonable for your ideal fans. Another thing to be aware of that an average of one to five percent of your followers eventually become paid subscribers.

When should you use your real name on OnlyFans?

There will be times when using your real name on OnlyFans is needed. That’s when you need to verify your identity let them know that it is the real you. Furthermore, you’ll need to add a bank account that will have your real name and other information linked to it.

What price should you charge for OnlyFans content?

It depends. As long as it’s fair and reasonable, you should earn a good amount of money. However, the number of followers you have may also determine how much you will earn. If you have 10,000 followers, chances are that out of those about 1 to 5 percent may become paid subscribers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be anonymous on OnlyFans and make money without your face making an appearance, it’s possible. There are plenty of ways for you to still make money even if you are camera shy or just want to lay low period.

A lot of people may not seem to care about your face. Especially when it comes to creating adult-oriented content. As long as your body is aesthetically pleasing, you may still be able to earn a good amount of money.

There are OnlyFans subscribers who do have personal preferences. This is something to keep in mind whenever you are promoting your OnlyFans. You do not want to promote your page in front of the wrong audience.

When the time comes to promote, it’s important to know where to find them online. Get your message in front of the right people at the right time and your success will be assured, anonymous or not.

  1. Good advice! I’ve done this successfully for 5 months, have 3400 subscribers at $10 each. So it works guys! Happy to answer any questions!

    1. Hello,
      I have an official state sector job and was considering onlyfans for some extra cash, but no showing my face. It worries me, however, that when it comes to taxes, it will be shown that I am doing onlyfans and this may be leaked to my employer somehow. Any tips?

      1. Hey! That really would be something to discuss with your accountant or whoever does your taxes. It’s worth noting that there is absolutely nothing illegitimate about OnlyFans (or similar platforms) and so there is really no reason why this should be an issue for any employer. Further, there are many ‘non-adult’ OnlyFans pages (musicians, fitness, cooking etc) and your taxes will only detail the source of funds, not details such as your page URL or anything like that. Ultimately, if you really cannot afford to have anyone know about your profile, then it would be better not to do it. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi, do you have any tips for those just starting out who don’t want to show their faces? Like how often to post and how hardcore the posts need to be?

      1. How often do you put
        new content? Daily or multiple times daily? Sorry I know nothing about this but am very interested

    3. Hi how does onlyfans work?my main worry is can someone screenshot you’re pics?people could use you’re pics & end up in a porno msg etc,do people pay for pics & videos?

      1. How do I promote my onlyfans if I want to stY anonymous as I won’t be able to advertise on my personal to social media if I want to stay anonymous? Thank you in advance

    4. Hey SJPxxx,

      What kind of content are you putting up? I’m thinking about getting an account. Do you also remain anonymous? TIA!

    5. Can I ask how you create an LLC and ensure that your legal name isnt connected to your onlyfans through that? Ive successfully made an anon career on OF but help

    6. Hey um this might be dumb question but me n my girl starting 1 for her but idk how to or where to start at can u help me out?

    7. Hi SJP,
      Where do I start, I want to be anonymous I think, can you give me a brief run through of how you started out. Thank you so much

  2. Fantastic article! Thank you for that.

    I have been musing over the idea of joining OF since the beginning of this year and finally just signed up few days ago. Haven’t posted any content yet, just set up my profile ( minus the bank info etc. ).

    Wondering if you know whether OF sends anything to your home address in terms of communications, such as physical mail? I don’t live alone and am hoping to keep that part private.

    I’m also guessing I can open a business account with my bank separately for this specific matter? I am about to open a different biz account for my main career, and would like to separate those things for document filing purposes.

    One last question. You have mentioned:

    “ There are plenty of ways for you to still make money even if you are camera shy or just want to lay low period.”

    – Could you please share what exactly those options could be if lets say I didn’t want to go on cam? Is it possible to make money even if you aren’t as attentive? Maybe twice a week type of deal for a few hours at a time?

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate you helping us out!! <3


    1. Hey!

      – No, OF won’t send anything to you in the mail.
      – Yes, a business account is best when you start generating a certain level of income.

      We’ll be sharing more tips soon so keep an eye out on the site! 🤓

    1. You’ll need to provide ID to OnlyFans so they can verify your identity, but this will only be used by their internal teams. It would not be shown anywhere public or on your profile. You can use any profile pic or username/name you like.

  3. What about banking?

    In my country, you cannot transfer money without the identity of the recipient.

    Will they see my name on the receipt?

  4. I don’t use instagram or Twitter, and was trying to avoid linking my personal Facebook.. can I link my personal Facebook for approval purposes?

  5. Hey I am thinking about Starting an onlyfans as a femboy yet I’m unsure about what to charge or where to promote anoymosly. if you could help that would be a great stress relief for me.

    1. Hey! We’d recommend starting off either ‘free’ or a low price, especially if you don’t have much content or many followers on social media. You can always put the price up later but you want to test what works first, so the more people you can get to sign up, the better. You could promote in places like Reddit under an anon user or on sites like our Onlyfans promotion platform.

  6. Hey Jessica,

    Wonderful job on the article indeed, just joined Onlyfans recently, so for now i am trying to explore what works best and i find the information on your platform very useful, the excellent articles are a must read for all content creators that want to succeed on Onlyfans and generate a steady second source of income.

    I am going to go ahead and take it from the top and start read all articles very carefully and implement the excellent strategies provided. My interests are fitness and nutrition and i see this niche is a good fit for Onlyfans, so i guess that engagement with followers and consistency does the job, when comes to growth.

    Also very interested in the service you guys provide, definitely going to check it out and come back and share my experience.

    In the mean time thank you so much for all your positive support and views.


  7. Hey Jess😁 I want to start an onlyfans (I’m 18 and I don’t work yet, I’m starting varsity next year) I just wanted to know if my future employer would ever find out, I don’t even pay taxes yet or anything like that and I don’t plan on being on onlyfans for longer than two months, would it somehow show in my currently non existent tax records in the future, especially if I make money that’s too little to be considered tax worthy.

    1. Hey Saigon! As much as I’ve love to advise you, it really does depend on quite a few things like your location etc. In SOME countries/jurisdictions, you can earn/receive a set amount per year that is tax-free without having to declare it. A bit like when you sell stuff on eBay or get gifted money. But please, please do your own research and speak to a professional before going further if you’re concerned about tax and any related implications. 🙂

  8. I made myself no face profile, gonna show only my feet, but so far whatever I try I still have no followers? Just changed promotion to free content to see if this helps :/

  9. I’ve been considering doing an OF account to help get a car and for bills on top of going to school and working a full time job, I want to remain anonymous but how do I get my page out there without being knowing I’m doing one?

    1. Hey Jessica – there are a few things you can do to stay anonymous and many of them are mentioned in the guide above. Firstly, if you don’t want to be recognized, consider carefully whether OF or any similar platform is the right choice for you to make extra money. There are ways to stay anonymous/discreet – the obvious one being to never show your face. You could also block certain locations. But ultimately, you may still be recognized. There is no silver bullet I’m afraid. Once content is uploaded to the web (anywhere), it can be impossible to remove or stop downloads in some cases. E.g. people take screenshots, save to their phone etc. So whilst you can definitely ‘disguise’ yourself, there’s always a chance that you’ll be recognized. Hope that helps in making your decision! 😊

  10. Hi
    I opened an OF account, but having trouble verifying it.
    I tried to get verified first as a fan, but the issuing country is different on my ID documents from the country of my bank. I live and work abroad, that’s why. And the other thing, when I tried to verify my bank details, I screwed up the amount what they took. As they ask back what is the amount they took, they literally meant in USD, I converted and typed it, but seems like it was wrong amount. FML ! Now I have no more attempts , and don’t have other bank card…
    So after this mess, I contacted them, but maybe here I will get some more basic info, what’s not shown on their support page….

    1. Hey Lana – don’t worry, you’ve got a load of other options! Take a look at this guide for some alternatives to OF: https://follower.co/guides/onlyfans-alternatives/ For example, AVN typically gets accounts approved far more quickly in our experience and you can do everything with it (and more) that you can with OnlyFans. For anonymity, don’t worry about sending your real ID etc to the admin teams, as these will all be held securely and are never revealed on your profiles (if that’s something you were worrying about). Hope that helps! 🙂

  11. I have a question about when to use your real Name for onlyfans. As my display name I use a stage name, but I was confused about the w-9 form and whether or not I needed to register for a DBA (doing business as) certificate to legally use a stage name. I asked the onlyfans support team, and got the answer “Please be advised when filling out your W9 you are able to put your LLC in box two. Please make sure the name on your profile, the name on your W9, and the name on your bank account needs to match.” which confused me even further. Can you shed some light on how to fill out the W-9 form as someone who uses a stage name?

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