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OnlyFans Top Creators: 8 Of The Best Content Creators Right Now

Who are the best of the best on OF right now?

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If you're looking for the top creators on OnlyFans then look no further – click here to jump straight to both the top, trending and rising stars. (Also, don't forget to check out the best free OnlyFans accounts here)

OnlyFans launched in 2016 and has been steadily growing in popularity, until 2020 when it absolutely skyrocketed. Back in March 2020, the site had around 350,000 content creators, but by the end of the year, that number has more than doubled, with over a million people using OnlyFans to share content with subscribers. And you could be one of them if you are interested in starting your own page. The top OnlyFans creators produce high-quality content, consistently and listen to their fans. More from them below.

Over time, you can really build up a follower base. If you’re consistent with your content and keep your subscribers happy, it’s possible to build up quite a large group of dedicated fans. Even if being popular is something you don’t want to focus on, creating OnlyFans content can just be fun too.

As well as the below top OnlyFans creators, we have curated a chart of some of the most popular, trending and rising stars of OnlyFans and other fan pages below.

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Hotwife Liz$9.95
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Britney Bunnie$7.50
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De RankinFree

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But who are the top content creators right now? We’ll be taking a look at the best creators who are dominating the OnlyFans platform as of this writing. While you probably shouldn’t view them as competition, some may serve as an inspiration to help you keep going with your own content.

If you are a user on OnlyFans though, these are some of the content creators you might want to follow (and possibly subscribe to). Keep in mind that some of these top creators are adult stars (and others are not). You should follow those on OnlyFans who you gravitate towards the most.

Now, let’s get to the list of the top creators on OnlyFans:

1. Jem Wolfie (@jemwolfie)

Jem Wolfie is one of the world’s most prominent fitness influencers, and as of 2020 is the OnlyFans content creators with the most subscribers. The Australian superstar made her name on Instagram where she built up over 2 million followers, before making the jump to OnlyFans when Instagram started getting stricter about what could be posted.

Jem posts regular photos and videos talking about fitness, usually clad in revealing sportswear, beachwear or swimwear. Don’t expect anything hardcore, but if you’re looking for sexy pictures with a focus on fitness, Jem’s your girl.

She knows what she’s doing too – at one point Jem revealed she was earning up to $30,000 PER DAY on her OnlyFans account, and she’s earned around $2 million within a year of signing up, which is staggering – and just goes to show what you could do with the right approach.

…at one point Jem revealed she was earning up to $30,000 PER DAY on her OnlyFans account…

Her earnings are only likely to increase too – her Instagram account has now been deleted for violating the rules on raunchy photography too many times, so expect her to ramp up her OnlyFans work even more.

2. Bhad Bhabie (@bhadbhabie)

An American rapper and internet personality, Bhad Bhabie has been rocking OnlyFans for a couple of years now and has earned well into the millions.

A controversial star, she really found her fame with an appearance on Dr Phil in 2016 and ever since, she has cultivated a massive social media following. This has translated to a large OnlyFans presence where she posts sexier snaps and behind-the-scenes content from her life, without straying into anything too explicit.

It's estimated she's earned around $5 million from the platform so far, though it could be much higher. She's done well.

3. Sonja Morgan (@sonjamorgan)

If you’re a fan of the mature lady, then Sonja Morgan might just be someone you want to subscribe to. She is the former wife of John Adams Morgan, the son of the founder of JP Morgan, and her socialite status secured her a role on The Real Housewives of New York City.

Let’s be clear though, Sonja isn’t posting X-rated content or indeed anything too lewd. Her subscriptions are cheap and are designed for people who want to get to know her better, or get some behind the scenes footage from the show. She does post pictures and videos in sleek, sexy outfits though, so if you like older women with a refined look (and Sonja looks fantastic for approaching 60), consider paying $5 to sign up for a month.

4. Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa)

People love to pay for access to ‘taboo' content provided it doesn't break any laws. And so Mia Khalifa is a prime candidate to be one of the top earners on OnlyFans. She is a former porn actress who gained huge notoriety for her sex videos shot while she was wearing a hijab, courting huge amounts of controversy in the Middle East.

To be clear though, she has moved away from porn and so the content she posts on OnlyFans is not explicit. She describes it as being “spicy but safe for work”. Mia has reportedly made millions in her time using OnlyFans, so if you have a niche that you can exploit (and that you're happy to do), then you could also make a successful career earning the big bucks.

5. Belle Delphine (@belledelphine)

Belle Delphine is a true internet superstar. Real name Mary-Belle Kirschner, she built up a mammoth following on Instagram and YouTube, creating a quirkly aesthetic and often posting photos in suggestive cosplay outfits.

In June 2020 Delphine took the step to open an OnlyFans account where she has fully embraced the pornographic side of her work, with hardcore photos and videos available for her fans. It’s caused quite a stir and helped to raise her profile even more.

And if you want to enjoy seeing Delphine strip off and take part in various debauchery, she’s available from $35 per month. A sum which earns her around $1 million per month, on top of her earnings from all her other social media accounts (and from selling her ‘GamerGirl’ bathwater. Nice work if you can get it. Which, you can.

6. Nik Avocado (@nikocadoavocado)

Nik Avocado is a strange one – let’s get that right out of the way. He’s a YouTube star who build up over 3 million subscribers purely from his crazy eating challenges…and now he has an OnlyFans page where he shares lewd and suggestive photos and videos.

Nik won’t appeal to everyone. But he clearly has a massive fanbase online. He also proves that you don’t need to have the perfect gym body to make a success of OnlyFans…sorry Nik but it’s true.

If you like your men to be a little more ‘real’ and to have a sense of humour, especially a weird one, Nik’s OnlyFans page could be perfect for you – he’s certainly popular on the service with over 34,000 likes on his 500 posts.

7. Kanri (OnlyFans: @kanricos)

Kanricos is an OnlyFans creator who appeals to those who are into cosplay. Kanri dresses up in different costumes to produce a lot of cosplay related content, primarily from the world of anime. If you’re a fan of anime and cosplay, you’d be crazy not to follow her.

Plus, she has one of the more reasonable monthly subscription prices on the platform. Her content tends to be more adult-oriented. Content creators who are cosplayers might consider her an inspiration (even if she doesn’t do nude shots).

8. ???


We saved the best for last. You could be the next OnlyFans top creator. And you might be mentioned on lists like this. It’s all about who you are and the audience that you appeal to.

Of course, the key here is to be consistent with creating your content and promoting it regularly. If you don’t have much of a following on social media, be sure to grow it while you can. Even if you don’t have a large social media following, it doesn’t mean you can’t start an OnlyFans and build it up from there.

As for whether or not you have to create adult-oriented OnlyFans content, the answer is that you don’t need to. There are plenty of content creators that refrain from going nude at all. If you’re comfortable doing it then go for it, but if not, you can find your own niche which means you can leave your clothes on and still make it a success.

Where's Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna was an influencer and celebrity who was – and likely still is – the biggest ever earner on OnlyFans. At her peak she was earning $20 million per month, with a final estimated earnings level of $240 million.

The reason we're using the past tense is because she quit the site in early 2023. She cited her kids and finding God as the reasons she no longer wanted to be active on OnlyFans.

We're sure she's doing fine with her massive fortune. Regardless of her reasons, if you've earned that much then you can definitely leave and reap the benefits of your earnings whilst enjoying life. Well done, Blac Chyna.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions that are based on topics surrounding OnlyFans. If you want to achieve success, follow this FAQ as a guide. Here are the following questions:

How do you become popular on OnlyFans?

There’s no single proven way to guarantee success on OnlyFans, but at the same time, no one gets famous online without putting in the work. If you want to build up a successful account with a large follower base, you need to plan your content carefully, make sure it’s consistently of a high quality, and promote it as much as possible in the right way.

Can OnlyFans be anonymous?

Absolutely – you don’t have to use your real name or show your face if you want to make an OnlyFans without going public. It’s a great stepping stone to building up an account, and gives you the confidence to put out there whatever you’re comfortable with. And who knows – you might one day feel more comfortable with showing your face. Do it in the right way, once you’ve gathered a large following, and you could make a lot of money for a face reveal.

How much does the top earner on OnlyFans make?

The top earners on OnlyFans fluctuate all the time, but Blac Chyna claims to be the person making the most with around $20 million per month at her peak. In reality most people earn a lot less, with the average coming in a few hundred dollars per month – but that’s including all those people who don’t put the effort in. It’s easy to beat that sum if you make a concerted effort to promote yourself.

How much money does OnlyFans take for tips?

Whenever you make money on OnlyFans, whether it’s subscription fees or tips, the company takes a 20% cut, meaning you keep 80%. 20% might seem like a hefty chunk but their platform gives you the safe space to share your content, and it includes sophisticated tools that stops people from sharing your content without paying for it.

Can you show your face on OnlyFans?

You absolutely can show your face on OnlyFans, there’s no rule against it. Most people do show their face. But if you aren’t confident enough, you could either blur your face or just focus your photography and videos on other parts of your body – foot fetishists are prominent on the site.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the top OnlyFans creators on the platform, the seven listed above are who we suggest that you check out. Subscriber numbers aren’t officially published and, with OnlyFans only becoming mega-successful in 2020, popular new accounts are cropping up all of the time.

Of course, you could be on the top of someone’s list if you put in the work. If you are someone who plans on subscribing to OnlyFans creators, be sure to check out those who appeal to you the most. Make sure you check out this page if you're looking for free OnlyFans accounts.

Whether you’re looking for fitness tips or hardcore adult material, or you’re into cosplay or even cooking, you can subscribe at a reasonable price and get exclusive content that you may never find anywhere else on the Internet. Either way, OnlyFans is a great platform for just about anyone who is a creator or a subscriber.

Check it out for yourself when you have the chance. There may be some content creators you can subscribe to for free to start out. It’s a platform that is growing in popularity even today for both creators and fans.