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The 11 Love Island Stars On OnlyFans

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Love Island is one of the most popular dating shows in the world – and it’s no secret why. It always features plenty of drama, steamy moments, and of course hot men and women coupling up.

It’s the original British version of the show that’s the most popular. Even with the franchise expanding out to 14 other countries, only Love Island US and Love Island Australia have come close to replicating the UK series’ success.

And if you ask most American and Australian viewers which version of the show they ‘love’ most, it’ll likely be the UK original since it is screened around the world.

Key takeawayMany Love Island stars make the move to OnlyFans to boost their earnings – such as Megan Barton-Hanson and Tom Walker – but not all of them post graphic sexual content.
But also…A handful of stars did try OnlyFans but have since given up their pages – have you missed your chance with your favorite?
Read on for…Tips on the best Love Islanders to follow on OnlyFans and see how one Love Islander has become an expert on OnlyFans and other platforms too!

Of course, a show like Love Island then leads perfectly into a career on a site like OnlyFans, so it’s no surprise that some of the top Love Island stars have since transitioned into careers as content creators. After all, they already have huge followings on Instagram and TikTok, so it’s a natural step to then monetize that audience.

So, whether you’re a huge Love Island fan and you want to see which creators you can follow for your own enjoyment, or you’re a creator looking to see how OnlyFans celebrities run the show and pick up some tips for your own career, let’s take a look at the top Love Island stars on OnlyFans.

Megan Barton-Hanson

Megan Barton-Hanson applied for the third series of Love Island but was unsuccessful. Thankfully for us, she was then successful when applying for the fourth series, where she ultimately finished in fourth place.

She did sadly pick up a lot of negative press coverage on the show which has caused some problems for contestants, though she seems to have handled it well.

In 2020 she started her OnlyFans due to boredom during the global shutdown, and while she doesn’t offer full frontal/open leg content, she does offer plenty of sexy teases along with private messages, collaborations and a whole lot more.

She's one of the most popular Love Island OnlyFans stars, which isn't a huge surprise considering her general popularity, and her OnlyFans success has brought her closer to a lot of her fans.

See Megan’s OnlyFans here >

Natalia Zoppa

Natalia Zoppa is a former student and Events Manager from Manchester who went on the sixth season of Love Island, but she didn’t come near the top positions in the end. She still won over a lot of fans, including celebrities – she was pictured leaving a restaurant in 2023 with England soccer star Marcus Rashford.

She does offer “fully uncensored” and “explicit” content on her OnlyFans page with new pictures and videos uploaded daily, according to the description, with the option to chat to her and various freebies if you choose a subscription bundle or you renew your subs. With over 100,000 likes on the platform, she must be keeping her fans happy.

See Natalia’s OnlyFans here >

Tom Walker

Tom Walker didn’t last too long on Love Island – he joined the show for season five, and entered the villa on Day 14. He only lasted until Day 25 when he was dumped from the island by the girls, after coupling up with Maura.

He has since got married in a secret wedding (that ended up being not-very-secret when covered by the press…) and one of his current business ventures is his OnlyFans page. He hasn’t done much with his bio so it’s not clear what kind of content he offers, though the captions on his posts do suggest that he gets a little bit explicit.

See Tom’s OnlyFans here >

Thomas Powell

Thomas ‘Tom’ Powell joined Season 2 of the revived Love Island show, entering on the first day. The former barman and fitness instructor did fairly well, making it to Day 33 before he was dumped.

Thomas is another former Love Island contestant who likes to leave their OnlyFans as a bit mysterious. His bio does say that he offers all of his XXX content including “full erect frontal” but it doesn’t mention a lot else. Maybe he could use a handy guide on writing an OnlyFans bio to make sure his fans know what to expect – though with over 25k likes, he’s doing okay.

See Thomas’s OnlyFans here >

India Reynolds

India Reynolds is famous to any fans of Love Island Season 5, though she was one of the latter arrivals in that season. She only joined on Day 43, but she made it to the final where she finished in third place alongside her coupled partner Ovie Soko.

India has since launched her own lingerie collection, which she shows off on her OnlyFans page. Again, her bio doesn’t make it clear exactly how naughty things get, but you can be sure of getting value for money at least – since joining she has posted over 1,100 times and added over 1,200 photos or videos. Plenty to keep you busy!

See India’s OnlyFans here >

Adam Collard

Adam is one of the few Love Island stars to have been on two seasons. His first appearance was on Season 4, when he entered on Day 1 and survived until Day 32. He came back for Season 8, joining the show on Day 36 but only making it to Day 56. He now focuses on his fitness business, helping with body transformations for those who want to shape up.

Technically, Adam is on OnlyFans and you can still subscribe to his page, but we wouldn’t recommend it. He has only made 40 posts, the last of which was in the summer of 2022, and even that was his first post in around 9 months, so only true diehard fans of Adam should consider paying the subscription fee just for a month to see what he posted back when he was ‘active’.

See Adam’s OnlyFans here >

Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah is one of the most popular Love Island contestants in the history of the show. She was an original from the revived series, joining Season 1 on Day 1, and lasting all the way to the final where she finished runner-up alongside Jon Clark. She then joined the All Stars season in 2024.

Hannah has a successful and active OnlyFans account, with over 1,100 posts and over 1,500 pictures and videos. Her profile is free too, though her sauciest content is PPV so don’t assume you’ll get to see everything (though she has posted some topless shots for free).

Hannah actively manages the page too – while she went on Love Islands All Stars, she posted to remind fans that she wouldn’t be available to chat until the show was over, though posts would be made by her friend on her behalf. It may sound simple, but just managing your fanbase’s expectations is a sign of someone who cares.

See Hannah’s OnlyFans here >

Arabella Chi

Arabella is another Love Islander who has appeared in two seasons. She first appeared on Season 5, though she wasn’t on the show for long. She joined on Day 18, partnered with Danny, and was then dumped by Day 25. She came back for the Love Island All Stars season in 2024.

Arabella is a woman of few words when it comes to her bio though – she describes herself as “Brit Girl” and that’s it. However her profile is free to subscribe to, so you don’t have to worry about subscribing without knowing what you’re paying for. With over 50k likes and over 300 pics and videos, there’s plenty to enjoy.

See Arabella’s OnlyFans here >

Andrea Jane ‘AJ’ Bunker

Andrea-Jane Bunker was a former hair extensions technician who joined Love Island in Season 7. She has one of the shortest stints in the show, joining on Day 17 and being dumped by Day 23. After Love Island, she took a surprising turn by moving into boxing too – as she says, she’s a “Lover turned Fighter”.

She is relatively active on her OnlyFans profile but it’s not the biggest page. She has posted over 250 times with over 400 bits of content to enjoy, but she hasn’t quite made it to 5k likes yet. If you go in expecting to see extremely explicit content you’re likely to be disappointed, but she does have a lot of exclusive content to enjoy with no PPV.

See AJ’s OnlyFans here >

Kodie Murphy

Speaking of Islanders with short stints, Kodie Murphy appeared on Season 10 of Love Island and didn’t last long at all. The former Social Media Marketer entered Casa Amor on Day 26 and was dumped just five days later after failing to couple up.

Kodie’s OnlyFans page is a little limited, with only a few posts on the site and fewer than 50 media items to enjoy. Despite that he charges a regular price of $14 per month, so we’d recommend only subscribing to this “horniest guy you’ll ever talk to” if you really are a huge fan. He claims you “won’t be disappointed”.

See Kodie’s OnlyFans here >

George Fensom

George Fensom joined Season 10 of Love Island on the first day of the show, coupling up with Jess following a public vote. However in just a few days he would be gone, failing to couple up again.

Of all the Love Island stars on OnlyFans, George’s page is the newest. He only joined in January 2024 and he has quickly taken to posting frequently. He’s built up almost 500 likes in his first two weeks, so he’s clearly doing something right for his fans. Make sure you check it out if you’re a fan of George.

See George’s OnlyFans here >

Love Island Stars Who Joined & Quit OnlyFans

There are a handful of Love Island stars who once had OnlyFans pages but have since closed them down.

Josh Ritchie

Josh Ritchie finished in third place on the very original season of Love Island alongside partner Lauren Richardson, and he later joined the All Stars season in 2024. He also appeared in two seasons  of the separate TV show Ex on the Beach.

He was successful on OnlyFans and appeared on a documentary produced by another ex Islander, Olivia Attwood, talking about his success. But he then quit, claiming he’d made enough money from it.

Shannon Singh

Shannon Singh did not last on Love Island long – she joined on Day 1 of the seventh season, and was dumped just a day later when her partner Aaron was stolen by Chloe.

Shannon made good money from OnlyFans but decided to quit to “remove the stain” of it. She admitted she thought it was beneath her, though she also admitted to be scared about losing a lot of her income.

Katie Salmon

Katie Salmon was an Islander from Season 2, joining the villa on Day 34 and being couple with Sophie and then Adam M. She made it to the final where she finished in fourth place.

She had a very successful OnlyFans but, following controversies such as flashing at the Cheltenham horse racing festival and being questioned by police for a fight, she claimed to have found God and closed down her account.

Chris Williamson On OnlyFans

Before we conclude this guide, we just want to give a mention to Chris Williamson. Chris was on the first season of Love Island, joining on the first day and making it to Day 19 before being dumped.

He’s since gone on to become a YouTube star and podcaster, with his podcast Modern Wisdom becoming extremely popular. Chris is clearly a very knowledgeable and intelligent guy, and his podcasts cover some serious topics.

He was interviewed on another podcast, “The Not So Fit Couple Podcast”, where he discusses OnlyFans. He’s never had a profile on the site but he knows a lot about it. Here he is discussing when OnlyFans tried to ban adult content:

And on his own podcast, Chris interviewed Chelsea Ferguson, who was the British woman who started the OnlyFans alternative AdmireMe.VIP and has since become very successful:

Love Island 2024 & OnlyFans

The new season of Love Island UK from June 2024 has an exciting range of new stars, and based on previous seasons it's likely that at least one of them will end up on OnlyFans.

It's a good option for Love Islanders who are happy to flaunt their good looks, as they can build up their popularity on the show and then turn that into a loyal subscriber base.

Who's your favorite contestant on the latest series of Love Island, and who do you want to see more of if they were to start an OnlyFans page?

Final Word on Love Islanders and OF

There are plenty of Love Island contestants who have moved on to very successful OnlyFans careers. In fact, the Islanders are often some of the best examples of celebrities who have converted their popularity into the big bucks as a content creator.

Of course, most people don’t get the chance to enjoy national exposure on a TV show such as Love Island to grow their own personal brand. Still, if you’re a creator who wants a bit of inspiration, then it’s worth checking out how the more successful Islanders are making their pages work for them.

And if you’re just a Love Island fan with a crush on one of these former contestants (or, as the Brits would say, you “fancy” one of them), then now you can enjoy access to their most exclusive and sexiest content – so enjoy!