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Why Do People Quit OnlyFans?

Most people who join OnlyFans go on to enjoy success – but why do some choose to quit?

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A lot of people dream of a career on a site like OnlyFans. The flexibility to work from home, and more importantly to work for yourself and earn your own money. The chance to explore a fun career and make the most of your social presence. There are a lot of potential reasons that an OnlyFans career can look appealing.

And yet it doesn’t always end up being a long-term solution for everyone. There are some who choose to quit OnlyFans just a small way into their content-creating career.

Why is that though, and would they avoid quitting if there was more support available?

Let’s take a look.

Reasons For Quitting OnlyFans

People can choose to leave OnlyFans for all kinds of reasons. Some of the more unusual reasons that have been given include getting bored of it or even quitting to join a reality TV show.

But there are some common reasons that come up more regularly than others. These are:

  • The social stigma attached to being an adult content creator
  • Feeling like they’ve earned enough money from it
  • Frustrations at OnlyFans and how it works
  • Becoming addicted or obsessed with using the platform
  • Bad experiences handling fans
  • Not being successful on the platform

We’re going to look at each one of these in turn, explore more about why it could be causing creators to quit OnlyFans, and look at other options beyond hitting the nuclear button and deleting your profile.

OnlyFans Stigma

We live in a modern world that is becoming more and more accepting of sex work and related careers, so the stigma around using OnlyFans is lessening all the time. But to claim it doesn’t exist anymore at all would be ignorant or naïve at best.

There are certain people who will always judge an OnlyFans creator in a negative light. Those people feel that sharing your body is something that should only be private between a person and their partner, and posting content online for potentially millions of people to see is beneath them.

And sometimes, those people are in positions of power over us. They might be employers if you are balancing your content career alongside a regular 9-5 job. It might be family members who threaten your living situation or who claim they will cut ties if you are in this line of work.

It might also be your partner, who doesn’t want you to have the career you want because they feel jealous of your online activity.

Those people who place this stigma on OnlyFans work are not always unjustified either. They can be, and in time we might see attitudes continue to change and adult content becoming even more accepted.

But they might also have genuine concerns which are valid. Your employed position might be one that’s not quite the right fit for being combined with adult content creation. Or your family might be uncomfortable being tied to you as a performer.

That doesn’t mean that quitting is the right option though. There are alternatives you can explore.

Perhaps the best is going anonymous. Anyone can use OnlyFans without being identified. You can blur or hide your face, and make sure you keep identifiable information out of your content.

Then, with the right screen name and personality adopted, you can thrive as a content creator, without putting your family or job situation at risk.

If you’ve already started your OnlyFans and now feel the need to quit for these reasons, you can delete your profile and start afresh.

You could even start up your new anonymous profile and then recommend fans make the switch. You don’t need to tell them that you’re moving because you need to hide your identity. A vague post explaining you’re closing down the page for admin reasons and starting a new one will suffice.

That way, you don’t have to lose out on the fanbase you’ve already built up, and can later delete your identifiable profile and continue with just the secret one.

Mission Accomplished

Some people don’t ever envisage joining OnlyFans for the long term. They create a profile to earn some money and raise their brand profile, and then quit as per their existing plan. They succeed, essentially.

This tends to happen more with celebrities. They don’t need to spend years on OnlyFans because they have an existing fan base, and they can convince those fans to pay subscription fees for a year or two and earn huge from them, before calling it quits and counting their money.

Blac Chyna is perhaps one of the most famous examples of this. She raked in around $2 million from OnlyFans before she called time on her page. Slightly less well known, Josh Ritchie is a great example of a male creator who got famous on the UK’s reality show Love Island, started an OnlyFans page, and then quit when he felt he’d earned enough from it.

We have no advice for these people. If you feel like you don’t want or need to do OnlyFans anymore because you’ve earned the money, then we can only say congratulations.

Platform Frustrations

Without doubt, one of the biggest reasons for people to quit OnlyFans is frustration with the platform itself. OnlyFans is far, far from perfect, and if you sign up as a creator and then feel like OnlyFans itself is holding you back or causing you issues, it often feels easier to just throw in the towel instead of sticking it out.

And we don’t blame you, really. OnlyFans’ support services in particular have come under flak from creators for the last couple of years. The platform has grown at an exponential rate, but the customer service teams haven’t grown to match it.

As such, you might find emails going unanswered for days, or responses that are clearly templated and don’t actually answer the question you posed.

So, in these circumstances, is the right thing to do to quit OnlyFans?

Perhaps – but don’t put an end to your content creation career altogether.

One of the biggest misconceptions about this whole world is that OnlyFans is the be-all and end-all of fan platforms. Yes, it is without a doubt the biggest name, but there are plenty of OnlyFans alternatives out there should you want to try a different platform.

At their heart, they typically work the same as OnlyFans. Some are almost a carbon copy but on a smaller scale. Others have enhanced features such as improved search options, or more ways that you can earn from your fans.

What almost all of them do is have better customer support for both fans and creators. Their smaller scale (though many aren’t ‘small’) means they can properly look after their userbase, and you’ll actually get the support you need and deserve.

There’s also the biggest frustration that fans have had with OnlyFans, which is the looming threat of the platform banning adult content. It tried once and suffered a huge backlash – unsurprising since so many creators use the site for that exact purpose.

Many of the alternatives to OnlyFans have guaranteed that they will never ban adult content, so if that’s a reason you’re thinking of quitting now, it lends further weight to the argument of choosing a different platform instead.

If you’re someone considering leaving OnlyFans because of the platform, try one of the alternatives first, and see if your opinion changes.


One often-overlooked reason to quit OnlyFans, but a significant factor, all the same, is the peril of addiction. Some creators find themselves ensnared in the web of constant engagement, working tirelessly and spending an inordinate amount of time catering to their fans' demands.

The allure of immediate financial gains and the gratification of a burgeoning fan base can inadvertently lead to a compulsive drive to constantly create and interact. The addiction is not just about the content creation itself; it extends to the relentless cycle of responding to messages, managing requests, and staying perpetually online.

The irony is that while OnlyFans provides a platform for financial empowerment, it can also become a sort of cage, trapping creators in a cycle of never-ending work and interaction. Burnout becomes an imminent threat, and the initial excitement of content creation transforms into a relentless treadmill of obligation.

For those grappling with this form of addiction, the knee-jerk reaction might be to sever ties with OnlyFans altogether. However, there exists a more nuanced and sustainable alternative – setting boundaries.

The allure of immediate financial gains and the gratification of a burgeoning fan base can inadvertently lead to a compulsive drive to constantly create and interact

Creators can regain control over their work-life balance by establishing clear and defined working hours. Allocating specific times for content creation, messaging, and engaging with fans can prevent the all-consuming nature of addiction. It's crucial to treat OnlyFans as a job, not an omnipresent obligation.

Moreover, utilizing productivity tools can be a game-changer. Implementing website blockers during designated off-hours ensures creators are not tempted to log in impulsively. This not only safeguards their mental well-being but also prevents burnout by enforcing much-needed downtime.

Another effective strategy is adopting a separate business phone exclusively for OnlyFans interactions. This physical boundary allows creators to detach from work when they're not in their designated workspace. Carrying the business phone only during working hours creates a clear distinction between professional and personal life, mitigating the risk of becoming enslaved to the platform.

Quitting OnlyFans due to addiction is not the only way out. By embracing a disciplined approach and employing practical tools, creators can navigate the potential pitfalls of obsession, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable relationship with their content creation endeavors.

Negative Fan Experiences

In the tumultuous world of content creation, an unfortunate reality surfaces for some OnlyFans creators – negative fan interactions. The platform, while offering an avenue for self-expression, can inadvertently attract those fans who display disrespectful, abusive, or even stalking behavior towards content creators.

The toxicity of such interactions can take a toll on mental health, and creators grappling with this form of harassment may find themselves at a crossroads. While the ideal solution would be to address and report such behavior, sometimes it’s questionable just how effectively OnlyFans deals with those complaints

The alternative to prematurely bidding farewell to OnlyFans in the face of fan harassment involves perseverance and assertive action.

Creators are encouraged to report each instance of inappropriate behavior, regardless of whether it seems to actually get you any immediate results. The platform's support team can investigate reported cases, issuing warnings or taking more severe measures against the offending fans.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the mental well-being of creators is the most important thing. In scenarios where fan interactions become a persistent source of distress, negatively impacting mental health, quitting – even if temporarily – may be a viable option. No platform or monetary gain is worth sacrificing your health over.

Creators should prioritize self-care and seek support from mental health professionals if needed. Establishing clear boundaries with fans and communicating expectations can also act as a preventive measure. Setting the tone for respectful and appropriate engagement from the onset can deter potential harassers.

Remember, leaving OnlyFans due to negative fan interactions is not an admission of defeat but a strategic retreat for self-preservation.

It allows creators the space to reassess, heal, and, if they choose, return to the platform with a renewed sense of resilience and a commitment to fostering a positive and respectful community.

This is one area where, if you feel you need to quit, we’d argue you’re probably right. However, don’t be so disheartened that you never want to try again.

Lack of Success

The most common reason for people to quit their OnlyFans page is a lack of success. And that’s a shame because so often this could be avoided with a little bit of extra help.

So many people see celebrities and big influencers earning millions on the platform and assume it’ll be extremely easy for them to get there too, but that’s not the case. If you want to be really successful on OnlyFans, you have to grind – and we don’t mean with your booty.

This isn’t some sweeping statement that calls new OnlyFans creators lazy or adverse to difficulty. A lot of people will also be prepared for the work involved and will make it successful.

Yet there’s no shying away from the fact that so many people view OnlyFans as a get-rich-quick type of job, and that can only lead to disappointment.

So, what’s the alternative?

If you’ve started your OnlyFans already and you’re ready to walk away because it isn’t working, here’s our quick five-point plan to help turn it around.

Double Your Social Media Hours

Your content matters – of course it does – but it’s pointless spending hours shooting photos and videos if you aren’t getting eyes on your OnlyFans page. So if you’re finding it hard to build up an audience, decrease the amount of time you spend making your content and add that time onto your social media promotion instead.

Ideally, you should look to double the amount of time you spend promoting your page, if that’s possible without burnout. Look into the best social media platforms to promote your content, and make sure you’re active but also engaged.

That means you aren’t just posting your own content, you’re engaging with other people. You’re being warm, friendly, flirty and actually striking up conversations.

That’s the only way you’ll guarantee that you can start to get traction and get people interested in seeing more of what you have to offer.

Follow More Creators

We have a ton of guides on how to be successful on OnlyFans, but we’re only able to have that expertise through working with existing creators. So that’s a hint on what you should be doing to improve too – not just reading our information, but spending time following other creators.

What are they doing that you aren’t? What makes them different, what makes them interesting, how do they respond to comments?

Find the creators that are producing the kind of content you enjoy or that you want to produce, and allocate some time to study them and learn from them. Don’t copy them to the extent that you lose your own personality, but definitely look for inspiration.

Refresh The Basics

You’d be surprised at the sheer number of creators who set up their OnlyFans profile, put a placeholder profile picture, cover picture and bio on their profile with the promise that “I’ll come back to that”, and then never touch them again.

A lot of creators don’t think these elements matter but they’re so wrong. These are super important because they’re essentially your shop window.

Sure, you’ll be able to convince some people to subscribe to you based on your social media interactions, but what about those who find your links organically, and then click through?

They need to know who you are, what you look like, and what they’ll get if they hand over their credit card details, and they need to know all of that quickly. If your profile pic or cover photo is boring or blurry, or your bio doesn’t make it clear how much value you offer, then they’ll just move on and find someone else.

Refresh those basics. Even if you think you did a good job on them the first time around, it’s worth trying something different if your profile isn’t getting the success you want.

Buy One Piece Of Equipment

Most people, when trying OnlyFans for the first time, will stick to just using their smartphone to record their photos and videos. And that’s fine – after all, modern smartphones have pretty good cameras, and the microphones are OK.

And while we get it – you don’t want to invest a fortune in your OnlyFans business if it’s struggling – we’d instead suggest just buying one piece of equipment. Spend around $50 at most, and upgrade something, and see what a difference it makes.

Either buy a light which you can attach to your phone, a light ring or light box, or a microphone. Any of those – maybe think about what parts of your videos and photos could do with the most improvement, and prioritize that.

Top tip – tell your subscribers that you have the new equipment, but pretend that one of them bought it for you. Thank your subscribers for the gift, and tell them that you hope they enjoyed the private video you sent them as a thank you.

That way, you’re creating intrigue, and you’re also creating FOMO. Your other subscribers will want to know how they can spoil you in exchange for private videos. And who are you to deny them that opportunity?

Regardless, make a big deal out of the improvement in your content quality on your profile and on social, and you’ll generate more interest and hopefully get a few more subscribers added to your list.

Give Your Profile A Boost

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Go take a look at the Follower Find plans available and learn more about how using our service could expose your profile to a huge new fanbase, and convince you that quitting isn’t the right idea right now.

Final Word

We aren’t saying you should never quit OnlyFans. For some people, that will be the right thing to do. Whether you’re permanently giving up on content creation as a career, or you’re taking a break, or just binning off OnlyFans while you look for a new platform, we’d just encourage you to take a step back, look at what the problems are, and see if there’s a solution that allows you to keep going.

These careers take some hard work. We can give you a bit of a shortcut with all our guides and especially our Follower Find service, but most of the work has to come from you. As long as you understand that and you’re willing to give it a go, you should be able to turn things around and start to see growth, which will hopefully snowball for you in future.