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Future-Proofing Your Social Media

A look at how to make sure you promote your page the right way

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At the time of writing this, we seem to be approaching the end of Twitter – not just one of the largest social media networks in existence but one of the most popular websites and apps that has ever been created.

Who knows – when you read this it might be long gone. Or it might have been saved, and all the anxiety over Elon Musk’s first couple of months might have settled down.

But it’s a sign that you can’t just assume that your favorite websites will always exist. You are just a few days or weeks away from a site crashing down if it is mismanaged, or goes through a scandal.

And if you’re someone who relies on some of these websites for your job – including promoting your fan subscription pages – then you need to always have a Plan B in place. You can’t rely on everything working as it does for now, because it can all change so quickly.

Social media as a promotional tool

Before we delve into everything that’s been happening with Twitter, and the implications for content creators, let’s start with some bigger picture stuff – how can you make the most of social media channels if you are someone who runs a fan subscription page?

Ultimately, the success of your page is determined by the number of subscribers you have. Sure, there are other ways you can make money – tips, selling digital or physical items, live shows etc. – but the bulk of your money will come from the people who pay a monthly fee to see your content.

And to grow that number of subscribers, you need:

  • Good quality content
  • Consistency and quantity of content posting
  • Promotion

The quality of your content is determined by the equipment you own, the places you’re able to shoot, and how in touch you are with what your fans are looking for. It’s no good shooting incredible foot-fetish content, with the best lighting and cameras, if your fanbase is into other things.

Consistency and quantity of content posting come down to you, and your ability to manage your schedule.

But promotion can vary. You might be able to promote your page on the platform itself. Just because sites like OnlyFans are terrible for discoverability, it doesn’t mean they all are.

And then there are sites like ours at Follower, where you can use our Promote service to target thousands of people who are interested in finding content creators worth subscribing to.

However, you absolutely have to have social media in that mix as well. You can’t just rely on one promotional tool, and everybody – everybody – is on at least one social media platform.

But it’s not as simple as creating a profile and bombarding people with links. You have to be careful with how you use social media since a lot of websites don’t want you to push adult content. Even if you post work-safe content, if you’re doing it on a site where there are adult creators, you can still get banned.

There are clever ways around it – using euphemisms, or linking tools like Ohh.me (more on that below). But just like you can’t rely on one promotional tool, you can’t rely on one social media platform as well.

Because if you based your entire social following on a Twitter page, well…you can see what might happen.

What happens when a platform has a rocky period?

If Twitter does fail, or it already has gone under by the time you read this, it won’t be the first social media platform to die. There have been many others, including some of the earliest ones such as MySpace and Bebo. They might still have some minor existence but they aren’t what they once were.

Twitter is bigger though, because of how successful it became. In the social media boom, it was, by some distance, the second biggest platform for a very long time behind Facebook.

So it’s understandable that many content creators have flocked to Twitter to find ways to promote their fan pages.

When any social media platform starts to have the issues that Twitter has been having, you need to be proactive and look at your options. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have other platforms that people can find me on?
  • Do people know about my profiles on those platforms?
  • How comfortable am I using those platforms, and do I need to start familiarizing myself with them?

You can’t wait for Twitter – or any other social media platform – to announce that it is closing before you put your contingency plans into place. That might be too late.

If you want to promote your fan page on social media, you should absolutely be on a minimum of two platforms, but ideally, 3 or 4, depending on the time you have to manage the pages.

And that’s important too because you don’t want to leave one dormant as a backup. People might not trust an account that just starts posting despite existing for a long time.

Make sure that, whatever social media platforms you’re using, you are actively using them all.

Using uncertainty to your advantage

Twitter will often ban adult content, like a lot of other social media platforms. It’s not as strict, but certain things can get you a ban.

So, what happens when a billionaire buys the company and then fires a lot of staff…including the content moderation team?

We aren’t saying that you can definitely get away with anything, but this is the perfect time to see if you can get away with more direct promotion on Twitter. And not just Twitter, but think about this whenever a social platform has a rocky time.

If you can plan carefully, you can pick your moments to push your fan page without reprimand. Just be careful with any risks, as you don’t want to lose all your followers suddenly.

What are creators and others saying?

There are many people talking about Twitter and how it impacts their fan pages. Of course, many people are just making jokes that they’re going to start an OnlyFans if Twitter does die. Some are making quite elaborate jokes (click the OF link).

Others are using the opportunity to promote their OnlyFans or other fan pages while they still can.

One person has noted how Twitter is starting to behave like OnlyFans in terms of performance. People have often criticized the lack of support from OnlyFans, and now Twitter has lost much of its workforce, it is having similar issues.

What’s clear is that there’s a lot of chat online about the impact Twitter potentially dying will have on creators. Make sure you’re not left behind if you rely on the platform.

How to future-proof your socials

We’ve already discussed how relying on one social media platform for promoting your page is a bad idea.

But how do you make sure that everyone finds you, even if one platform goes down?

The best thing you can do is set up a link profile page, and Ohh.me is ideal.

This is a tool that hosts all your links – to your social channels, your fan pages, and more.

The benefits of using Ohh.me are:

  • You can promote adult content on social media platforms which don’t normally allow it, since you aren’t linking directly to them
  • If a site does go down, people have access to all your other social profiles from one handy page

Make sure you sign up to Ohh.me if you haven’t already, and add all your links. Then use this whenever you’re promoting yourself, and if you do experience a Twitter shutdown, at least it’s easy for your fans to find you elsewhere.

Sign up to Ohh.me now >

In summary

Social media is a really valuable tool for promoting your fan pages if you are careful in how you do it.

But just because a website is one of the biggest in the world, doesn’t mean it’ll exist forever.

It’s a cliché, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Manage your time effectively and make sure you have a few different options, so that if a site goes down, or you get banned, you aren’t starting from square one.