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Is Starting A Trans OnlyFans Account A Bad Idea?

Some important issues to consider before you dive into content creating...

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There is an audience for all kinds of content on OnlyFans, including one specifically wanting to engage with trans creators.

But if you’re trans and you’re thinking about starting up an OnlyFans account, we would absolutely urge caution, and a bit of time spent considering whether it’s right for you.

We aren’t saying ‘don’t do it' – there are successful trans creators. But trans OnlyFans creators have to deal with more than CIS creators do, and you just need to make sure you’re ready to handle that.

Found your way here because you're looking for Trans OnlyFans creators? This guide is aimed at creators but you can find some fantastic trans OnlyFans accounts here.


In general, the world is becoming more accepting of OnlyFans creators, but sadly the world is still not as safe and enjoyable a place for the trans community.

If you decide to start a trans Only Fans account and put yourself out there, you should expect to have to deal with abuse.

Abuse on the platform can be handled relatively easily. You can block people, and speak to the support teams at OnlyFans to ensure they get a ban. The platform won't tolerate abusive users.

But there will be some people who steal your content and post it elsewhere online, not only giving your content away to others to view for free but there'll be a small minority that post your content with abuse.

You can still use all the normal tools to help get this content taken down, including DMCA notices. It's more about the toll it'll take on your mental health – will you enjoy your OnlyFans career as a trans creator if you know you're subjecting yourself to even more horrid comments in some dark corner of the web?

Sexualization & Objectification

Identifying your audience is key to being successful on any OnlyFans account, and if you're a trans OnlyFans creator, you need to understand that there are going to be people who sexualize you for being trans, and who objectify you in that way.

The good news – if you want to call it that – is that those people exist whether you have an OnlyFans account or not. Maybe you're already getting DMs on your socials from people who are a little obsessed with you or have already sexualized you.

Why not set up a trans OnlyFans account and make money from those?

There's a difference between thinking you'll be fine being sexualized and objectified for being trans, and actually being OK with it.

Try to see your OnlyFans account as a job, and ‘switch on' into a different mindset when you engage with your fans. That'll help create some separation for you, and let you switch off when you need to.

And if you decide that, after a month of trying, the audience you're dealing with is just damaging your mental health, you can be prepared to step away from it.


Dysmorphia is an ongoing issue for a lot of trans people and setting up a trans OnlyFans account can make that worse for you.

If you're not happy with your body, are you going to be happy showing it off to people to make money? Or is that only going to make you feel worse?

There's no right or wrong answer here. Again, there are ways you can treat an OnlyFans as a different persona, letting you be free to be yourself when you aren't in ‘work mode'.

But it is not easy to create that separation in your brain for a lot of people. You need to look into ways of managing your mental health when setting up any kind of OnlyFans page, but especially a trans OnlyFans account.

Final Thoughts – Your Call

At Follower, we're the experts on managing an OnlyFans page, but we're not the experts on being trans or all of the emotions you'll go through if you decide on a trans OnlyFans career.

We can offer free advice on managing your trans OnlyFans page, but our best advice will just be to be mindful of your mental health. If you're in a good place, and you aren't concerned about any of the issues we've highlighted, then go for it!

There is some seriously good money to be made if you work hard at it.