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Why Are So Many OnlyFans Creators Now Using Fansly?

Lots of creators making the jump - should you do the same?

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Fansly is seeing a real uptake in the number of content creator profiles that are moving across to the platform from Only Fans, even if people are only opening a Fansly account as a plan B for now.

You might have a lot of questions around it – is something weird going on, or is it just that Fansly has the potential to be a better option for content makers who want to make more money?

In truth, there are a lot of different factors to consider – let's explore them.

Fansly's Features

Fansly has some key features that OnlyFans is missing, or that it just does a better job of implementing.

Some of these features are really important to the success of content creators, whereas others are just aimed at improving the overall experience of Fansly for users and creators alike.

In fact, one of the main reasons that content creators give for moving to Fansly is just that it is easier to use, and has a better experience.

That's based on their own interactions with the site, but also what they read about from users of Fansly too – it's easier to win people over when you can tell your fans just how much better they'll find it if they follow you on Fansly instead.


FYP is one of the key features of the Fansly platform and it's a great reason to consider switching to Fansly from OnlyFans or indeed from some of the other fan subscription websites.

FYP is essentially the ‘For You' section of the website, which works as a discoverability tool.

You know how on social media apps like TikTok or Instagram, there's a whole feed of creators you can discover naturally, based on the kind of content you've already been enjoying?

That's exactly what FYP is on Fansly – except without any restrictions on explicit content or anything like that.

Basically, it allows content creators to set up free previews of their content which are then shared in this feed.

Users who are browsing Fansly will end up on this part of the platform and will scroll through until they find creators that they like the look of.

They can then click through, sign up to a subscription or pay for exclusive content, depending on what type of content you're selling.

Think of it as a sort of marketplace but for you, rather than for your specific videos. It's a place where you can get yourself out there to people who are already in the mood to find naughty content, so it's not like you've got the hard work of convincing them to be interested in some sexy photos and videos.

Instead, it's just about making them want YOUR photos and videos, and if you're creative with your content previews, you can definitely snag the interest of some potential new subscribers from this market of fans.

Subscription Tiers

Fansly also offers a range of subscription tiers, letting you set up your own pricing system to earn the most money possible. From your page, you're able to easily create different tiered access for fans, and once the fans are signed up, those subscriptions automatically renew at the same level until cancelled, just like a flat subscription would.

Some of those tiers you create may involve payment for access to every bit of content you produce, while others may be limited to certain types of content, or paying for videos only without accessing your messages.

You can customize the offering, which is much better than the simple options on OnlyFans of either having a paid account with a flat fee or a free page with PPV content.

Fansly makes it much easier to offer content to your consumers in different ways, meaning it's more likely they'll spend money to access it.

Spam Filtering

We weren't aware of this feature until we did some digging on advice forums online – it's not something Fansly really shouts about – but their spam filtering is excellent, far better than what OnlyFans has to offer.

When we're talking about spam filtering, we're specifically referring to things like comments left on your photos, where other creators might be cheeky and try to advertize their own Fansly pages with a link.

It's really bad form to do that, especially since it can be confusing for anyone following you who thinks maybe you're endorsing it, or you have a good relationship with them.

Fansly, it turns out, is pretty good at catching these spam comments and removing them, so you don't have to do it manually.

It's just one more small feature that helps to improve the experience for everyone and ensure that your fans stay on your profile without being tricked into visiting someone else's.

What is the Fansly App?

We have to touch on a strange little quirk of Fansly that we've noticed when looking at this guide. For some reason, more than any other fan page website including OnlyFans, people are always asking for help downloading the Fansly app, or looking for where to find it.

Here's the thing – the Fansly app doesn't exist.

None of the websites like Fansly or OnlyFans that work with adult content creators have any kind of smartphone app, because the app stores for Apple and Google won't host anything pornographic.

So there are no apps to download!

You can bookmark the site and set it up with a shortcut on your phone so that it looks like an app, but you can do that on Fansly, on OnlyFans, or on any other rival.

We have absolutely no idea why Fansly gets so many questions about its non-existent app, but the question just keeps cropping up all the time.

Definitively, in case you haven't got the hint – there is no Fansly app, so stop asking about it and stop looking for it.

You don't need it, the site works fine on mobile without an app and is really easy to use.

Phew, glad that's out of the way.

Is Fansly Legit?

Another question that seems to keep cropping up is around whether or not Fansly is a scam site. Many people want to know is Fansly safe, and we can assure you that it is – it's as safe as any of the platforms operating in this adult content creation sphere.

This doesn't mean that you never need to worry about using Fansly, because any site where you're posting adult content always comes with some risks (leaks for example). You still need to make sure you're careful with what you're doing with passwords or the information that you share with your community if you want to stay safe.

But the site is absolutely legit, the support team for Fansly is careful to update the site regularly with new security features and updates, and they offer excellent help with dealing with any followers or customers who act creepy or who try to extort you in any way.

Basically, if you are happy using OnlyFans, there should be no reason not to consider a move to Fansly from a security or safety perspective.

So, Why Fansly Over OnlyFans?

There seem to be several reasons why creators are setting up a Fansly page, even if they already have the majority of their fans paying for a subscription on an OnlyFans page.

Here are the top reasons:

  1. The tiered subscriptions offer more ways to monetize content – creators can try out a bunch of different content packages and try different pricing structures that aren't possible with an OnlyFans account.
  2. There's always a risk that OnlyFans may one day decide to drop adult content. It has threatened this change before, and if it happens again, it's important for creators to have a plan in place so that they can keep earning cash without starting from day one.
  3. OnlyFans is too big, and so the customer support compared to sites like Fansly is lacking. It's much easier for a company of Fansly's size to properly respond to questions or issues raised by creators and their fans.
  4. Fansly's FYP feature is a really helpful way of exposing your content to new audiences. Think of it as an extra marketing channel alongside your other promotional tactics – now you have an engaged audience, who already know what Fansly is and how it works, and they are actively browsing creators to subscribe to. It could be the best converting promotional channel you have, even better than cam sites (though we'd still keep going with the cam promotion too).
  5. There are occasional Fansly offers where creators can retain 85% of their earnings, instead of 80%. That extra 5% could add up to a lot of money, so it's worth exploiting the offers when they're available.
  6. In the opinion of a lot of people, Fansly just works better. It's a faster-loading site, it has higher quality content streaming, and it's overall just easier to use for models and users alike, with less effort needed to find your way around the menus.

Final Word

So, is it in your best interests to go and create a Fansly page now, if you're already seeing success on OnlyFans?

It's a matter of opinion, and there are other sites too that offer great tools and features for creators. The popularity of sites like Fanvue can't be ignored. Still, Fansly is definitely gaining traction with many creators on OnlyFans and there are many who've already set up duplicate accounts, often showcasing different content.

Fansly works exactly the same as OnlyFans at a base level, so there's no harm in checking it out if you're just starting out as a content creator too. Just be aware that OnlyFans is not the only platform that offers these services, and if you're set on making adult content it might be better to think about a site which hasn't threatened to remove it in the past.