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One of the reasons that fan platforms such as OnlyFans, Fansly, or Unlockd have attracted so many content creators is because people see it as an easier way of making money on their own time. But that causes a problem since it means you’re also competing against thousands upon thousands of other creators, and subscribers only have so much money to spend.

You can absolutely get started on a fan platform and begin to build a career, but if you want to make the bigger bucks you’re going to need to raise your game, both by improving the professionalism of your content and also looking at alternative ways you can market yourself.

These jobs aren’t always easy, but at Follower, we’re always here to help. We’ve launched our new website, design and editing services to take the strain off you, so you can benefit from our expertise and free up your schedule to focus on the parts of your career you want to – building your fanbase, shooting content, and interacting with your loyal subscribers.

And with prices starting at just $25 for some of our services, we’re extremely competitive and affordable.

Creator Website Design

Why do I need a website?

You might wonder why you would want a website since you’ll be selling your content through another site. It’s a valid question, but there’s a lot you can do with a website of your own.

Firstly, consider it as brand-building. Having a website just for your content career makes you look more professional and helps to create more of a perception of popularity. Potential subscribers will see that you’re someone who is worthy of a website (as long as it looks slick) and will be more inclined to part with their hard-earned money to pay for your work. Because, if you’re good enough to have a website, you must have some great content, right?

Secondly, a website is just a great marketing tool for your subscription profiles. You’ll want to drive people to your platform of choice as much as possible, and there are limits to what you can do through social media. You can post whatever you want (that’s legal) on your own website, without worries about some overlord deciding that you shouldn’t be linking to adult content. There are other options for this too – something like Ohh.me as a link aggregator – but your own site lets you add more context of what you’re linking to, including teaser videos and more.

And that leads to the final reason you may want a website – you’ll be able to do more on the site than the fan platform may let you. Some fan platforms are limited to only letting you charge for videos and photos on a subscription basis. What if you want to sell access to your private social channels? Or maybe you want to consider selling underwear and other used items? Having a website opens up more potential since you can add the features that you want.

How can Follower help?

All of the above may sound great, but a website isn’t something that you can whip up in a couple of hours, especially if you want to make sure it looks professional, is fully optimized to appear in search results online, and has custom features like a store. For that, you need an expert.

And at Follower, that’s exactly what we are – experts. Think about how Follower itself works – we built this ourselves, we didn’t outsource it. We can do something similar for you, creating a website that does what you need it to. It’ll look great, it’ll work properly, and we can support you with any questions you have on how to update it and manage it so that it doesn’t overwhelm you when you want to focus on shooting new photos and videos.

Creator Video Editing

Why do I need to edit my videos?

There are so many reasons why you might want some help editing a video, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can end up looking a bit of a mess. Plus, if you want to do anything more than just cutting off the introduction or long ending, you might need a more powerful laptop or PC than you currently own.

Video editing can improve the overall look of your footage, just by adding a few simple touches to improve the lighting and make sure the sound doesn’t sound too distorted. It can’t perform miracles, but if your camera, lighting, and microphone aren’t the best then editing the footage will definitely show some signs of improvement.

Sometimes you might just need a hand editing out a mistake or something you’ve decided you don’t want to show. If you’ve shot a video that’s 10 minutes long, but 7 minutes in your partner in the next room calls out for you, you don’t want to stop and re-shoot the whole thing – but trimming out the audio or cutting out whole parts of the footage without it looking or sounding amateur can be tricky.

You could also just want help creating a highlights package – a showreel of your best stuff to reward loyal fans. Or perhaps you want to edit together a teaser that doesn’t show too much off. There’s so much that you can do if you start looking at how to edit videos.

How can Follower help?

Like we say, video editing’s a craft and a skill that takes time to learn. Most people will struggle to do much beyond splicing together a couple of clips, and even trying to do that with more than two different videos might overwhelm you, or at least your PC.

At Follower, we’ve got years of experience in editing footage. We’re extremely professional and trustworthy – we won’t ever share it, and we’ll delete the raw footage as soon as you’re happy the job is complete.

We can help to take your videos to the next level, and put together some fun compilations that you can sell or use to help attract more subscribers – meaning that our editing services can quickly pay for themselves.

Creator Photo Editing

Why do I need to edit my photos?

A lot of subscribers to adult content like that amateur, natural style when it comes to photography. But there’s a difference between ‘real life’ shots and photos that look like they were taken on an old disposable camera and scanned in at a low resolution.

That’s an exaggeration, but the point stands – the best photographers in the world still edit their photos, and so it’s something you should consider for your work. You aren’t editing to make yourself look better, but to show yourself off more, or put yourself in the best light.

That might be literal – if you don’t have a good camera and lighting setup, your photos may look dark or not quite authentic. There’s some work you can do with photo editing to adjust the colors and contrasts which will just help to elevate your shots, making them more professional without losing that home-shot feel.

Editing can also be used to remove anything you don’t want to be included. You might have accidentally left some identifiable information in the background of a shot that you don’t want to re-take. Or maybe you want to turn a more explicit photo into more of a tease, to be used to entice new fans. Many editing jobs are straightforward, although some more complex ones may need more time or a compromise.

Finally, not every subscription platform adds watermarks to your content. These are crucial if you want to protect your photos (and videos) in case they get stolen and re-uploaded elsewhere – a watermark doesn’t detract from the photo, but makes it clear that it belongs to you. This means you’ll have less trouble getting them taken down from a website where you don’t want them appearing.

How can Follower help?

Similar to video editing, we’ve got tons of experience in photo editing work and can manage it for you to a professional standard. Even if you’re quite handy at editing photos, it might not be how to want to spend your time. We’re able to take on all kinds of work, from improving picture quality to creating photo teasers and adding watermarks for you.

Creator GIF Creation

Why would I want GIFs?

Everyone loves a GIF. These short animations are simple and effective as either video teasers or just something a bit fun. A lot of people like to use GIFs online as reactions, as part of meme culture.

Imagine if you could turn some of your own videos into GIFs. You could make short videos that are the ideal taster of what you offer, or you could reward your more loyal fans with GIFs of some of your sexiest moments. If you then empower your fans to use those GIFs wherever they want to, then they might end up drumming up more interest for you as a sort of secondary marketing.

Some platforms also allow you to use GIFs instead of a static profile picture, so getting one set up will help you stand out from the crowd.

How can Follower help?

Creating GIFs is another form of video editing, although it’s important to know the right formats to save them in. One of the key benefits of a GIF is the small file size, making them more shareable. We can easily create GIFs from any videos you send us, and get them back to you in a format that you can then share wherever you want to.

I’m interested – what now?

All of the above services are very individual. One person may just want a single photo editing, whereas someone else may desire a complex and feature-packed website. So, the best thing you can do, if you’re interested in any of the above services, is to just get in touch with us.

Our prices start from just $25 but will of course vary, so let us know what it is you’re looking for and we’ll let you know exactly what services we can offer to meet your needs, and how much it’ll cost. Then you can get back to doing what you do best, winning over new fans and keeping loyal subscribers happy with your amazing content.

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