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Twitter/X Rules Changes – Is Twitter OnlyFans Promotion Now The Way To Go?

Promoting OnlyFans on Twitter just became a little easier...

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If you spend any time on Twitter/X, you might’ve already noticed an upturn in the amount of adult content being shown on the platform.

Let’s be real – porn and adult content has always been on Twitter, but in relatively small amounts, usually hidden away in replies or in very occasional tweets.

But that’s all changed, as the rules for what can and can’t be posted have been updated, and it could be big news for adult content creators looking to promote their work on OnlyFans or other fan platforms.

Also, we know it's called X now. But it's still referred to as Twitter by the vast majority of people, and so for the purposes of this article, we'll mainly stick to calling it Twitter too. You know we mean X.

Let’s take a look.

What’s Changed?

Twitter/X confirmed in early June 2024 that it had updated its Adult Content and Violent Content policies to “bring more clarity” to the rules.

And while the Tweet from the official Safety account said that nothing had changed in what they enforce, it actually had, and a new line in the guidelines states that users can “share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior”.

The key rule is that content does need to be flagged on your Twitter account as being adult – you can't just post it randomly. As long as your Twitter profile clearly shows you'll be promoting adult content then you shouldn't risk being kicked off the platform when promoting OnlyFans content.

You also need to make sure you adjust your media settings, which will allow for content warnings to be placed on your images and videos.

In other words, everything you post on your Twitter account will be blurred, and then only users who've added a date of birth to their Twitter profile will be able to click on it and view the content.

The move to embrace adult content has been a long time coming for Twitter and the average OnlyFans creator could absolutely benefit from this move – if they make sure they're careful.

But this could definitely be the time to embrace the platform if you haven't already – and it opens up new options for sharing NSFW content to social media where you aren't at risk of being banned, as you would be on sites such as Instagram or TikTok.

The Problem with Bots

There is a serious problem with Twitter that needs to be addressed before recommending it as the perfect solution. Promoting OnlyFans on Twitter can be very powerful, but you have some difficult problems to deal with – Twitter bots.

Ever since Elon Musk took charge of the website, and started trying to make big changes to compete with other platforms, there have been issues with how Twitter works. One of the biggest has been the ‘porn bots'.

These are accounts that are set up to promote OnlyFans pages and other sites using adult content even before the policy changes were made, but what's worse is that they are set up to automatically follow people, causing lots of users to be frustrated.

At first glance they thought it was great – posts would get more engagement, and they'd have a huge boost in the number of accounts following them. But then it was clear these were basic accounts that wouldn't properly interact with posts, and would instead just share adult content on their profiles in the hope of generating new fans.

The result is that the OnlyFans reputation has taken a bit of a hit. It's harder for OnlyFans creators to promote their content when they have to fight against thousands of bots that are just annoying people on Twitter already.

You've got two main challenges to contend with:

  • Proving that you aren't a bot so that people are more willing to engage and interact with you
  • Show that your content is better than other creators who are also trying to sell their exclusive content or find new subscribers

It's not an easy challenge to set yourself up because now whenever anyone on Twitter gains new followers, they are automatically suspicious of them.

But there are ways around it – and we'll help you understand the best way to promote your OnlyFans account if you do decide to put some time into Twitter.

Still – is it worth trying?

Should I Invest Time in Twitter?

 There are concerns from some creators over the future of Twitter and whether it's even worth trying to promote an OnlyFans page on the site when the platform could soon be taken down.

And look – we're no experts on social media and the plans Musk has for Twitter, but we know he likes money and he wants to create a platform that finds ways to make more of it, rather than just spend billions on it only to shut it down.

So in our opinion, it is worth using Twitter to promote your OnlyFans profile, provided you don't put all your eggs in one basket.

You shouldn't use Twitter exclusively. Making sure you're active on at least one other social media platform is vital to growing your audience, and really you should be looking to promote OnlyFans across as many different channels as possible.

Reddit is the best alternative if you want to post content that's adult in nature because it has subreddits specifically for that type of content. Trying to post that sort of content on Instagram or TikTok could just get you in trouble, losing you thousands of potential subscribers.

However, Twitter is now primed to be a useful tool for posting naughty content that you can't post elsewhere so that you can link to your OnlyFans profile and hopefully find new followers and subscribers. Our advice is that it's definitely an interesting opportunity even if it does come with some challenges.

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We have an audience of people who are actively looking for OnlyFans creators to subscribe to, so when you are reaching that audience and then an audience of cooler leads on Twitter, you're reaching the widest variety of potential subscribers.

You might even want to cross-promote – offer people the chance to get to know you from Find, by visiting your Twitter, and then get new fans on Twitter to see more of what you have to offer from a sexy content perspective by directing them to your Find profile.

How To Use It Most Effectively

If you've decided to put more of your time and energy into Twitter to promote OnlyFans content, there are some tips we can offer that will help you break through the noise and hopefully find success.

Be authentic

As we've said, Twitter is filled with bots trying to promote adult content and you can spot them from a mile away.

It's important to therefore make sure you're authentic, and you work hard to stand out as someone real that people might want to talk to. Leave comments on other users' content, but put some effort into them – you won't make a mark if you're just saying “Wow, I agree!”. Engagement comes from natural conversation.

These people are your potential customers but you can't think of them that way yet – you need to see them as people who might want to subscribe later, but for now are just people to get to know.

Use a Link Tool

You don't need to use a link tool when you're on Twitter. You can link directly to an OnlyFans within the new content guidelines. But we would still recommend that you use one, because it'll make it much easier to advertise your content and get people to join you on other platforms as well.

It's good for branding too – by directing people through one central link hub, you can make sure you're consistent in the content you offer.

Sign up to a link in bio page – we'd recommend Ohh.me as it is great value for the features you'll enjoy – and then make sure that link is clearly visible in your bio and anywhere else where space is limited.

Treat it as a blog

You can't just use Twitter as a platform to shoutout your OnlyFans and advertise endlessly. You'll only annoy potential subscribers. Those who comment with their OF link are just as bad – if you act like a billboard, people will ‘virtually' walk past and pay no attention!

So consider Twitter as something like a personal blog where you can talk about the content you make, get involved in any hashtags related to your niche, give people an insight into your personality and life and you'll start to build some relationships that could then turn people into your customers.

See if there's a group of other creators sharing OnlyFans on Twitter too and potentially look at working together to support each other. There may be cross-promotional tactics you can use.

And also think about starting to send direct messages on Twitter too. You don't want to create an OnlyFans on Twitter where you give away DMs for free that people might be willing to pay for, but it is a useful way of getting some interest before you suggest continuing things on your paid platform.

Share examples – but not too much!

Of course, the biggest Twitter change here is that you can share adult content, so do so! Post some of your sexiest stuff, as that's the best way to garner attention.

However, only “some” of your sexiest stuff. Teases and short clips are good, but you still want to make sure that users are willing to subscribe to your account on OnlyFans to see the rest of what you have to offer.

Don't be shy to post some things, especially when sending direct messages, but leave some things behind the paywall too.

Find creative ways to stand out

If you can find a way to go viral with a tweet then you're onto a real winner, so spend some time thinking about creative ways to get attention.

This means looking at what the bots are doing, and what other creators are doing to promote OnlyFans on Twitter, and then trying something different from that – being funny, or new ways of being sexy.

Quality is always going to win out over quantity.

Is Twitter Blue Necessary?

a woman with long hair and a white shirt holding a phone

You don't need to sign up for Twitter Blue to promote your OnlyFans account but it may help you. That verified checkmark is used by bots too, so it won't necessarily make the difference, but it will make it a little easier for you to appear higher in replies and to make sure your profile is visible to users who may want to subscribe to you.

Maybe don't pay for it initially unless you really want to, and then once you've started to build a real presence around your OnlyFans on Twitter, you can consider the upgrade.

Final Thoughts

With the content rule changes, advertising OnlyFans on Twitter definitely just became a little easier – which is good, because it was pretty tough already thanks to the bots on the site.

We'd recommend giving it a go though, getting involved to showcase your content and engage with potential fans, but doing more than just the occasional retweet.

As with any aspect of your OnlyFans career, the more effort you put into it, the greater the reward.