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Why Discoverability Matters

Why getting exposure and being discovered is everything

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If you want to succeed as a content creator, you ultimately only need two things:

  • Quality content that people want to pay for
  • An audience to pay for it

When you’re starting out from scratch, that first one is a lot easier to get going with. As long as you have a good quality smartphone (and who doesn’t these days?) then you can quite easily shoot some photos and videos that, while maybe not the best in terms of lighting or framing, are at least of interest to some people out there.

But if you don’t already have a social media following, finding an audience can be difficult – especially on some platforms. Others, like Unfiltrd, can give you a helping hand in building up that audience through discoverability features.

Let’s dive a little deeper to explain this more.

Fending for yourself

OnlyFans is, without a doubt, the most famous fan subscription platform for adult content creators, and it’s arguably the biggest for all creators (Patreon stakes a claim due to its popularity with YouTubers).

The problem with OnlyFans (or rather, one of the problems) is that it takes quite a hands-off approach to help its creators succeed.

When you set up your OnlyFans profile, it is wholly on you to find an audience, and the only way to really do that is to share a direct link to your OnlyFans with potentially interested people.

This in itself can be a challenge, especially when many social media websites such as Instagram and TikTok don’t like you to link directly to a website which has so much adult content on there. People are often getting themselves banned for promoting their OnlyFans.

But even when you are able to promote your page in the right way, it can take time to build up a presence on social media. You could use a helping hand to get started.

OnlyFans does technically offer something – at the top right of every user’s feed is a Suggestions area, where profiles that are related to a user’s interests are shown. But this relies on users already having subscribed to other creators, and it tends to be full of established creators anyway.

The casual user

There are two reasons why having discoverability features makes sense for a fan subscription platform, and one of those is from the creator perspective – the idea that you can boost your subscriber numbers by having your profile shown to potential subscribers, rather than needing to use your social media.

The second reason is from the perspective of the user and takes into account something which OnlyFans has completely disregarded – the idea of the casual user.

By that, we mean someone who has come to a fan platform to browse, either because they’ve heard of the platform and are interested in looking for that type of content, or because they are already a subscriber to another creator but they are open to finding new creators to subscribe to as well.

And those casual users may not use traditional methods like social media to find creators – they might not want it to be obvious to their friends or family that they are looking for adult content creators especially.

So, they might spend time on the platform trying to browse and find creators that interest them.

On OnlyFans, their experience is terrible – but on platforms which have discoverability features, they can have a lot more success in finding accounts that are creating the kind of content that they’re interested in.

What does good discoverability look like?

OnlyFans might be the biggest name in fan subscription platforms, but it has spawned a number of rivals – many of which are starting to make significant gains in the market through to their own quality, and the growing distrust that OnlyFans holds a future for adult creators.

Some platforms have essentially copied OnlyFans like-for-like, while there are others like Unfiltrd that actually want to make a platform that is different.

Not so much in the core of how it works, but in the extra features offered to greatly improve the experience for creators and users alike – and discoverability plays a huge part here.

Unfiltrd is not the only platform to offer robust discoverability tools, but it is one of the better choices. And that’s because they don’t just stick up a random page which highlights a handful of creators.


When a user logs onto the Unfiltrd platform, they are presented with three tabs – one of which is their live feed. The second is the Discover tab, which is one of two great options for finding new creators to follow and subscribe to.

Here there are literally hundreds of profiles that can easily be scrolled through, but also different categories, so that users can search by:

  • Top rated
  • Popular
  • New users
  • Those online at that moment


The final tab on Unfiltrd is the Trending tab, and this acts as another way of helping creators reach potential new fans. Rather than highlighting profiles, this tab highlights the content – including the best videos, the best overall posts, as well as upcoming events and any auctions being held.

This rewards those who put out good quality content or who engage with the site the most by running live events and auctions for either digital or physical items. It’s a great chance for new creators to quickly put themselves in front of potential subscribers, and for users to find people they may be interested in subscribing to.

In summary

If you’re only just starting out on your content creation career, it can be very difficult to start building up that audience if you choose a platform like OnlyFans. You have to work that much harder to find people who might want to pay for your content.

Sites like Unfiltrd don’t take all that work away – you still need to put in the effort if you want to be successful. But it’s more of a partnership, with the platform at least giving you a helping hand.

Whereas OnlyFans leaves you to fend for yourself and almost seems to be quite casual about whether you are successful, Unfiltrd is there to support you through your journey by providing features that can give your subscriber numbers a boost. They want you to do well and will help you to achieve your goals.

And when you add in all the other exciting features that Unfiltrd has to offer, including Shorties clips, ticketed events and more, it makes for a very attractive platform.

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