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The Future of Fan Platform Messaging With AI

A look at how artificial intelligence could revolutionize the way you interact with your fans.

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Why do people pay to see your adult content when they could get porn for free? It’s a question often asked by those outside the industry because they just don’t get it.

We all know the answer though – your fans aren’t just paying to see your sexy photos and videos, they’re paying to connect with you. They find a thrill in seeing the secret side of their favorite creators, and one of the best ways of nurturing that connection and encourage your fans to remain loyal is through direct communication.

For the top content creators on any fan platform, messaging is just as important as the content you shoot. How you manage those relationships with your fans could be the key to your long-term success. But it can be tough too – you might not feel as comfortable with sexy talk, and it can be a big confidence drain when you have a long list of messages to reply to and you’re just not feeling it.

Even if you are someone who likes to flirt and tease, once you start to become successful it can be tough to do anything but reply to your inbox, and then when do you find the time to make new content, promote your profile on social, and do everything else you need to as a creator?

Well, relax – AI is rapidly being adopted in the world of content creation, and it could provide the answer you need to tackle all those incoming messages and ensure you build that successful career you’ve dreamed of.

Using AI Manually

Right now, it’s possible for anyone who is a content creator to use AI – artificial intelligence – to help them reply to their messages.

Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT have become really popular over the last couple of years, and are being used by loads of different industries. Not just by trained professionals, but everyday people are using AI to help them write emails, or come up with ideas for social media posts, or suggest ways to improve their side hustles.

So right now, it’s possible for you to log onto a site like ChatGPT and ask for help replying to messages that your fans are sending you. However, there are a few drawbacks to this:

Manual Process

Having to constantly copy and paste your messages back and forth with another platform does take up time. Using AI is supposed to save you time – and it might, still, if you’d otherwise really struggle to come up with responses. But it’s a long process to be going back and forth between your inbox and the AI software. It isn’t ideal.


The best AI tools cost money, so if you’re trying to use artificial intelligence to help you make more money, it might be counter-productive. There are free versions, such as ChatGPT 3.5, but really if you want the best responses you’d need to pay for a more premium version such as ChatGPT4.

Terms of Service

For some AI tools, including the famed ChatGPT, certain types of content are banned as part of their terms of service. Asking it to help you write flirty messages will probably be OK, but as soon as they turn outright sexual, and you’re discussing explicit topics, you’ll start to get warnings about breaking the terms of service, and you might have your account closed down.

Manual use of AI can be helpful, but it’s not a super-easy process. Instead, you need a platform that has integrated AI – and that might be closer than you realize.

Integrated AI

Integrated AI means that a fan platform has brought in its own artificial intelligence solution that’s built into the options you use. It’s very early days for this, but this is where creators will see the most success.

One of the earliest adopters of the technology is Fanvue. Fanvue has often been a driving force for new ideas and innovations in the adult content creator space, so it’s no massive surprise to see the platform be one of the first to adopt AI technology.

It’s pretty clever stuff too. It offers you a number of questions that you can answer to set some ground rules and then will start to generate replies to users’ messages on your behalf.

The tech doesn’t just rely on your stock answers though, since it also analyzes the conversation that’s ongoing, and tries to understand what the user is asking for, so that replies are contextual, relevant, and most importantly exciting for the user.

Of course, it all falls apart if the subscriber realizes that they’re talking to an AI bot instead of actually chatting with you, so you’re able to tailor the tone of voice to match how you sound. You can set custom words to use, the typical emojis you frequently send, and other custom requests too.

It’s all managed through a really easy system – just input the names that you use for your fans, such as “babe”, “hun” etc. (you can set up multiple, so it doesn’t always default to the same one), add your default greeting, and choose the typical emojis you want included.

You can also set a location because a lot of fans will want to know where you’re from. This lets you be as specific or as vague as you like – good if you want to keep any potential stalkers at bay!

Finally, it even lets you tell fans what kind of content you are and aren’t willing to produce if they want something custom.

Of course, you can’t completely trust even the best AI systems, so for now it won’t send messages without your consent. Instead, it will produce them, so you can send the message with just the click of a button, or edit it if something isn’t quite right.

It’s a massive time saver, and really useful for anyone who doesn’t feel super confident in their ability to talk dirty with their fans too. Fanvue’s new AI tools are super-handy and are worth checking out.

In fact, there’s a lot of features that Fanvue offers to creators that aren’t available on other platforms. While you might prefer the brand recognition of an OnlyFans page, it’s absolutely worth considering choosing one of the alternatives, especially one like Fanvue that has a positive reputation and is only growing.

AI & Creator Messaging – The Future

So, we know that AI is being gradually adopted by adult content fan platforms, but what does the future of that look like?

Well, the future might already be here too.

AI video generation is some way off being good enough yet, and photos can still look fake when they involve human bodies. That could be what the future holds, but the tech would need to massively improve – and there would need to be a lot of safeguards in place to make sure your face wasn’t then included in content you really didn’t approve of.

Of course, it then opens up the potential for completely faked content creators – where the models are not real people at all, and they are just generated images alongside a chatbot to do all the posting and messaging.

That’ll be the real challenge for creators who are real – how do you stay ahead of the curve and make sure your earnings aren’t taken by AI who can generate images faster, and reply to messages at volume?

If you’re savvy, then you won’t need to worry – you can get on board with AI now, and then adapt your own working practices. And once we start to see what kinds of AI tech are available, you’ll be ready to adapt with them.

AI Voice Generation

One ‘futuristic’ AI feature that creators can already experiment with is AI voice production. It’s possible for technology to assimilate somebody’s voice and then produce completely new sound clips from a script that are an excellent soundalike.

While the world of acting and voice acting view this sort of tech as controversial, and rightly so where there are contracts involved that potentially see their voices being used without their permission, adult content creation isn’t the same. And you could take advantage of this tech to produce sexy audio clips and voice messages for your fans without the effort to ‘get into character’.

In fact, Fanvue is again ahead of the curve here. This feature is already available to some of the top creators on the platform. Fanvue has started the process of rolling this feature out across the whole creator base on the site, so it’s worth signing up now and getting involved if you want to make use of this tech to better serve your fans.

The tech is also available to creators who want to use it via a third-party site – so if you do have an existing profile on a site like OnlyFans, you could seek out voice production technology yourself to make your own fake voice notes.

Although again, using it manually this way is sometimes more of a chore, and having a platform like Fanvue that is integrating the technology is much preferable, and significantly easier for creators who are looking to save time and effort.

AI & Analytics

One other area where AI could become hugely important in the future of fan platforms is in analytics.

Most fan sites have some form of data tools to help you understand what content is working, who your fanbase is and more so that you can make adjustments to your content and your schedule to maximize your success.

Artificial intelligence will only help to boost this in future since it can do smarter analysis of your profile and give better suggestions on what you should do. Sites like Fanvue will be able to look at the success of its own AI messages and voice notes too, and incorporate that into your analytics, so that it can improve its own performance for you as well as give ideas on what you could alter and tweak.

In Summary

Artificial Intelligence is already being used by Fanvue and will no doubt make more inroads into other fan platforms in the future too. Now’s the time to start embracing it, to learn how you can best make use of the features that it provides to help gain an advantage and make your life as a creator even easier.

Who knows what’s next for AI beyond voice notes. Platforms like Fanvue will no doubt continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, and are already offering creators the chance to get on the waiting list for their next features, whatever they may be.

But the only certainty is that the creators who choose to embrace AI will leave others in their wake, so now’s the best time to start adapting to these new features.