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Two for the price of one! If you like seeing couples get playful and intimate with each other, then these are the accounts to subscribe to.

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What’s better than someone sharing all their intimate photos and videos on websites like OnlyFans for you to enjoy? Two people sharing all their intimate photos and videos! Here you’ll find the best couples creators ready to excite you with all their hot content.

When you subscribe to an individual creator, you’ll often be limited in the kind of content they produce. They might be single, or their partner might not want to get involved with the content they’re posting online. This means you may only get to see them stripping or masturbating. And if you prefer to watch people having sex, you could be disappointed.

Whereas if you choose to follow couples fan pages, you know you’re getting two people who are happy to share their bodies and their adult fun, and then it’s just a case of looking to see what kinks and interests the couples have and whether they line up with your own.

You might also be bisexual or identify with another sexual orientation that has interest in multiple genders – if that’s the case, couples will often be even more exciting to follow since you’re potentially getting to enjoy more than one sexy person performing for you. Plus couples will often share the load of replying to messages and engaging with fans, which means you’re more likely to get quick replies when chatting to your favorite creators.

There are a number of other categories that couples can fall into, so feel free to use multiple filters when you’re searching. Whether you’re into amateur couples, mature couples or professional pornstar couples, you’ll be able to find the best profiles to follow.

And we don’t just work with OnlyFans – so if you see a couples fan profile on a site like Fansly or FanCentro, know that they work just the same. Click through and subscribe and you can see everything that the couple is posting online, ready for you to enjoy.

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