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Got a money-sending kink? Here are the OnlyFans accounts and profiles that could have you spending more.

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Of all the categories of fan page that you could choose to follow on platforms like OnlyFans, findom is the one where you need to be the most careful. And yet, if it’s a kink you enjoy, then these creators could be the perfect person to leave you feeling satisfied…eventually.

Findom is short for financial domination, and it’s a category where a creator will exert control over you through financial means. They will ask for payments in the form of subscriptions and tips to serve as tributes, whilst treating you in ways that are often borderline disrespectful and mean. Findom is not about a creator saying thank you – it’s often about them asking why you’ve not paid them sooner.

The idea is that you should have no control over your money because you’re sending it to the creator instead, and you should expect almost nothing in return. You’re not paying for clips or videos. However, a good findom creator will still reward you, even if it is only in small amounts.

If you’re a sub who wants to find someone to financially dominate you then these creators could be just what you’re looking for. However you should be careful to only spend what you can afford, and make sure that you’re comfortable with the ways that they take advantage of you. Being taken advantage of is often part of the ride, but you need to be clear on rules so that, if you do expect the occasional bit of gratification in return, you aren’t left wanting.

With all those disclaimers out of the way, if you’re still happy to look for a findom creator to dominate you and your money, be sure to click through to these profiles to see who is out there. We work with more than just OnlyFans so some of these creators may be using sites like FanCentro or Fansly – they work in the same way, so don’t be put off.

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