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Does OnlyFans Show Up On Background Check?

Will your OnlyFans stop you from getting that other dream job?

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A lot of people don’t use their OnlyFans as their main source of income but instead prefer to think of it as a side hustle. It’s a fun way to earn a few extra bucks while you express yourself and boost your confidence.

However, if you’re applying for a new day job, you might have to go through background checks – and you might be worried about whether OnlyFans will show up on those checks, potentially giving your employer second thoughts about whether or not to hire you.

So, let’s take a look at whether OnlyFans does show up on background checks, and whether you need to be concerned.

OnlyFans and Standard Background Checks

Standard background checks primarily focus on verifying employment history, education, criminal records, and other relevant information.

OnlyFans activity may not be explicitly included in a standard background check unless an individual specifically lists it as part of their employment history or if it becomes relevant due to legal or regulatory requirements.

Generally, standard background checks don’t delve into an individual's online activities or personal finances unless they are directly related to the position being applied for or are deemed necessary for security clearance purposes.

So, you shouldn’t need to worry about OnlyFans appearing in a standard background check for now.

Declaring OnlyFans As Employment

You may be asked to declare all forms of employment when you apply for a new job. At this point, you have a decision to make about whether you are honest and you admit your OnlyFans page, or you try to cover it up.

Be aware that trying to hide it could have serious consequences. And it’s not just because your new employers might look down on sex work, or judge you for your own decisions. Instead, it could be more business-focused – your employers might have some big concerns about your risk of being blackmailed by someone on your OnlyFans, as it’s certainly not unheard of.

It’s always advised that you should be honest when asked about your other employment. You may wish to go down the ‘vague’ route first, being honest without some of the specifics. You could try listing your work as a “self-employed content creator online”.

If you’re lucky, the employers might not ask more questions. If they do, you can then decide how honest you feel you need to be about the nature of your work.

OnlyFans and Enhanced Background Checks – Creators

There are several enhanced background checks that employers may have to carry out, depending on the nature of the role, that would dig up your OnlyFans account.

Enhanced background checks often delve deeper into an individual's digital footprint, including their social media activity, online reputation, and financial history.

Given that OnlyFans revolves around creating and sharing adult-oriented content, individuals who are active on the platform should be prepared for the possibility that their participation may surface during enhanced background checks.

Employers or organizations conducting these checks may consider an individual's involvement on OnlyFans as part of a comprehensive assessment of their character, integrity, and suitability for certain positions.

Creators should be aware that their online activities, including content posted on OnlyFans, could potentially impact their professional reputation and opportunities outside of the platform. It's essential for creators to consider the potential consequences of their online presence and take proactive measures to manage their privacy settings, control their digital footprint, and maintain professionalism in their interactions both on and off OnlyFans.

You would like to hope that employers will not automatically pre-judge anyone who has an OnlyFans page. Of course, certain industries might have good reason to dismiss any potential candidates who share adult content, but several others have no good reason, and if you can demonstrate your professionalism in the work then you may be able to circumvent the issue.

OnlyFans and Enhanced Background Checks – Users

OnlyFans viewers and users – not those who work on the site, but who use it recreationally – are much less likely to have their OnlyFans activity show up in background checks. But they should be aware that some of the more enhanced checks could delve into specific financial payments, and that is when OnlyFans could be flagged.

If you are using the site reasonably, and paying for a couple of subscriptions, then it won’t be too much of a concern. If you are spending huge sums on OnlyFans, it’s more likely to be flagged as problematic behavior.

Also, it’s worth noting that some jobs, particularly those related to national security, will have exceptionally detailed checks that don’t just reveal you like OnlyFans, but also what kind of creators you like and what kind of porn you watch elsewhere on the web. So, make sure you’re prepared to be grilled on those subjects.

Those levels of background checks are super-rare, so likely won’t apply to you, but if you’re applying for work that is highly sensitive in nature (the police and armed forces will likely do similar checks) then you have to expect that this kind of check is necessary.

While you would expect educational authorities to also conduct similar checks – after all, teachers have access to some of the most vulnerable minds in the nation – they may not have the budget. Of course, if you’re applying for teaching jobs then you have to be exceptionally careful about any side work you do because a student finding your content would be catastrophic for your career.

Does OnlyFans Show Up On Bank or Credit Card Statements?

OnlyFans users who make payments to OnlyFans will always have the payment show up as OnlyFans or OnlyFans.com on their bank or credit card statements. There’s no way around this – if you’re using OnlyFans and someone then looks at your account as part of any background checks, they’re going to see your OnlyFans payments.

For creators, it can vary. Your earnings may show up as OnlyFans or OnlyFans.com, or they may appear as Fenix International, which is a third party payment processor. It will depend on the payment methods you choose, but even if your payments appear as Fenix International, they will typically show OnlyFans or OF in the descriptor.

So, there’s no hiding from the fact that OnlyFans is going to show up on your financial statements, and you won’t be able to hide it from anyone prying into your records as part of a background check. You can’t have payments deleted or hidden from statements either, so don’t try to ask your bank or credit card provider to do so.

In Summary

Most of the time, OnlyFans is not going to show up on your background checks, because most checks are at a higher level and will only look into your criminal record, your employment history and your education, without delving into your online activity or your financial records.

But depending on the roles you might be applying for, or who is carrying out the checks, some enhanced reports could take a look at your financial statements and find OnlyFans payments (incoming or outgoing), or for some very serious job roles, your online activity may be reviewed.

It’s therefore always best, to be honest about having an OnlyFans account if you’re a creator, as early as you are asked about it. It might compromise your suitability for certain roles, but it’s better to be upfront rather than let a lie snowball and be discovered much later.

If you’re just someone who is a user or subscriber on OnlyFans, there’s no need to worry. Using adult content shouldn’t disqualify you from any jobs or positions, and if questioned on it you can simply explain it in a professional manner. As long as you’re posing no risk to a hiring company, you should be fine.