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Fan site referrals – how do they work?

How to refer other creators to fan platforms to earn extra money

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Most fan sites have some incentive for users to give referrals. Basically, fan site referrals encourage content creators (or webmasters, or anyone really) to convince their friends to sign up to the platform by offering some kind of reward for doing so.

Most fan sites offer a revenue share of any talent you refer who chose to post content with them. In simple terms, this means that you will earn a small percentage of whatever money your friend earns. This money comes directly from the platform itself and does not impact your friend’s profits.

Bonus earnings from referrals can add up to a significant increase in revenue, especially if you know colleagues or potential talent who have not yet signed up to your chosen platform. Even one or two successful referrals can give a substantial source of extra income, and there is currently no limit to the number of referrals a user can make.

Minimum withdrawal

Most sites have a minimum withdrawal amount. This is the smallest amount of money you are able to withdraw from revenue made through referrals. If you don’t earn this amount in a single pay-out period this money will roll over, remaining in your account. If your referral income takes your profits over the minimum pay-out amount in the next period you can then make a withdrawal.

OnlyFans Referral Link – how does it work?

Obviously, with OnlyFans being one of the largest platforms in the world for content creators, a lot of people want to know specifically how the OnlyFans referral link works. It’s similar to other referral links – if someone signs up to be a creator using a referral link, the referrer earns 5% of all earnings the referee makes for their first year on the site.

OnlyFans is one of the few websites that puts a time limit on referral earnings. Most websites let the referrer earn money as long as the referee – the new creator – is active on the site. OnlyFans imposed a limit in 2020 following a huge surge in referrals.

And where does that 5% come from with OnlyFans? The good news is that it comes out of OnlyFans’ commission. So, the new creator doesn’t lose out, they still take 80% of all money they earn. OnlyFans then takes 15%, instead of 20%, with the last 5% being the amount sent to the referrer.

Referrals and mentoring/cross-promotion

Referrals make absolute sense to the person who is inviting people onto the creator platform. If they can convince people to use their link, then they’ll make free money that doesn’t impact the new creator at all.

But how do you go about convincing people that they should use your link? What’s in it for them?

There’s no drawback to a creator using a referral link to sign up. They don’t lose money. But it’s still worth offering them something positive, and often that takes the form of mentoring.

As a mentee

If you’re a new creator on any fan platform, you’re going to be struggling to make an impact if you don’t already have a large social media backing. Not only that, but it can be intimidating starting out as a creator, since there’s so much to learn.

Many creators will therefore offer mentoring services if you sign up using their referral link. They’ll dedicate time to spend with you to review your profile and your content, and advise you on what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

They can get you involved in online communities where you can share your link, and over time they’ll teach you some of the inner-workings on content creation, ultimately helping you to build up a fanbase.

As a potential mentee, feel free to ask the creator what they’ll offer you in terms of resources and time. Because they’ll be busy with their own careers – you need to make sure they’re going to actually make the effort to mentor you, and not just offer empty promises.

There are benefits to mentoring for them, but if they get a lot of people to sign up using their link then they might neglect you if you aren’t clear on expectations and what you deem to be fair. So don’t be afraid to get a proper agreement in place before you use someone’s link. You can only sign up once, after all.

As a mentor

If you’re offering mentoring to people as an incentive for signing up to a platform using your referral link, then you need to make sure you take it seriously and set aside a fair amount of time to help them improve.

It doesn’t need to be endless. You can offer a set number of hours, but it should be reasonable. After all, it’s a competitive market and there are countless other referral opportunities for new creators if they don’t like what you’re offering.

You’ll also want to set up a mentoring plan. Don’t just agree to mentor someone and then join them on a video call without thinking through what you’re going to work on. You almost need to think like a teacher, and have lesson plans, so that you don’t waste each other’s time and you both get value from the sessions.

Because – here’s the kicker you need to remember – mentoring is just as valuable to you as it is to the person you’re mentoring. The more you help them to improve, the more subscribers they will gain. The more subscribers they gain, the more money they make, and therefore the 5% you make becomes a larger amount.

Mentoring is a direct investment into your own revenue. You help others to improve, and you earn more money from them. It’s a win-win, and so it pays to actually put time and effort into your mentoring plan.

It doesn’t just have to be mentoring too – you could also offer to cross-promote, boosting their profile with your own social media following. It’s good not to do this too often though, otherwise your fans will start to see you as a billboard rather than a personable creator, and you might lose your own subscribers as part of the process.

Where to advertise your referral link

OK, so you’ve decided that you like the sound of earning extra income from referrals. What do you do now – once you have the link, where do you advertise it to find potential new creators?

One of the best places to start is in ‘the real world’ if you’re comfortable sharing the work you do with friends. If you have friends who might be interested in this kind of work, you can show them how successful you’ve been, and in-person mentoring is always better than via a video call.

But then once you’ve exhausted that route, you’ll want to start exploring social media. Check out subreddits related to OnlyFans or other fan platforms, and search other social channels for people who are talking about fan platforms in a way that shows they’re thinking about becoming a creator but they’ve not yet made the decision.

Even if people are joking about it, there’s no harm in replying. Just be human. Don’t sound like a bot, but say something like “You might be joking, but if you’re ever serious about signing up to OnlyFans, I can hook you up with some helpful resources if you use my referral link” or something similar to that.

Reach out to people, without becoming a pest. You’ll be surprised how eager some people might be to learn from you if you can prove you are successful and, most importantly, if you can offer reassuring and friendly advice that proves you’re a good person looking to help others whilst also helping yourself.

Just make sure you’re upfront about the benefits you get, but be clear that it doesn’t come out of their earnings, so they’re unaffected by you earning money from their work.

How do referrals work on different platforms?

Each content creation platform’s referral system works in a slightly different way.

JustForFans referral program is ‘semi-exclusive’, meaning it’s not available to all platform users. The referral program is only offered to those who don’t have an account on a rival fan site.

AdultNode only pays out on referrals who chose to upgrade to a VIP account.

OnlyFans minimum pay-outs vary depending on the pay-out frequency chosen, with larger minimum amounts for monthly, rather than weekly withdrawals.

To help you get a grip on the differences quickly, here is a table with the basic information you will need:

PlatformRevenue ShareDurationMinimum PayoutPayout FrequencyCommission Taken From
Fanvue5%3 Years$20On-demandFanvue's cut
OnlyFans5%One Year$20-$100Weekly, Monthly, or On-demandOnlyFans' cut
JustForFans5%Account Lifetime$100Twice MonthlyJustForFans' cut
AdultNode5%Account Lifetime$100On-demandAdultNode's cut
Fansly5% for one year, 1.5% lifetime afterAccount Lifetime$20On-demandFansly's cut
iFans40%Account Lifetime$20On-demandThe creator's cut (so they only get 40%)