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How to Search OnlyFans Users

Trying to find someone on OnlyFans? Here are the best methods to try

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One of the biggest mysteries with OnlyFans is how the site doesn’t seem to want to make like easy for its creators and viewers by introducing some pretty simple features.

And one that seems to be a recurring complaint is the lack of a good search function, to allow people to find other OnlyFans users to connect with.

OnlyFans does have a native search function, but it’s not great. So in this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the OnlyFans search options available, including alternative sites you can use to find users on the site.

How to Search Users on OnlyFans

Your options for finding someone on OnlyFans itself are very limited – the site hasn’t put much thought into the search feature that it offers.

There is a search bar at the top of the OnlyFans website that you can use to find someone as long as you know their name as it is displayed on OnlyFans. If you don’t search for their OnlyFans username, then you probably won’t be able to find them.

This, of course, makes it even more important for OnlyFans creators to establish a brand for themselves, a name that they can use across not just OnlyFans but also their social media feeds so that they can become well known.

OnlyFans doesn’t view itself as an advertising platform – it is the product. You advertise the product elsewhere and convince people to visit the site when they are ready to purchase.

This at least means there’s a chance that someone could use the built-in search on OnlyFans to find them – but it’d have to be a relatively unique name too, or one that has only one specific spelling. If you don’t keep your brand unique and identifiable, then anyone using the search tool on OnlyFans could still struggle to find you.

Bearing that in mind – how are you supposed to build up a fanbase, if you’re an OnlyFans creator?

Well, OnlyFans doesn’t expect you to pick up fans through the platform itself, but to instead find new subscribers elsewhere, and then share a direct link with them.

OnlyFans doesn’t view itself as an advertising platform – it is the product. You advertise the product elsewhere and convince people to visit the site when they are ready to purchase.

So the option to search for OnlyFans accounts on the platform is more of an extra than a necessary feature, in the eyes of the OnlyFans senior team at least.

How to Search for OnlyFans Users on Social Media

This means you’re going to have to start looking for users elsewhere, and the best place to start is social media since that’s where people are going to be promoting themselves.

However, finding an OnlyFans account using a third-party search option such as a social media website is not a simple task. Depending on what you’re trying to do, it might still not be possible.

If you’re looking to find general creators to follow, because you maybe have an interest in a particular niche or fetish, that’s doable. If you’re interested in finding, say, feet models who have an OnlyFans account, then you can do this via social media.

It’s still not easy, because social media platforms are not supposed to promote adult content. But it’s possible.

If, however, you’re trying to find a specific person on OnlyFans, or determine whether someone has an OnlyFans through looking at their social media accounts, you’re in for an even more difficult time.

The only way to use social media to see if someone is on OnlyFans is to track them down on their accounts, and then see if they link to OnlyFans.

It might seem frustrating but you have to remember that OnlyFans doesn’t provide a search tool, so trying to find people who have an OnlyFans can be difficult.

Think of it from their perspective too – these creators don’t always want to be found easily. After all, they might have friends or colleagues from their ‘regular’ day jobs that they want to keep their adult content hidden from. Maybe they even have family members who are intrusive and would want to find out if the creator was doing something they didn’t approve of.

That’s part of the reason why finding an individual on OnlyFans can be tricky – and why it’s good for the power to be in the hands of the creator. They can share their link on the social media accounts that they want to, and not have as much risk of being found elsewhere.

Link Tools

Often, people won’t link directly to their OnlyFans from their social media accounts, out of fear of getting banned from the platform. They know that they’re not supposed to link to adult sites, and they don’t want to risk their social media following.

So instead, look out for where they use link tools – a link to a separate website that essentially acts as their full social profile, with links to all the places they’re active online, including OnlyFans or whatever website they’ve decided to use for their adult content career.

Ohh.me is one example, but there are others. Keep an eye out for people who use these link aggregators, as it often means they want to link you to a profile on a site like OnlyFans without being too obvious about it.


One way that people often get around the bans on social media, whilst still making sure they can be found, is to use clever hashtags that are suggestive, without outright saying “Hey, I’m on OnlyFans!”. These hashtags can be really valuable for finding people without them getting in trouble and losing their social following.

Some potential examples include:

  1. #ExclusiveContent
  2. #BehindTheScenes
  3. #ContentCreators
  4. #JoinMeNow
  5. #SupportCreators
  6. #SubscribeToday
  7. #OnlineCommunity
  8. #ShareTheLove
  9. #Accountant (this one is a bit of an in-joke but people still use it)

You get the idea – terms that are related to content creation, without explicitly talking about OF. If you use these carefully and with some sense of regularity, without going overboard, you might be able to get new fans. And users can search for these kinds of terms to then find creators to follow.


There’s on social networking site that doesn’t have any concerns about adult content. If you’re someone who wants to find OnlyFans users, then this is the place to go – Reddit.

Reddit has a welcoming community for all kinds of internet users and is packed with useful information and subreddits that help to connect people. Many of these are tagged NSFW and cover every kind of adult niche you could enjoy.

And within those, you’ll find countless content creators who are sharing their content already in a big to then attract you to their OnlyFans page, where you can support them, get to know them and see even more of the content that they’re putting out.

Reddit is, by some distance, the best social media website to find OnlyFans users, but be aware that it can take some work to filter through all the accounts you’re not interested in.

Do OnlyFans Finder Tools Work?

There are claims of OnlyFans Finder tools that purport to determine whether a person is on OnlyFans based on the information that you’ve provided. However, in practice, many of these tools do not work as effectively as advertised.

These tools typically have limited access to information and may only run automated searches based on similar terms provided by the user. They might scour the internet for publicly available data or employ algorithms to make educated guesses based on keywords or patterns.

However, the accuracy and reliability of these tools are questionable. Since OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform designed to protect the privacy of its users, it does not openly disclose its user base or provide APIs for third-party tools to access such information.

Therefore, relying on these OnlyFans Finder tools may lead to false positives or inaccurate results.

Also, be wary as some claim to be able to not just find users, but also access their content. These are definite scams and should be avoided because all they’re trying to do is suck you in based on your desire to see OnlyFans content that you can’t otherwise find and ultimately get you to download something that could hack into your private information.

Always be very careful with OnlyFans Finders. Try them, but don’t expect to get any good results and definitely don’t download any software or apps that they claim can help you to track down the OnlyFans users or content that you’re looking for.

Does OnlyFans Intend to Improve Its Search Tool?

OnlyFans has not publicly stated any intentions to improve its search tool. The platform's success is largely attributed to its subscription-based model and the control it provides creators over their content and audience.

While the absence of an advanced search tool might limit discoverability to some extent, it can also be beneficial for creators. As we’ve already explained, by not having a robust search feature, creators have more control over who gains access to their profile and content. This control can help creators maintain privacy and exclusivity, ensuring that their content is only accessible to subscribers who have intentionally sought them out.

However, the lack of a sophisticated search tool may also present challenges for creators in building up their fan base. Without a streamlined way for potential subscribers to find them, creators might face difficulties in reaching a wider audience and attracting new subscribers. They may need to rely more heavily on marketing efforts through social media, word of mouth, or other channels to increase their visibility on the platform.

Ultimately, you just have to look at one thing – OnlyFans is a massive success without the options for an accounts or profiles search. So, why would it look to revamp its system and invest in new tech when it really doesn’t have to? Surely it’ll keep making money anyway?

Well actually…

Do OnlyFans Alternative Make Searching Easier?

Several OnlyFans competitors have introduced more extensive search tools that creators and viewers can use to find other profiles. These rely on tagging, giving people more control to be found for certain types of content and allowing users to easily browse the accounts that are provided for their favorite niches.

If you’re a user, then maybe consider spending some time with the OnlyFans alternatives if you’re just looking to find people you might be interested in subscribing to. Most of the sites like Fansly, Fanvue and others, work in exactly the same way as OnlyFans so you’re not losing out on anything – you’re just getting the chance to explore a different site and easily find the kind of creators that you’re more interested in.

If you’re a creator, it’s worth considering whether OnlyFans is the right platform for you. If you value the anonymity that a lack of a search option provides, then it could still be the home for you. But, if you’re struggling to build up a fanbase through your social channels and you want to expand your options for people finding you organically, then moving to another site might offer value.

Especially when you consider the risks that OnlyFans could decide to remove adult content again in future. It’s well documented how the site has previously tried to ban adult content before a rapid reversal of the decision, and there are no guarantees that it won’t pull a similar move in the future.

Being established on an OnlyFans alternative might therefore be advantageous since you can have a strong fanbase already set up should OnlyFans come crashing down.

Can You Search For OnlyFans Users on Third Party Sites?

There are some sites that let you search for OnlyFans users, but not by individual names. If you are looking for a specific person on OnlyFans, you’re going to have to rely on their social media accounts only, and if that doesn’t work then you’re likely out of luck.

Some third-party sites, like the OnlyFans Finders we’ve talked about, aren’t worth your time. But there are some others that offer a reliable service and make it easy for you to connect with OnlyFans users who create content aligned with your interests.

Of course, we’re only going to talk about the best one, which is our own – Follower Find.

Follower Find lets you browse OnlyFans accounts alongside accounts from other fan subscription pages, all in one handy hub. You can filter the accounts easily by gender, location and content type, to easily find the creators that would most interest you.

We don’t list every creator on those sites – we are a service that helps to boost the accounts of creators looking for new fans. So if someone you know has an OnlyFans but you can’t find the link to it, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be on our platform.

But you never know…

In Summary

In summary, searching for users on OnlyFans can be a challenging endeavor, due to the platform's limited search functionality and the privacy considerations of its creators. While OnlyFans has not indicated any plans to improve its search tool, this lack of advanced search features can provide creators with greater control over their content and audience, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. So it might not be something that changes any time soon.

However, this control also presents hurdles for creators in building their fan base, as they must rely on external promotion and sharing direct links to their profiles. Despite the limitations, OnlyFans remains a successful platform without the need for extensive search options. It's a tough balance for creators.

Alternative platforms such as Fanvue, Fansly, LoyalFans and others, may offer more extensive search tools and tagging features, making it easier for users to find content aligned with their interests. Creators may find value in exploring these alternatives to expand their reach and mitigate risks associated with potential changes in OnlyFans' content policies, should the site decide to ban adult content in future.

While third-party sites may offer search functionalities, users should exercise caution and be wary of unreliable services and potential privacy risks. Platforms like Follower Find provide a curated hub for discovering creators across various fan subscription pages, offering filters to tailor search results to individual preferences.