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OnlyFans Scams – 9 Common Scams To Look Out For

Make sure you watch out for these common scams...

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While there's huge potential for OnlyFans creators to be successful in their careers, there's also a lot of risk for those same people. Content creators have to be vigilant, otherwise, they could end up the victim of scammers and lose significant sums of money.

So, how do you keep your OnlyFans account safe? How can you prevent identity theft, and stop yourself from falling victim to these crooks who want to take advantage of you, or steal your financial information?

Let's take a look.

9 Common OnlyFans Scams To Avoid

Personalized Content Scams

One of the most common types of scams that people will try to pull on unsuspecting OnlyFans accounts is to ask for personalized, exclusive content – and then do a chargeback/reverse payment once the content has been made.

In theory, anyone can be stung by a chargeback, and unfortunately, OnlyFans doesn't seem to be too stringent on them. So someone could send you a payment, and then do a chargeback to get their money back for any piece of content they ask you to make.

Why it's worst with exclusive content is that, if you've personalized it, you can't then use that content anywhere else.

At least, if someone pays for a video that you keep generic, you can then post it to your other subscribers to get value out of it.

But if you've written their name on your body (as a lot of people ask) or just said their name, then you can't really use that content elsewhere.

If you want to offer personalized content, make sure you don't do with a user that you trust, and have a history of them making purchases.

Otherwise, it's generally advised that you shouldn't include personal data in any videos you make and that you should set a minimum time of a week for content to be delivered, to minimize the risk of reverse payments taking funds out of your bank accounts.

Accidental Payment Scams

Another really common scam is when a user claims to have tipped you more money than they meant to, and they ask you to refund them the difference via a platform like Cash App.

What they'll usually do is ‘accidentally' send the OnlyFans creator a large sum – something like $200 – and then claim they only meant to send $20.

They'll then make you an offer – refund them something like $100, and you can keep the rest. So you still get a hefty chunk of change, but they aren't left out of pocket.

Once you cashapp them the $100, they'll contact the bank supplying their credit or debit cards and initiate a chargeback for the original $200 – so you lose the $200 they gave you, and your own $100.

If someone claims to have accidentally sent too much to your account, tell them to contact OnlyFans for help to resolve it.

Promo Scams

Promo scams are when someone will claim to be able to offer you promotion for your page for a good-value sum, saying that you'll gain loads of new followers.

But in reality, their social media followings are fake – they're full of paid-for fans who are often just bots, and you're paying to be promoted to accounts that will never sign up to your subscription fees.

So, if you want to promote your page on a third-party site, avoid those that only offer social media promotion. Use sites like ours, where we get genuine traffic to our own website, and where we don't offer fake promises and guarantees.

Page Management Scams

Page management scams are where someone will offer to manage your OnlyFans page for you in exchange for a fee. They might show you successful accounts that they've already worked with, and how much success they've had.

But be very sceptical. Often these will be set up on a fake OnlyFans website, or at least they'll be a false account.

You should always search the platform to check whether it's a fake OnlyFans account that you're being shown because it's really easy for someone to claim to be super-successful.

Also, never give your personal password information for your OnlyFans page to a third party so they can manage the site for you.

As soon as someone else accesses your OnlyFans, they can see all your personal information including your bank account. They can disable your two-factor authentication and make it so that you are locked out completely, while they start to take all your earnings.

Collaboration Scams

Collaboration scams are rare on OnlyFans but they're some of the most dangerous. A collaboration scam would be when another ‘creator' claims to want to work on content with you.

In reality, you might just be the victim of a social catfish, someone who wants to have sex with you in the guise of making adult content, and they could even be someone who could be a threat to your personal safety.

Collaborations can work, but you should only do them with someone you either know in real life or someone who has a history of working in the adult industry and that you can verify, ideally through their work with other creators.

Never agree to collaborate with someone until you've checked their background, to prevent falling victim to this exceptionally risky scam. Use a reverse image search to check whether the person contacting you is legit, and dig into their work with other performers, both on the OnlyFans platform and elsewhere.

Non-Payment Scams

Funnily enough, if you give users the chance to avoid paying for content, they will often try to get away with it. Your financial loss is not their problem if the users get content for free.

So, you should never, ever accept any deal that sees you hand over content BEFORE you are paid.

Users will often try anything – sending you direct messages with big promises about what they can pay you in future, potentially even talking about the opportunity to get others to sign up, or sending images ‘proving' they have paid you.

Unless the money is actually coming into your OnlyFans account, don't give them anything. Focus on the other users who are actually paying your monthly subscription costs.

OnlyFans offers you the chance to set up free trials – that's the only type of content you should be willing to give away freely. Otherwise, you'll never build up a list of subscribers.

Time Wasters

How much this is a ‘scam' is up for debate, but it's worth including. Because scammers will often try anything to get your services without having to pay for them.

Time wasters would be someone who you have a difficult time engaging with whenever the subject of payment comes up. They will likely message you on social media platforms, and try to build up conversations that way.

As soon as you send them a link to your OnlyFans, or try to get any dollars out of them, they'll ignore you or straight-up berate you.

Don't let people waste your time. If you want to chat with people, give them the links to your paid-for accounts, where they can get extra content from you too. Don't give away the talk for free.

Fake Sex Worker Scams

Beware people who claim to be sex workers but have either set up fake websites or just a fake OnlyFans account in order to offer you services such as a link for a link.

Often people will do this just to gain access to your account information because they trick you into thinking you're chatting with another content creator. That's the problem with the internet – people lie all the time when they're online and can fake everything.

To keep your personal data and credit card information secure, never let anyone have access to your account. And try to avoid interacting with other creators unless you're dealing with them in a way where you can verify their background. Reddit's a good place for this since all accounts on r/onlyfansadvice are verified.

Digital Security Scams

Just as you would be any other time you're online, you need to be careful to avoid OnlyFans scams that involve digital tools, such as a special app, a plugin, or a whole other platform.

Someone might get in touch telling you that their latest development could help you earn extra money, but instead, it's a phishing scam designed to get your information. The person speaking to you disappears completely, and now you've no way of stopping them from gaining access to your account and your money.

Always be cautious about any links, and don't download anything without knowing what it is. Protect your account and your devices just as you would when you're using any other online service.

What To Do If You're Scammed

If you are worried that you're about to be scammed, or that you have been scammed, here's what you should do:

  • Block the user or users from your account immediately
  • Change your password to protect it
  • Report the problem to OnlyFans

In reality, there may not be a lot that OnlyFans can do. They can try to block the IP addresses of the person who has scammed you, but often they won't because they can't verify that you were actually scammed.

You can give a full report on everything that's happened, and show details of a chargeback, but OnlyFans often sides with the users. And even when it does side with creators, it takes it time to do so.

So, we'd also suggest seeking help from other sources. r/OnlyFansAdvice is a great starting point – a community of OnlyFans creators who can offer guidance.

They might not be able to help you gain your money back if you've lost out financially, but they can tell you what you should do next, and offer emotional support as well.

General Advice For Content Creators

The best advice for content creators on the OnlyFans platform is to be very careful whenever they interact with fans.

It may be less fun to always be on guard, but you have to look after yourself, otherwise, you could risk losing your account and your way to earn money.

If someone approaches you to work with you, check them out thoroughly. Use search engines to find their other adult work, and to see if you can chat to other collaborators to verify they are genuine.

Also, don't see it as an “us vs them” thing and start scamming users too. As soon as you try to mess other people around – setting up fake profiles on dating sites to attract people to your OnlyFans, or committing fraud by taking money for services you won't fulfil – you'll lose your OnlyFans account even quicker.

Be careful, be respectful, and contribute to making OnlyFans a space where you and thousands of other content creators can enjoy a safe environment, and have fun while earning extra money.