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6 Reasons More OnlyFans Creators Are Using Agencies

Could an agency help you boost your OF growth?

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Navigating the world of OnlyFans can feel pretty daunting when you’re looking to elevate your presence. This is where OnlyFans marketing agencies step in, equipped with the right amount of knowledge and expertise. Assisting content creators with boosting their online presence, making their fan base grow, and skyrocketing their revenue are just some of the top reasons why creators are signing up to agencies in 2024.

1. Break Through the Glass Ceiling

It’s important to understand that you can reach only a certain level of success on your own: then comes the reality – a busy schedule, overwhelming amounts of tasks and communications with your fans, lack of creative ideas and as a result – creative burnout.

Things you can do to boost your revenue: 

  • SFS and GG on OnlyFans
  • Using a CRM to understand your fans' behavior better (Onlymoster, Creator Hero, Inflow, etc.)
  • Posting and interacting at times when your fans are most active
  • Learn from the industry’s best models and copy their strategies
  • Create a sense of relationship with your fans for a deeper connection

But what if you struggle to do all of that on your own and need some help to get to the top? Agencies can help with those tasks and bring some solutions to the table. 

The most important task here is to choose the right agency that will fit your standards of work.

AS Talent Agency collaborates with big media names in the industry such as Jia Lissa, Sybil, Nancy Ace and knows how to ensure a safe environment and bring results that talents aim for. 

What is it exactly that they do that you can’t easily do on your own?

Their team of 10 marketing professionals help to work on your success, each specializing in different areas – from SMM specialists to traffic experts, professional reel makers to scriptwriters, and a team of skilled operators.

Agency teams understand that each model is unique, and they should tailor their marketing strategies to fit your personal needs and goals, whether you're aiming to boost your revenue or expand your online presence.

The agency does all of the nitty-gritty of boosting your organic traffic and can show you how to utilize a CRM to boost your revenue, so you can understand how everything works and track your fans' behavior easily. With a data-driven approach, you will be able to see what time and days of the week your fans are the most active. Why chat with your fans at 7am if they are way more active at 4pm? It takes some industry knowledge to achieve the best results. 

Signing up with an agency means you’re going to have your own client manager who is going to address any of your questions and solve any issues that arise. No need to have loads of chats with team members – everything goes through a client manager. 

2. SFS and cross-promotion is key 

Cross-promotion and SFS can drive up to three times more traffic (compared to other promotion methods) and have become a real game-changer for those content creators who have got stuck with growth on social media. For example, AS Talent models have an overall 20 million reach and they will do shoutouts once you join the agency, so you should see a boost in revenue and subscriptions in the first months of working with them. 

Imagine joining an agency's community of over 50 big-name models. With the support of the agency, you'll see a significant boost in traffic and monthly revenue through collaborations with talented and well-known creators who already work with the talent agency. As easy as that, you get more famous quickly. And the good part? By the end of the day you will get to keep all of your followers with you, and even more – they’ll help you win your old fans back.

3. OF.TV, Viral Reels and YouTube Shorts

OF.TV is an exclusive platform where OnlyFans creators can share additional content exclusively for their fans. Creators can monetize these videos and earn revenue from them. If you haven’t tried it to boost your revenue and organic traffic, you should!

Agencies such as AS Talent can provide high-quality production for models to identify their strengths and build a content plan around them. They determine the niche in which the model will work on OF TV and also prepare the OnlyFans page according to OF TV rules, helping models qualify and manage their OF.TV page. This includes optimizing and posting videos at the right time, in the right quantity, with the right intervals, to drive more traffic. 

Agencies can also help with creating reels that get into American recommendations easily, which gives your content the attention it deserves, especially if you’re based in Europe or other countries. They will create scripts and help you make videos that should get lots of attention and go viral – which in turn boosts your fan base count and revenue. For example, one of AS's recent cases shows an uplift of a model's revenue from 3k to 18k in just two weeks.

They effectively boost traffic on your YouTube channel, helping you increase your online presence. They helped Lovely Jill boost her channel from zero to 45K followers in one month, getting a crazy amount of views on her videos (the most watched one is 3 million views for long-form content). The model can’t do it easily on her own. 

4. Winning your old fans back

For many creators, it has a big impact on their revenue when old fans expire, but it’s possible to get them back with the right tactics. Agencies can utilize special tools and CRMs to elevate a creator's interaction with fans.

Many utilize special tools to re-engage expired fans, which can boost a model's revenue. These tools target unsubscribed fans with a message offering discounts, for example, landing in priority folders to encourage re-subscriptions.

CRMs can help keep a connection with fans, storing details like kinks, fetishes, birthdays, and even their pets' names. It can track the media already sent to each fan to prevent sending duplicates and helps the agency to send personalized messages en masse that land in priority folders, ensuring maximum engagement.

It’s also important to deeply understand the customer (your fans) to help a model become more successful. Here's how:

  • Discover the geo of fans: This way the agency knows peak hours on each page and understands at what time the creators should be most active for a significant revenue boost.
  • Know the target audience: Fans’ age, what they do for a living, their personalities – the agency will have that information that helps models find common ground with fans
  • An agency knows which types of content are top-sellers on OF and other fan platforms, as well as the fetishes most fans have. This allows creators to satisfy fans easily and not waste a model's time.

5. Saving a lot of time

Agencies know a lot about how platforms work, what fans like to see, and what's popular. By signing up with an agency, you let professionals do the most complicated tasks for you, while you save time for yourself. 

You get to focus on creating content and pursuing personal goals. Agencies take care of the daily tasks of managing your account, such as handling subscriptions, tracking analytics, and improving your performance. 

Your newfound time and freedom means you don’t have to live your entire life based around your OnlyFans.

6. Safe And Secure Agreements

Trusting your OnlyFans account to an external agency can feel like a leap of faith, with concerns about their privacy, security, and trustworthiness. However, reputable OnlyFans agencies understand the importance of securing their clients' interests and typically establish clear and transparent agreements with non-disclosure clauses to protect sensitive information and intellectual property, which reduces risks to a minimum. 

In Summary

OnlyFans agencies provide creators with a range of services to maximize their success and increase their earnings on the platform. 

But it’s always important to research your chosen agency and make sure that they can be trusted and will offer results. Agencies such as AS Talent take the approach of targeting only successful creators who need a boost because they know that’s where their expertise is. They are extremely professional, can save creators time, and take them to the next level. Choosing an agency that lacks transparency or a proven track record is a risk not worth taking.