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Protecting your fan content – a guide to IP infringement

What to do if your OnlyFans content is stolen

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There’s always a risk when you post content to a website behind some form of subscription or paywall – that someone could take it, and either pass it off as their own or just share it with non-paying fans, essentially cheating you out of money. This is IP infringement and it needs to be taken seriously.

OnlyFans claims to have technology in place to help prevent this, but it isn’t completely infallible. And not every subscription site can offer this tech in the first place.

So, do you have to give up and just accept that, if you become popular, someone is going to steal your content and post it on the internet? And that’s a part of your revenue stream you’re going to have to surrender?

Not quite.

Here are some tips and guidance on what to do if your content is stolen from OnlyFans or any other provider.

Check the site’s content protection policies

Every site that you sign up with will have policies in place to help protect your content. So make sure you read up on them.

You can check out OnlyFans’ DMCA Takedown policy here.

However, the power of a website doesn’t extend beyond its own domain. If someone takes your photos and videos and uses them to set up a duplicate account then yes, OnlyFans can step in (once you tell them to) and remove that account.

But if they take your content and post it around the web, then the platform either can’t do anything about it or even if they could then they won’t.

The problem is that the platforms tend to grant you complete copyright on your content. And that’s a good thing – generally. It means that you own your content. However, it also means that the platform has no real sway, or incentive when dealing with content that’s been stolen and posted elsewhere.

Because OnlyFans doesn’t own your content, they can’t force Reddit or Tumblr or any niche blog to take down the content. Only you can.

And that can be difficult on your own.

Use a dedicated IP infringement company

So, what do you do if someone has stolen your nudes and posted them without your permission? The easiest way to do it is to work with a company that specializes in intellectual property infringement.

We’ve partnered with one such company at Follower, so if you’re having problems then get in touch and they can help.

They’re experts at dealing with social media platforms and websites, knowing the laws on IP infringement inside-out. One letter from a company like Internet Removals and your content will be taken down almost immediately. If it’s not, then legal ramifications will follow.

Technically too, you might be able to use their services to pursue a claim of revenge porn, for example. If someone distributes material of a sexual nature involving you, that you do not give consent for, then a revenge porn claim could be successful, which not only will get the content removed but it’s also likely to involve heavy fines or even jail time.

That’s one way to ensure there won’t be a fast repeat. And you get your content back, safe and only available to people willing to pay for it, as you want them to.

Tip: post more videos

One quick tip is to post more videos than photos if you want to avoid IP infringement. A lot of the tech that fan platforms use is designed to stop someone from screenshotting or directly downloading a file. People can get around this by using more sophisticated screenshot apps, or by just taking a photo of a screen.

Videos are a lot harder to steal in this way. A screenshot of a video is hardly comparable to the full movie, and even if someone films it on a phone on a camera the quality will be terrible.

Longer videos are good too because it just reduces the number of places someone can host them. Short clips are easily sharable on social, but a video that lasts a few minutes will be blocked by some.

Having problems with someone stealing your content? Get in touch and we’ll put you in contact with our trusted partner, who can make sure your photos and videos stay only where you want them.

Read more information on OnlyFans DMCAs and Protecting Your OnlyFans Content

What is IP infringement?

IP infringement is when someone takes an intellectual property (IP) that you own, and uses it in a way that you do not consent to. In the context of OnlyFans content, it’s when someone takes your private photos and videos and shares them on another website.

Because you’re trying to use those photos and videos to make money, they are infringing on your IP because they are weakening your ability to do so, whether they are also charging for the content or if they are just sharing it freely.

IP infringement is generally not a crime that comes with a penalty, especially on the level of OnlyFans. However, you are entitled to pursue legal action to have your content removed from websites where you do not want it to be shown. Only if the person who stole your content refuses to remove it could they face legal ramifications.

Is OnlyFans content copyrighted?

Anything you post on OnlyFans is considered copyrighted by you. OnlyFans does not retain any copyright over your content. This has its plusses and negatives. Firstly, it means that you retain the right to use your content however you see fit – you can post your photos and videos across multiple subscription platforms if you wish to.

However, it also reduces the incentive for OnlyFans to support you if your content is stolen. They do claim that they will help to contact anyone on their own site who takes your content, but beyond OnlyFans.com they may not be of much assistance if your content is stolen by someone else.

Can you use copyrighted music on OnlyFans?

You cannot use copyrighted music on your OnlyFans page. If you post videos that have copyrighted music playing in the background you are likely to be asked to remove it, or OnlyFans themselves may take it down automatically.

Music is subject to the same copyright laws as your own photos and videos, and so you can’t use someone else’s music without permission – which is difficult to source when posting OnlyFans content. If you want to add music to your videos, you’re best finding non-copyrighted tracks. There are many available to download online if you search for them.

Can you watermark photos on OnlyFans?

It is possible to add a watermark to your photos and to your videos that you upload on OnlyFans. There’s a simple option to do this automatically. If you watermark your content then it becomes easier to make a claim for IP infringement, and you may get more support from OnlyFans directly.

Watermarking doesn’t have to completely overtake an entire image or video. A small watermark is sufficient to show that you own the content and intended for it to only be shared on your own OnlyFans page.

Is it illegal to take a screenshot of OnlyFans content?

It is not illegal for anyone to take a screenshot of your photos or videos on your OnlyFans page. It only becomes illegal when they decide to share this somewhere else. If they take screenshots just to save on their own personal computer then that’s technically allowed.

This is frustrating, because someone could subscribe to your account, take screenshots and then unsubscribe. However, they can only easily grab still images, and they won’t have access to anything new you post. It’s a good incentive to frequently post new video clips if you can, to make sure that you’re offering something that can’t be easily stolen and keeps people interested in paying for your content. You can also keep people engaged with messages – most people prefer to interact.

And if you're wondering, is OnlyFans illegal, in general - yes it is.