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Creative Ways To Make More Money On OnlyFans

Yes, you can sell your photos and videos, and get tips, but there are so many other ways you can make the big bucks!

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The ‘OnlyFans’ business model is well-known, even to the point of breaching the mainstream, something that no porn site has ever been able to do.

Creators sign up, add their photos and videos, and set a subscription price. Users pay that subscription and can browse the content as much as they want to unless they cancel their subscription. That's the main way the average creator is making money online from their OnlyFans account.

Creators can also make money from tips and direct messages…but is that it? Or are there other potential revenue streams through OnlyFans that creators can take advantage of?

Here’s a look at even more ways you can earn money through OnlyFans as a creator.

Make Money on OnlyFans From Fans

Your OnlyFans account is all about building up a relationship with fans so that they want to pay you money to be able to watch your videos, see your photos, and chat with you through messages. But if you only stick to those basic options, you could be missing out on some big earning potential.

Custom Content

A lot of OnlyFans accounts now offer custom content. This is where you get a tip for a certain fee that you set, and then you film a video or photo shoot based on the request of the user.

Usually, it’s a video, and it’s up to you to decide how long it is – but make sure that you’re offering good value. Charging $200 for a 2-minute custom video isn’t going to get many sales unless you have a massive following and you’re in very high demand.

Typically, charging around $10 per minute is a good rate to aim for. You might want to offer special deals for short videos, since they should be easy to make, but for anything more than two minutes you need to make sure you’re being properly compensated for the time.

It’s not just filming, but also prepping for it, checking it once it’s done, and then taking the time to upload it.

It’s up to you what kind of content you want to offer in custom videos. You need to set some boundaries – don’t tell people that they can ask for anything. If you don’t set rules, and then just keep rejecting anything outside your comfort zone, then you’ll annoy your fans.

Make it clear what kind of things you’ll do, and what’s too much, and you won’t have any issues. Then you’re justified in blocking someone if they push their luck and won’t take no for an answer.

To advertise this service, post adult content on your timeline where you mention the option of custom and PPV content. Explain this is outside the regular monthly fee, and tell your fans to send you private messages if they want to book a custom shoot.


A wishlist is a list of items that OnlyFans creators may ask fans to buy for them. Technically you’re not going to make money on OnlyFans this way – you’re getting items bought you for, instead of having to buy them yourself.

Obviously, you can’t just list anything on a wishlist. You have to ask for items related to your OnlyFans career. Only a very tiny percentage of OnlyFans accounts could get away with asking fans for groceries, or other everyday items, and have fans pay for it.

Most OnlyFans users are looking to get something out of it, so it might be that you ask your fans to buy things to use in photoshoots or videos – underwear sets, toys, that sort of thing. They pay for it, you shoot them a custom video using the item to say thank you, and then you get to keep it. (Ohh.me allows you to easily add your own Amazon Wishlist to your bio links page)

You’re essentially expanding your own underwear range, or your selection of toys to use. And if you really want to make money from it, you could then sell those items on.

Don’t just throw them on eBay. There’s an audience out there for people buying used items. Selling underwear can be a tidy money-maker if you’re not upset by the thought.


1. Get someone to buy you new underwear

2. Wear it for a video shoot for them

3. On another website, sell the underwear on.

You’ve made maybe $30 from selling the underwear, and you’ve not had to buy it in the first place. The first user gets a custom video, and the second user gets your underwear.


Check out our list of best Onlyfans Amazon buys list: Best general OF buys and the best clothing items for OnlyFans

Secondary Platforms

There are a lot of features for you to make money on OnlyFans now, and the site has added functions like live streams as a way of boosting your profile.

But it’s worth looking at alternative platforms as a way of earning a secondary income. Creators can make money online using their OnlyFans account in a number of ways.

This includes the idea of selling underwear, as mentioned above. You don’t need to have fans buy the underwear first, you could just sell underwear you already own, or buy some specifically to sell at a profit.

There are also more robust live-streaming services, such as Chaturbate. Use a site like Chaturbate for a weekly live stream and you could make some great money on there, and also boost your profile too. It’s active income, with the money you take in from the stream, and passive income for any new subscribers you bring in too.

And if you wanted, you could make a secondary profile on another fan site, but target it slightly differently. There are plenty of OnlyFans alternatives you could use.

You’d just need a different niche – a way of making the profiles feel distinct. That way, you can market both at the same time without one being redundant. It’s more work, but it’s a potentially big earner if you can find a secondary niche that feels unique.


If you're an OnlyFans creator looking to boost your earnings, running contests on your page is a smart move. Contests are where you can charge for entry to win a prize, and then draw a winner (maybe on livestream) once the contest ends.

Choose a prize that will entice your fans to participate and contribute to your earnings. It could be something exclusive like a personalized video package, a custom photoshoot, or a limited edition merchandise item.

The key is to offer a valuable reward that aligns with your personal brand and makes your audience want to take part. If you want to make the most money, your prize needs to be something more than just new and exciting content. You'll need to create adult content that pushes boundaries a little more than your typical shoots.

Establish contest rules that focus on driving revenue. For example, you can require participants to purchase a specific piece of content or tip a certain amount to enter the contest. This approach not only generates direct revenue but also encourages fans to engage with your paid content.

Promote your contest using various channels to reach a wider audience and maximize your potential earnings. Leverage your OnlyFans page to create eye-catching posts, and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat to attract new fans who may be interested in participating.

Be careful with how you promote on your socials though – a lot of them don’t like OnlyFans and may ban you.

Encourage participants to spread the word and promote your paid content. Offer incentives for fans to share your contest with their networks, such as additional entries or exclusive discounts on your premium content. This helps expand your reach and potentially attracts new paying subscribers.

Engage with participants throughout the contest period to maintain their excitement and interest. Respond to their comments, provide updates on the contest progress, and really make a big deal out of the value of your paid offerings. By building a rapport and showing fans the benefits of engaging with your paid content, you increase the likelihood of earning more during and after the contest.

Create a sense of urgency by setting a time limit. This prompts fans to take action quickly, increasing the chances of them making purchases or engaging with your revenue-generating activities before the contest ends.

Once the contest concludes, announce the winner(s) and reward them promptly. Additionally, consider offering exclusive post-contest promotions to participants as a way to capitalize on the momentum and generate further revenue.

Evaluate the impact of the contest on your earnings. Analyze how much you’ve made during the contest period, track the growth of your paying fan base, and assess the overall return on investment.

Use this info to refine your contest strategies because you can do them again and again – though don’t go overboard, or you’ll alienate those who just want to enjoy your content.

Make Money on OnlyFans From Creators

It’s not just the OnlyFans users that you can make money from. You can also work on services with other OnlyFans accounts. For these, you need to be fairly successful already, otherwise, the other creators aren’t likely going to want your services.

But with some creative thinking – and a successful OnlyFans account – you could make a fair amount extra by working with other content creators on OnlyFans.


If you're a successful OnlyFans creator, you can monetize your expertise by coaching and guiding new creators on the platform.

First, establish your credibility. Highlight your achievements, subscriber count, earnings, and notable milestones to establish yourself as a trusted source in the OnlyFans community.

Next, define your coaching offerings. Determine the exact areas you want to focus on, such as content creation strategies, branding, and marketing, engaging with subscribers, or pricing and monetization techniques. Or you might just want to offer a “basics” guide to newbies.

Create coaching packages to cater to different needs and budgets. Offer personalized one-on-one sessions, group coaching, or pre-recorded video tutorials. Clearly outline what people will get from your packages.

When you’re ready, you can start promoting your services as an OnlyFans coach.

Use your existing audience and social media presence to announce your coaching offerings. Share testimonials from satisfied clients and consider collaborations with other influencers or targeted ads to reach new clients.

Set competitive pricing based on your experience, demand, and level of personalization. Research the market and offer different pricing tiers to accommodate various budgets.

You can then offer ongoing support beyond coaching sessions. Provide access to a private community or exclusive content where clients can ask questions and learn from each other. This builds trust and increases the likelihood of repeat business or referrals.

Make sure you continuously learn and adapt. Stay updated on OnlyFans trends and platform changes. Educate yourself on industry best practices and adjust your coaching methods accordingly.

By coaching new OnlyFans creators, you can monetize your expertise, contribute to the growth of the community, and create an additional income stream. It's an opportunity to guide others while you keep being successful on your own account.


When you have a solid OnlyFans fanbase already, you can leverage that by offering paid promotions to other creators.

First, identify creators whose content aligns with your brand and audience. Look for creators who offer complementary content or have a similar target audience. This ensures that your promotion will be relevant and appealing to your subscribers.

Reach out to the creators you want to promote and discuss potential collaboration opportunities. Negotiate a fair arrangement that benefits both parties. Consider options like flat fees, revenue sharing, or cross-promotion to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

When promoting other creators, create engaging and visually appealing posts that showcase their content. Highlight their unique selling points, such as exclusive videos, personalized interactions, or special offers. Don’t just share a link – nobody will care, and you’ll look more like you’re selling out.

You could offer special discounts, access to exclusive content, or personalized shout-outs for those who subscribe to the creators you're promoting through your account. This incentivizes your subscribers to take action and support the promoted creators.

It’s a good idea to track how effective the promotions are, and see what worked and what didn’t. That way you can refine your promotional offerings for future.

Affiliate Program

This is similar to both coaching and promotion, but you should absolutely check out the affiliate options through OnlyFans. Many OnlyFans creators are already making money through this method.

This is where you share your own affiliate link with new creators, which they use to sign up. You then make a passive income based on everything they earn. So any time a user spends money direct messaging them, or on paid posts, or through a monthly or annual fee, you take a small cut.

Successful creators are able to use their affiliate link to bring many creators on board, often from other platforms, and they can even then attract followers for their existing accounts as well.

It's worth considering this because all you need to do is share a link, and then once the new creator has signed up, you'll get a cut of their OnlyFans earnings (for a limited time).


This isn’t for everyone, but it could be a way of boosting your money – partnering with another creator to make some special content featuring both of you.

You can do this regardless of your own sexual preferences. If you’re a woman then you’ll likely make loads more if you can partner up with another female creator, but if you’re not into that then there are plenty of male creators that might be interested.

You have to be super careful to approach this in a professional manner. Discuss upfront exactly what you think would be good content to create, and how you’re going to split the money. You really don’t want to sound like you’re just hitting on someone!

It’s a good idea to approach multiple creators at once with a message that shows you’re looking for collaboration opportunities because this makes it look less like you’re just trying to hook up with one specific creator. And be as professional and business-like in your communication as possible.

Again, you might not be comfortable with this. But if you are, you could create some premium content with two popular creators in one shoot, which could sell for higher rates than normal. Plus, if you're doing a promotion with a guy, they might be very interested.

The average male OnlyFans income is lower than women, so if they can connect with a popular female to create content together, then they could enjoy a serious boost to their earnings.


Another way for a successful OnlyFans creator to make money is by offering ghostwriting services. Ghostwriting is when you’re writing replies to direct messages that other creators receive on their OnlyFans accounts. Maybe because they don’t have time, or they don’t feel confident with their sexy talk.

Again, you’ll need to establish your credibility. Highlight your ability to engage and connect with fans through your own direct messages. Emphasize your responsiveness, professionalism, and the positive feedback you've received from your own subscribers.

Reach out to other creators who may be interested in outsourcing their direct message replies. Offer your ghostwriting services and explain the benefits of having well-crafted and personalized responses to fan messages.

When ghostwriting, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the creator's brand, tone, and preferences. Study their content, social media presence, and previous interactions to ensure your replies align with their style and maintain consistency.

You’ll need to craft thoughtful and engaging responses that cater to the creator's unique fan base. Address common inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and create a sense of connection and appreciation. Aim to deliver replies that are authentic and reflective of the creator's voice.

Make sure you maintain open communication with the creators you’re ghostwriting for. Seek feedback and make adjustments based on their input to continuously improve your ghostwriting services.

And consider sharing for ghostwriting to their social media accounts too. If they share their passwords to their other social media platforms, you can make sure the voice is consistent between those channels and their OnlyFans account.

Of course, don’t forget to negotiate a fair compensation structure for your ghostwriting services. Consider factors such as the volume of messages, response time requirements, and the level of customization needed. You can structure your fees based on an hourly rate, a per-message basis, or as a monthly retainer.

You’ll also need to respect client confidentiality and maintain professional ethics when providing ghostwriting services. Safeguarding the privacy of both the creators and their fans is super-important. Uphold their trust by maintaining the confidentiality of the messages and respecting the boundaries set by the creators.

OnlyFans Management

Offering full management of another creator's OnlyFans account can be another lucrative opportunity. This is where you take over the full management of the account – uploading their content, replying to messages, arranging custom shoots and more.

You can try reaching out to other creators who may be interested in outsourcing the management of their OnlyFans account. But it’s hard to identify those. This might be a service you have to advertise elsewhere.

You’ll need to identify exactly what you’re going to be in control of, as well as showing how you understand the creator’s personal brand so that everything you do matches their existing content.

Managing an account for someone else alongside your own is a lot of work, so bear that in mind when determining your fees as well. Make sure payment terms are clear, and that you both understand the goals of you taking over the account management.

You can save other creators a lot of time, and try to work on a schedule where you do similar jobs for them at the same time as working on your own account. This can be time-saving but still boost your earnings significantly.

Don’t Forget The Basics

While it can be very tempting to throw yourself into finding new ways of making money, you still can’t forget the basics of how to make money on OnlyFans.

Quality Content

You can’t let the quality of your own content drop when you’re working for other people. If you don’t make good photos and videos, then your subscribers are going to get bored, and they’ll start to look elsewhere.

You might get excited by new opportunities, but you absolutely must remember to keep that content quality high. Use good lighting, vary your backdrops, and make sure you’re editing work to your usual standards.

A lot of the work you’ll do for fans will be in a similar vein to your existing work, so that’s easy. But if you’re working with or for other creators, look for inspiring ideas in their own high quality content too. As long as you don’t blatantly copy them, you’ll do good to borrow some ideas.

Regular Schedule

You also need to make sure you’re putting out content at the same regular schedule as you were before. It’s no good dropping off from two videos per week to one great video every fortnight, just because you’re now managing someone else’s account.

Look at your time and how you can be smart managing it. You can’t afford to let down your existing subscribers, so make sure you have enough content ready to put out for them. Posting regularly, and not just a few photos you've thrown together, is crucial.


The same goes for engagement. You can’t let messages and unanswered comments stack up – people will be wondering what’s happened to you, or why you’re ignoring them. It won’t be long before they look elsewhere to spend their money.


And of course, the best way to make money on OnlyFans is to keep finding new subscribers. So, make sure you’re still promoting your own profile, and helping to find new followers for your own work.

Making money on OnlyFans

There are lots of different ways that you can boost your earnings on OnlyFans, beyond the standard subscription fee, tips and DM costs. However, while they can be exciting to explore, you can’t then neglect the work you’re already doing.

If you haven’t established yourself on the platform yet, focus more on yourself first. Build up your content, improve the quality, and work on your promotion. That’s the best thing you can do because then you’ll keep your existing fans happy and find a lot of new ones.

Eventually, the subscriptions will start to snowball, and you’ll be earning much more than you are now.

But, if you have a lot of spare time and a successful platform already, then the tips in this guide should help you to bring in even more cash from your creator account.

Just remember, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to make money on OnlyFans, you have to work very hard. There's not a single content creator who has been able to generate money beyond a few tips without actually putting the work in.