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14 Best Buys To Boost Your OnlyFans Content

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Becoming a content creator on OnlyFans, and making money your own way, is something you can easily start at home using just your smartphone.

Over time, though, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment, and you might also want to introduce some new products to help improve the variety of your content.

We’ve already got the following guides that might be useful to you:

But here’s a look at some of the other products you might want to buy to help keep your content fresh, add some exciting new twists and hopefully bring in even more subscribers in future!

1. Suction Cup Phone Holder with Light

LenTok Suction Cup Mirror Phone Holder with Light, Travel Wall Phone Camera Mount for Makeup Content Creator Essentials, Mirror Tripod for Bathroom Kitchen Compatile with All Smooth Surface
  • 【 Attach Everywhere 】 The suction cup is different from other normal silicone design, ours is upgraded nano suction cup design which is very strong suction and powerful. It can holder the phone, webcam, dslr camera firmly

There’s only so much you can do in your photos and videos if you’re using your hands to hold your phone or camera. Ideally, you want to be hands-free, so that you can make use of them in other ways to tantalize your viewers.

So this suction cup phone holder is ideal. It means you don’t have to rely on a tripod placed half-way across the room, and instead, you can position the camera exactly where you want to, including on the wall or the bed, and it’ll capture all the action from a great angle.

And because this has a light built into it, you don’t need to worry about casting unflattering shadows. Professional camera and lighting setups will of course do a better job, but for those intimate videos (or when you’re travelling and need something compact), this is a great option.

2. Satin Sheets

Homiest 4pcs Satin Sheets Set Luxury Silky Satin Bedding Set with Deep Pocket, 1 Fitted Sheet + 1 Flat Sheet + 2 Pillowcases (King Size, Black)
  • SILKY SATIN SHEETS – Made of 100% Polyester (Satin Fabric), shinny finish classic looking, super smoothly, soft and comfortable and provides a luxurious and silky touch for extra comfort while you sleep

You’d be surprised at the difference that soft, satin bed sheets can make to the setting of your content shoots. While they aren’t always the best for actually sleeping in, they add a sultry look to your photos and videos, and as you’re playing with yourself and getting wrapped up, you’ll be sexier than ever.

You can take your pick from a wide range of colors, but try to avoid the brighter shades unless you have a particular set of dressing style in mind. Darker shades will be more seductive and won’t look as cheap.

3. Ski Mask Balaclava

TopHeadwear 3-Hole Winter Ski Mask – Hot Pink
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Availabel in a variety of colors
  • 3-Hole Style Ski Mask
  • One Size Fits Most

At first glance, this might look a little bit intimidating, but a ski mask balaclava actually has a couple of good uses when you’re making content for sites like OnlyFans.

Firstly, it does have a certain BDSM style to it, and if you’re making that sort of content for your viewers, then adding a balaclava can add to that look. There’s something even saucier about removing some of the features of your face from the content.

Or, you might just be trying to remain anonymous on your OnlyFans, and you want to wear a mask to cover your distinguishing features. You can then still show off your body, but with no risk of accidentally letting your face be seen on camera and having your friends/loved ones find out about the work you’re doing.

4. Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

LC-dolida Shower Phone Holder Waterproof 480 Rotation Phone Stand Case Mount for Bathroom Batheub Kitchen Wall Mirro Compatible with iPhone 15 14 13 12 11 Plus Pro Max XS XR up to 6.8″ Cell Phone
  • 【100% WATERPROOF & ANTI-FOG】 Shower phone holder is made of premium ABS and friendly material and has a double-layer waterproof structure, and specially designed for shower. If you are one who likes to bring your phone in the shower, get this! Enjoy watching movies, listening to music, sending emails etc. while showering after a tiring day of work!

Another phone holder, but this one is designed to be waterproof. While some of the latest smartphones are IP67 waterproof, that tends to only be the top models, and there are a lot of phones that would be damaged if you took them in the shower with you.

And if you’re wondering why you would… Just consider what kind of photos and videos you can shoot while sudding yourself in the steam. Users love seeing shower content, and will absolutely pay top dollar to watch you washing in a sexy way.

Plus, you can then use the phone holder for your own entertainment, either for playing music or watching videos while you have your regular showers. Just try not to get distracted or you’ll end up paying more than the cost of the holder on your increased bills!

5. Window Curtain String Lights

SUNNEST Window Curtain String Light 300 LEDs 9.8FT x 9.8FT 8 Lighting Modes Fairy Lights Remote Control USB Powered Waterproof Lights for Christmas Bedroom Party Garden Wall Decorations,(Warm White)
  • 8 Modes Curtain String Light – 9.8ft*9.8ft(width*length), 300 WARM WHITE LED curtain lights. Gorgeous lighting modes including:Combination, Wave Flash, Alternating Flash, Breath, Chase, Slow Flash, Flash and Constant Light; Just one button to get your favorite light mode.

Shooting content at home can mean that your backdrops look a little plain and boring. One easy way to liven them up a little is to add some decorative lighting, and these curtain lights could be ideal.

They’ll soften the whole room, and help to serve as an additional backlight – just make sure you have enough brightness behind the camera too, otherwise you’ll be silhouetted and you won’t look good at all.

With these lights, you can control the brightness so they can be dimmed to set more of a sexy mood when that’s needed, and they’re a pleasant decoration for your home even when you aren’t making OnlyFans content.

6. LED Strip Lights

dalattin 65.6ft RGB 5050 Led Lights for Bedroom Color Changing Led Strip Lights with 44 Keys Remote,for Home Essential, Bedroom Room Party Decoration,Festival Decor,2 Rolls of 32.8ft
  • [WIDELY USE]: Ultra long led lights for bedroom 65.6 ft (2 rolls of 32 feet strip lights), enough to cover the room and decor the whole place, is very suitable for decorating your Bedroom, Ceiling, Living rooms, especially great for event decoration like party, birthday or for festival.
  • [Cuttable and Linkable]:Led lights can be cut along the copper wire markings. Note that our products do not include connectors
  • [EASY to INSTALL]: Self adhesive tape of led lights can be flexible stuck on any dry and flat surface. Before you want to stick the light,please confirm its position to avoid damaging your wall.
  • [EASY to CONTROL]: You can control the Led strip lights via 44key IR remote control. Easily select colors, change modes, adjust brightness, smart timing.
  • [Friendly Service]: If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us and we are always here to help you until the problem is resolved.

Another lighting option that’s worth adding to your ‘set’ at home is a strip light. These let you tailor the mood by changing the color, so that you can get a cool blue glow (perfect for any creators in the ‘nerdy’ niche, since it looks like just like a Twitch streamer’s setup) or set the lights to red if you want to evoke those romantic, sexy tones in the content you’re making.

Strip lights can also be effective as camera lighting, since you can place them around the bed/sofa or wherever you’re shooting and they’ll remove many of the darker shadows in the corners. Again, you’ll need to make sure that you are well-lit by other sources too, since you are supposed to be the focus.

7. Rose String Lights

FULLBELL Fairy String Lights Red Rose Flower Lights 20 LED Battery Operated Indoor String Lights Romantic Gift for Date Wedding Valentine's Day Dreamlike Party Bedroom Girl Girlfriend Women (Red)
  • Romantic Valentine's Day Rose Lights: Beautiful and romantic roses symbolize love, we designed this rose lights to add luster to your Valentine's Day. This rose string lights are perfect for room and bedroom decoration & an ideal gift for your girlfriend/wife.

One last lighting suggestion, these string lights aren’t going to be powerful enough to be used as camera lighting, but they are a fun little twist for your content if you want to add that sultry side to the shoot.

The image of rose petals strewn across the bed is always designed to invoke feelings of passion, and having light-up roses will bring this to life even more when shot on video or as part of a photo album.

Cheap, fun, and something you can probably re-use again and again.

8. Door Sex Swing

BDSM Door Sex Swing with Seat, Bondage Slave Newest Leather Soft Plush Sex Slings with Adjustable Straps, Hanging Door Handcuffs Leg Restraints Spreader Adult Sex Toys for Couple, Holds up to 300lbs
  • 👄Newest Upgraded Version Door Sex Swing👄 The Swing bondage sex toys will provide different ways to play, make the slave be hung up and bound and at the mercy, easy to enjoy the sex against the wall. Trying some adventurous and interesting fetish games by using this BDSM swing set will level up experience of intimacy. This sex sling let your erotic imagination and sexual fantasies run wild.

Most people don’t have the space in their home to install a full sex swing, so having an option that can be hung on a door is a fantastic space-saver, and a great way to spice up your content. Obviously, to make full use of the swing you’ll need to have a good camera tripod or another person to film all the action since you’ll be fully in the harness.

But if you have that option, you can have some real fun using this swing with a partner and getting some fantastic angles – both for your pleasure and for the camera! And then you can always use it for your private fun with your loved one, once the cameras are off, too.

9. BDSM Restraints

BDSM Neck to Wrist Restraints Bondage Set – Behind Back Handcuffs Collar with Blindfold Adjustable Bondage Set Bed SM Games Play Sex Toys for Couples
  • 【BDSM Neck to Wrist Restraints Set】Whether you are a SM beginner or an experienced SM lover, this thigh handcuff system can meet your diverse needs and bring endless fun for tons of different types of play.

Whether you’re someone who has always been interested in bondage content, or you’re thinking about taking your first tentative steps into this niche, a basic neck-to-wrist restraint set is a fantastic starting point. But you have to make sure you’re comfortable using something like this – don’t shoot BDSM content if it’s completely outside your comfort zone.

However, if you like the idea of trying it, this is a good set to buy. It’s very affordable, so you aren’t spending a lot to try it out, and it’s fully adjustable so you aren’t going to be in any discomfort while you use it with your partner.

It’s also waterproof, which is handy if anything gets splashed on it…

10. Half Moon Pillow

Sex Toys Dildo Half Moon Pillow Adult Toy Mount for Coupe Sex Women G Spot Position Cushion Multifunctional Inflatable Support Pillow
  • ❥ WANT TO CHANGE POSITIONS? Our new love pillow for women and men is perfect for different positions during love play. The pillow offers pleasant lying comfort, so you can completely relax and let yourself enjoy more fun during sex.

This half-moon pillow has a ton of versatility, perfect for sexual content and for regular use.

The primary design is to be used as a cushion underneath the female partner during penetration so that she gets the best angle and is supported fully. But this pillow also has the option of attaching sex toys to the top for some solo play, or you can use it just to get good angles while you lay on it for photos.

It’s soft and resistant to slipping, and it’s very comfortable if you just also need extra support during the evening when you’re resting between content shoots. You can even use it as a laptop stand while you work if you need one! And because it’s inflatable, it’s easy to store away when you’re finished using it.

11. Massage Oil

We’re sure you don’t need us to spell this one out to you. Massage oil can be used in massages or also just to oil yourself up – when things get a little bit slippery, things tend to get a bit sexier too.

Use this oil if you want an actual massage from your partner, or just rub it all over yourself for your photos and videos, and you’re sure to create some exciting content that you can tease with your fans and then share to great success.

12. Shower Foot Rest

Shower Foot Rest for Shaving Legs, No Drilling is Needed Non-Slip Bathroom Pedal with Powerful Suction Cup Shower Accessories. Suitable for Pregnant Women & Back Pain Sufferers
  • If you've ever tried to bend down in the shower to wash your feet or shave your legs you know that this can be both uncomfortable bending and inconvenient. There's a dedicated foot rest to help you. Good angle for body balance, eliminate the need for awkward bending, avoid the risk of muscle strain and injury

This product isn’t designed to be used for sexual activity, but we’ll get to that in a moment. It’s a platform to install in the shower that women can use when shaving their legs so that they don’t need to bend over all the time. And you can absolutely make use of it in this way if you want to make sure you’re clean-shaven for your content shoots.

But also consider this – it’s a very handy little tool if you’re making feet content. You can get some close-up videos and photos of your feet in the shower as they’re being washed and caressed, without having to contort yourself into a pretzel or pulling a muscle.

Feet content is one of the biggest niches on sites like OnlyFans, so this could be a great little tool to make it so much easier to produce.

13. Sex Dice

Spice up your own bedroom adventures at home, or try something new with your content, by making use of these sex dice. This set comes with a D6 that covers the different actions you could take, a D10 with different parts of the body, and then two D12s that have various sex positions to try.

It may be worth trying offering exclusive content to your fans that uses the dice, either on video calls or as specially recorded videos. They tip you a certain amount for a roll of the dice, and then you perform that for them based on what the roll was.

It helps to keep your content fresh, and the fan feels like they’re getting a special video made just for them, with a little bit of a fun twist.

14. Cupcake-Flavored Edible Lube

Wet Water-Based Flavored Lube for Men, Women & Couples, 3 Fl Oz (Frosted Cupcake) – Long-Lasting Premium Personal Lubricant Safe to Use with Latex Condoms – Gluten Free & Sugar Free
  • Ready for Dessert: Desserts Cupcake Flavored Lubricant by Wet brings the sinful sweetness of a bakery-fresh cupcake… with none of the calories! Cupcake allows you (and your partner) to savor every lick, nibble, and moment without feeling the need to hit the gym afterward! One 3 fl oz bottle.

Just think of the fun you could have with some edible lube, and then think about how nice it would be to have something cupcake-flavored to eat as well! A bit of sugar to go with all that spice… Except that it is actually sugar-free too, so don’t worry about it being unhealthy.

Edible lube can introduce some fun games to the content you make, and if you’re then licking it off each other, you’re bound to make some exciting videos and photo sets for your fans to enjoy.

In Summary

None of the items on this list are completely essential to a successful OnlyFans career. You can definitely earn a lot of money just with the things you already have at home.

But if you find yourself struggling creatively to keep things feeling fresh and new, and you want to come up with some new ways to attract subscribers (and to keep your existing fans happy), then it’s worth looking at some of the products on this list.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, and could easily make the money back. Perhaps offer a one-off exclusive shower video for the best tip, which could cover the cost of the waterproof phone holder?

Or, just set up your own wishlist and ask your fans to buy things for you. Be careful not to give away personal details if you do this, though.

Let us know in the comments what you'd add to this list…