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Fanslov Review – Does This Emerging Platform Have Enough To Challenge The Big Boys?

Is this adult marketplace a great place to set up shop?

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Fanslov is a site that offers content creators the chance to sell both digital content and physical items, whilst giving users the chance to build up a stronger and more personal connection with their favorite creators.

It’s not an OnlyFans clone but it does offer some similar features, along with some more unique ideas – so is it worth using it as your primary platform, or opening up an account as a secondary base?


  • Easy to sell your content and physical items
  • Lots of pricing options – one-off sales or tiered subscriptions
  • Low competition between creators
  • Chance to get in early and be a big name on the site
  • Some great innovative features


  • Token system is more secure but may be less clear immediately
  • Freshness of the site could limit organic fans, though the site is growing

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What is Fanslov?

Fanslov is a platform that allows content creators to sell directly to fans. What they sell can include digital content – so photos, videos etc. – or digital interactions, aka access to chat messages. But, it also offers easy sales of physical items – specifically, “undergarments” or “sexual objects” – for anyone who wants to sell their underwear or used sex toys to users.

There are various ways that creators can monetize their content, which we’ll dive into a little deeper in this review.

What kind of content is allowed on Fanslov?

Like many other fan platforms, Fanslov offers a space for creators to share a variety of content, including adult material, such as videos and photos featuring themselves or even collaborations with other creators.

While in theory, anyone can use Fanslov to sell content of any kind, the site is designed with NSFW content in mind.

How can creators make money on Fanslov?

There are several ways that creators can make money on Fanslov. A lot of these will be familiar to anyone who has used a site like OnlyFans or one of its rivals already, but there is one unique feature worth mentioning too.

First though, the basics – in case you’re a brand-new creator who doesn’t understand how these sites work.

Fanslov lets creators upload content such as photos and videos, and then charge users to unlock them.

Payment methods

There are two different charging options – one-off payments, or subscriptions.

Fanslov offers both options. It allows creators to upload photo sets or videos, and then charge a single fee, basically selling the album or clip to the user.

The user can then view those photos or videos as many times as they want to, but they don’t have access to anything else you post.

If they choose to subscribe, typically they’ll get access to all your content – so all photos and videos that you want to upload to your profile.

However, Fanslov is pretty cool because it lets you set different tiers of subscription, and you can customize what users get for those tiers.

So, you might offer a subscription which only allows access to chat with you, and then a premium tier which unlocks everything. Or you could go even more macro than that, if you like, and offer several different packages – perhaps a feet package, which only unlocks your feet-related content, for example.

This kind of functionality isn’t common on other sites. If you like the idea of having different, customized tiers to cater to different customers, then Fanslov scores a big win here.


Fanslov is also a marketplace for physical items, and it encourages creators to sell any items that they wish to. The sorts of things that you might want to sell are used underwear/swimwear, sex toys, or high heels.

You can get creative, and as long as the items are legal, then you can sell them easily through the platform. Maybe you’ll decide to play up a foot fetish, and sell worn socks? There’s absolutely a market for that kind of thing.

Premium Media

Then we get to the more unique feature of Fanslov, which is called Premium Media.

Premium Media isn’t a feature that’s yet available but it’s coming soon. This will allow users to spend tokens (more on that in a bit) to unlock a package of photo sets and videos from a selection of users, based on their personal porn preferences.

So, if you’ve tagged a photo set or video to be about oral sex, and someone purchases an oral sex package, your content might be included – and you’ll get a cut of the money. You might also gain a new fan from the transaction, who might choose to come to your profile and buy directly from you.

It’s a clever way of bundling content together for users, especially since they can make repeat purchases and they’ll always get new content – even if they buy multiple oral sex packages, they won’t get the same photo sets and videos every time.

And it incentivizes you, the creator, to make sure your content is the best it can be. If your video is included in a set all about oral sex, you want to make sure yours is the sexiest, so that the user makes you their favorite creator.

This is a great feature, and again it’s not something you’ll find on other platforms, so it’s another reason to consider Fanslov as your main home for content.

What features does Fanslov have?

Some of the best features that Fanslov has are those we’ve already covered – the tiered subscriptions that can be customized at a detailed level, and the Premium Media bundles.

But that’s only some of the cool options available. Here’s a look at other features Fanslov has for creators that make it worth considering as your creator home:

Cloud Space

Every creator is given their own cloud space for setting up their account. This is where you can store your photo sets and videos.

Other platforms let you store content in their own cloud, but Fanslov’s is better because it makes it really easy to control your own storage space. You can manage your albums, or find a piece of content to send to someone in chat, all within seconds.

By giving you your own cloud drive for your content, it just makes it so much easier to organize, manage and distribute your content.

Chat Options

There are tons of options in Fanslov’s chat service to make it really engaging, which can help you to build strong relationships with your favorite customers and make more money from them.

You can chat regularly or use video calls. You can receive tips, or send them private media – including the option to add a paywall to the content you send through the chat, so that the user can only access it with a payment.

Whether you’re having full ‘sexchat’ conversations or just checking in with your loyal fans and asking how their day is going, you can keep them engaged in various ways and cultivate relationships that can be very profitable in the short- and long-term.

Analytics Dashboard

Every creator has access to their own analytics dashboard. At the time of writing, this lets you see how much you’ve earned and how many profile visitors you’ve had within the last 30 days. This data can help you to keep track of your success and plan how to build for future growth.

More data is coming in the future, too, as Fanslov continues to grow, so watch this space.

Free Content

It’s important to note that Fanslov does give you the option of uploading content that doesn’t require a payment. You can use this for teasers for your fans, to entice them to pay to unlock more of your content. Or you might just want to send a loyal fan a little reward, to say thank you for their tips or their continued subscriptions.

While you will want to make sure that the majority of your content is earning you money, the occasional free photo set or video can give users a little taste, and entice them to want to see more.

How does Fanslov make money?

The way that Fanslov makes its money is a little bit different from other platforms, in a way that is mainly beneficial to creators.

Almost every other fan platform works by taking a cut of the money creators earn at every payment stage. Whether you’re collecting a subscription payment, a tip, or a fee for a one-off piece of content, the platform will take a commission fee – usually it’s 20% although a handful of sites charge a little less, and some charge more.

Fanslov adds a step to the process by using a token system. Users who want to buy content must first purchase tokens, which they can then spend on the videos and photos that you’ve published. The cost of tokens varies depending on the user’s region, how many they buy etc. but roughly it costs 1 Euro per token.

Fanslov then takes its cut of the money at the point of the token purchase, then lets you set your own rate of tokens and gives all the money earned from those to you. When you first sign up, tokens are worth €0.80 to creators, but that conversion rate will rise as you remain on the platform, and you could earn a lot more.

Fanslov’s currency is Euros though you can set yourself up on the platform with any currency – it’ll just be converted from Euros when you withdraw.

Boiled down, it does mean that creators aren’t getting the full amount of money paid by the users, in the same way as other platforms. But it does make it easier for creators since, if you set your price to be 5 tokens, you’ll get the full 5 tokens worth of money for that piece of content.

An important note on subscriptions too – these still work in tokens. You set the price of how many tokens you want per month for a user to subscribe to you, and you’ll get that amount.

However, subscriptions are displayed to the user in Euros, rather than in tokens, unlike anything else on the site. This just helps to make it clearer to users how much they’ll be paying each month.

So don’t worry about being confused by Euros and commission costs – subscriptions still work on the token system, just like everything else on the platform.

What’s really useful is how it works on your dashboard. When you upload a piece of content, you’ll set the token price and Fanslov will tell you how much you’ll then earn from it.

So, no need to have to work out any conversions yourself. Win!

How easy is Fanslov to use for creators?

Fanslov is pretty easy for creators to use. The interface for adding content is relatively streamlined and simple, and the option to set up more advanced settings such as a tiered subscription is relatively easy to navigate.

Everything is controlled from your content dashboard. You have a few simple options on the list:

  • Manage Video
  • Manage Photo
  • Manage Shop Items
  • Manage Shop Orders
  • Cloud Space
  • Analytics

It’s therefore really easy to dip into any section that you’re working on and either access the piece of content you need, add new content, or manage your feed. And then with the chat menu situated just above the dashboard, the layout will cause you zero headaches – everything can be found quickly.

How easy is Fanslov to use for site visitors?

Fanslov is really simple for users – it couldn’t be easier to navigate and find the content you want.

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at many other fan platforms is the difficulty of searching for creators. Instead, you need to rely on direct links to their profile – filtering between them is extremely difficult.

Not so with Fanslov. On this site, there’s a persistent list of filters down the left-hand side of the page, so you can filter down to the content you want as a user. It’s done on a content level too – so rather than searching for ‘sex toys’ and finding all the creators who’ve ever tagged themselves as using sex toys, you’ll see only the content that has been tagged with that term.

It makes for a much better user experience. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can quickly narrow down the content to see exactly what you want.

The list of categories isn’t extensive – there are five orientation filters, and 18 ‘action’ filters, so it’s not like a porn site that has literally hundreds of categories. But these may expand in future, and for now, they’re a really useful way of finding the sort of content you might be into.

This also makes it important for creators to make sure they tag their content properly. If they don’t, it won’t appear in the search results (nor will it be able to be purchased as part of a Premium Media bundle).

What is Fanslov’s support like?

With Fanslov being relatively new to the industry, the support system in place hasn’t been stress-tested, so we’re not in a position to tell you how effective they are at responding to queries. However in our dealings with them so far, they’ve been excellent, so signs are really promising for speedy resolutions to queries.

There is a list of FAQs that answer the most popular questions that users and creators might have. The answers are not extremely detailed but that’s by design – they are to-the-point, and they contain the answer in brief, which makes it faster to find the information you need. And then if you have a more complex query, you can get in touch to get personal assistance.

Anything not covered by the FAQs can be put to the site’s support team. They operate a ticket system, so once you’ve logged your question or problem, it’ll be managed from start to finish so that you get the answer you need. You can even set the priority, so if it’s urgent you can flag it with the site.

Final verdict

Fanslov is certainly one of the newer fan platforms in existence, but that should absolutely be viewed in a positive light. For creators who want to become a bigger name on their chosen site, Fanslov offers low competition while in its infancy, so any creator who is organized and who works hard can easily become one of the most recognizable names on the site.

Fanslov is growing and expanding rapidly too, with new features on the way and more awareness among users.

The way that the site allows you to sell physical goods, and set up tiered subscriptions, helps to build a case for why you should use Fanslov either as your primary fan platform or potentially as a secondary option – not so much a backup plan, but potentially a supporting site for physical sales.

We love the unique features that Fanslov has to offer, and how easy it makes it to manage your content and your dashboard. It’s certainly worth considering starting a new profile on the site, or switching from your existing profile on a rival site.

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