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3 of the Best Alternatives to AVN Stars

Discover the top fan page platforms similar to AVN Stars

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AVN Stars used to be one of the biggest competitors to OnlyFans, but that changed in January 2022. No longer would the site allow creators to charge subscriptions for content. Instead, all photos and videos added to the website are free-to-view for all users.

This is great for the user but absolutely terrible for creators who were relying on AVN Stars for their income. Many creators have been critical of the site, not just for making the change but for announcing it so suddenly and not making enough of an effort to reach out to creators directly. While messages were sent, some creators didn’t receive them and instead found out via social media and news channels.

If you’re a creator that was considering using AVN Stars, you need an alternative – here are three of the best.


Unlockd is a fan subscription platform that works in a very similar way to OnlyFans, although with a slightly more intuitive design. Their focus is on the best experience for creators, making it as easy as possible for users to upload content and manage their accounts.

Unlockd is a great option as an alternative because it has one of the safest guaranteed futures of all adult-friendly content platforms.

That’s because it chooses to work with payment providers that are comfortable with adult websites, rather than the lower-fee providers used by other sites that are starting to cause them problems – exactly why AVN Stars is changing its model and why OnlyFans tried to ban adult content in 2021. Unlockd also has the best deal for creators, charging only 15% commission instead of the standard 20%.

The downside is that you have to wait until you’ve earned $100 before you can request a withdrawal, which is a lot higher than it is with other platforms. Also, Unlockd doesn’t have a wealth of features, and if you’re transitioning from AVN Stars you may miss some of the options offered, although Unlockd may add more features over time.

Sign up to Unlockd here.


Fansly is another platform that is really close to the OnlyFans model, and so might be a useful alternative if you want a familiar experience and you’re jumping from AVN Stars. It has shown no indication that it intends to ban adult content in future, so you should be able to build a steady career here, although there is no guarantee.

While it sticks to the same type of model as OnlyFans, it does have a couple of extra features that are useful. You can allow fans to follow you for free and see curated content that acts as a tease, with them paying to unlock more. You can also use emoji to edit your photos, which may sound childish but is a fun way of covering up the best parts of your photos, with fans paying to remove the emoji and see what’s underneath.

Don’t expect anything too revolutionary from Fansly but it’s a solid platform that could serve as a good alternative if you’re being forced off AVN Stars.

Sign up to Fansly here.


Fanvue has promised that they will never ban adult content and that they are for all creators, now and forever. That’s a reassuring message if you’re moving from AVN Stars and want to find a home for your content that you won’t need to uproot from again.

Fanvue also has some excellent features, and it’s closer to the AVN Stars model – as well as posting photos and videos behind a subscription paywall, you can sell individual clips and there are extra features coming to improve discoverability too, so you don’t have to rely solely on your own social media following to generate subscriptions.

They’ve got a real commitment to service too, with a dev team that builds new features quickly and instant live chat for customer support. Fanvue are making a big play to be the feature-packed platform of choice for creators in the future.

Sign up to Fanvue here.